How to clean the clogged toilet on your own at home

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With prolonged use of plumbing from time to time there is a need to clean it. While waiting for invited specialists, people often have to endure inconveniences for a long time. To avoid such troubles, it is enough to familiarize yourself with the information on how to clean the toilet bowl at home on your own.

Clogging the toilet bowl is a problem that sooner or later every user faces the benefits of civilization. Do not be in a hurry to get upset: it is not difficult to return the plumbing to working condition - you just need to choose a cleaning method that corresponds to the degree of clogging.

How to clean a heavily clogged toilet?

How to clean a heavily clogged toilet

If the toilet is heavily clogged in the apartment, in practice the mechanical means will help solve the problem of how to clean a resistant stopper at home.

Plunger - rubber cone attached to a wooden handle

The use of this design is very effective if the cork has formed shallowly. To achieve the desired result, you need to act in this order:

  1. Fill the toilet with water.
  2. Close the drain hole tightly with a plunger.
  3. Press the knob a couple of times with an effort and sharply remove the plunger from the water.
  4. Repeat the cleaning 5-6 times, dramatically changing the pressure in the system.

If in this way it was not possible to restore the working capacity of the sanitary equipment, it means that the trash is much deeper, and the tactics need to be complicated.

"Doll" - a small tight bag

  1. Fasten the “doll” at the end of a sturdy shoelace and place it in the hole in the toilet bowl.
  2. Drain the water, loosening the lace - at this time the bag is lowered into the toilet funnel.
  3. Water pressure causes the bag to reach the blockage and eliminate it.

Cable - tube with a spiral at the end and a rotation handle

This method will definitely help you if others have proven less effective.

  1. The cable should be lowered into the toilet as deep as possible.
  2. Begin to slowly rotate the handle of the fixture, thus ensuring further advancement of the spiral.
  3. Sensing an obstacle, make circular motions with a cable to gradually break the traffic jam.
  4. To clean the sewer system, you can take out the device several times and lower it again.
  5. After removing the litter, rinse the drain with hot water.

The best household chemicals for cleaning the toilet

The best household chemicals for cleaning the toilet

If the flush was not as effective as before, it also means that the toilet was clogged. How to clean the partial clogging without the plunger - advise supporters of modern technology. The best helpers in this situation will be chemicals based on alkalis and acids:

  • "Mole";
  • Tiret;
  • "Bagi Pothan";
  • "Flup";
  • "Mister Muscle".

Use these gels or solutions only according to the instructions, do not mix them for "double blow", so as not to damage the sewer system. After cleaning with chemical compounds, rinse the plumbing equipment thoroughly before using it again.

Cooking cleaners yourself

Being interested in how to clean the toilet at home, many would like to get an answer, allowing to solve the problem without mechanical equipment or household chemicals. Well, to eliminate a small blockage it is quite possible to use the available tools that are found in each kitchen.

Soda solution

  1. 250 g of soda dissolve in 1 liter of water 75 ° C and pour into the toilet funnel.
  2. Stir the liquid vigorously so that the soda solution gets into the place of clogging.

Acid-base compound

  1. There should be some water in the toilet at the sink.
  2. Put 250 g of soda in the hole and try to push the substance deeper.
  3. Pour 250 ml of vinegar and wait 25 minutes. During this time there will be a chemical reaction, dissolving the accumulated dirt.
  4. Fill the toilet with 1.5 liters of boiling water.

If the connecting corrugation of your toilet is made of thin plastic, replace the boiling water with very warm water so as not to spoil the plumbing.

How to prevent clogged sewer pipes?

How to prevent clogged sewer pipes

As a rule, the formation of traffic jams in the toilet is the result of the absence of preventive measures. So that at the most inopportune moment not to find it clogged:

  • add disinfectants to the contents of the cistern;
  • clean not only the outer, but also the inner part of the toilet with a brush of medium hardness, moistened with antiseptic solutions (in order not to scratch the surface, brushes with metal fibers are not recommended);
  • from time to time, use special products based on hydrochloric acid for washing;
  • do not allow various objects (paper, hair, bags, etc.) to enter the toilet funnel

Do not rush to prepare money to pay plumbers if you have clogged the toilet. How to clean the pipes yourself - it is useful to find out for everyone who cares about stable and comfortable living conditions in their home. Assess the degree of blockage, choose the best way - and you solve the problem without much difficulty.