How to clean the carpet at home

If the carpet is contaminated, then few people think about dry cleaning - a troublesome and costly event. Many try to solve this problem on their own. The choice of detergents is great. What is the chemical composition of the store or folk remedy to give preference? The only way to get an objective answer to the question of how to clean the carpet at home is consumer reviews. What advises people?

How and what can clean the carpet at home?

How and what can clean the carpet at home?

If there is a carpet on the floor, then one day the moment will come when the usual cleaning with a vacuum cleaner will not be enough. Gray color, dirt, stains and unpleasant smell are the symptoms of the fact that things need urgently serious cleaning.

Before spending money (and considerable) on household chemicals or dragging a heavy carpet outside to refresh it with a snowball, it is better to ask how to clean the carpet at home. Reviews will help make the best choice.

What rating did the most popular home cleaning methods get ?:

  • shampoos and stain removers. According to consumer reviews, such tools have pros and cons. It is simple to use liquid shampoos, they smell good and for some time relieve the carpet of unpleasant smell. Stain removers cope with stains, but they require preliminary testing, since they contain potent chemicals and can easily “eat” the carpet. In addition, it is necessary to carefully study the label in order to buy a product specifically for “your” stain (if the composition is intended to eliminate coffee stains, it may not clear the mark left by the wine).

The disadvantages are too expensive, the ability to cause allergies (therefore, it is better not to use them in a house where small children or pets live). The disadvantage, according to many people, is the fact that after cleaning with foam the carpet becomes very wet, and you have to put a lot of effort to dry it well;

Reviews on home carpet cleaning

  • soda, salt, sawdust, tea brew, bran, sour cabbage. These are economical cleaners, and they are able to qualitatively refresh the carpet. Using such tools is easy. Simply lay them on the carpet and, after 2 hours, sweep them with a broom or remove them with a vacuum cleaner. No dampness and hazardous chemicals! But these tried and tested remedies are not without drawbacks: they will not be able to remove the unpleasant smell, such cleaning will take a long time. If the carpet is very dirty, then it is necessary to repeat the procedure several times;
  • home chemistry. The method is based on the independent preparation of cleaning compositions. Most often they are made from soda, vinegar, citric acid, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide. If no one of these components is found at home, then you can buy them at the nearest store or pharmacy, and this does not require large expenses. Prepare a cleaning composition can be a couple of minutes. For example, the most popular composition, which is recommended by experienced housewives, is prepared according to this recipe: 2 tbsp. l alcohol or 2 tsp. citric acid mixed with 1 liter of water. The solution is treated with a carpet, then brushed. According to reviews, the result will be no worse than expensive shampoos.

Each group of funds listed has its leaders, who scored the most positive reviews. The winners were the foam for cleaning carpets Vanish, and among folk remedies - vinegar and soda.

5 arguments in favor of cleaning the carpet at home with vinegar

How to clean the carpet at home with vinegar

Vinegar has long been proven to be an effective component that can be used to clean carpets. This is due to its qualities:

  • low cost;
  • availability;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • relatively sparing effect on the carpet;
  • It helps to remove from the cover not only dirt, but also stains.

How to use vinegar to "resurrect" the home carpet?

Recipe number 1: Universal composition. ½ tbsp. vinegar, 1 tbsp. soda, 1 liter of hot water (not boiling water). Mix it up. Add 1 tbsp. l powder. Spray on the carpet. Clean with a cloth. Those who used such a composition claim that the carpet after this procedure will be as good as new!

Recipe number 2. Removing stains. 1st c. l vinegar mixed with 1 tsp. soap (rub it on a fine grater). To pour out structure in 1 l of water, to stir. Apply to stain. After a while, clean with a brush or sponge.

The hostesses speak well of both the first and the second method, but note that the vinegar copes only with fresh stains.

Soda carpet cleaning: affordable, cheap and works!

Carpet cleaning soda

There are several recipes for how to clean the carpet with soda at home. It can be used by itself. The cleaning procedure is very simple: take a soda, sprinkle the surface with it - and you can rest for at least 2 hours. Being a sorbent, the substance absorbs all the dirt from the carpet - you just have to brush it off. Repeat the process until the soda is clean.

In order not only to remove dirt, but also to eliminate odors, you can prepare such a soda-based cleaning compound at home. Fill with water a 5-liter bucket, pour ½ tbs. Into it. soda Pour into a spray bottle. Spray the composition over the entire surface, wait 60 minutes. Remove by vacuuming.

To remove the stain, sprinkle it with soda, and pour a little vinegar on top. Leave for 12 hours. Then wash off with water.

According to reviews, soda perfectly removes the smell and freshens the carpet, but does not make the snow-white light coating.

New standard home cleaning - Vanish

Standard home cleaning - Vanish

The most famous shopping tool is considered Vanish. It is not cheap, but there is no hassle with how to clean the carpet at home Vanish. He added 1 or 2 caps of water into the water (according to the instructions), foamed - and you can start cleaning. The foam will dissolve the dirt and bring it to the surface. Sweep it can be a normal broom or vacuuming.

Those who do not have an allergy to the components of the product are satisfied with the result. Especially praise Vanish-spray, which helps to fight stains. It is noted that after its use even old pollution disappears.

The result of the rating of carpet cleaners is as follows: you want to do without chemicals - use vinegar and soda. If there is no desire (or time) to prepare cleaning products and wait for a long time for the results, then go to the store for Vanish. But one should not overestimate too much the possibilities of either those or other means. Their use will never give the same result as a professional dry cleaning.

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