How to clean the carpet at home from stains and other

If the house has a carpet, then there will be a problem of cleaning it. No matter how carefully tenants behave, dust, dirt, stains are inevitable. Tailed pets will also make a negative contribution to pollution. How to clean the carpet at home and what to use for this - store "chemistry" or tools that are advised by experienced housewives?

Carpet cleaning products - a method for those who are not used to saving

5 minutes of pristine beauty and get rid of any

After hearing television commercials about how to clean the carpet at home with the help of modern tools that can restore the pristine beauty in 5 minutes and get rid of any (even tightly stained spots), many rush to the shops of household chemicals. What can be found on their shelves?

  • The most popular products from the store are shampoos. They are used not only for cleaning, but also for prevention, so that the carpet retains its magnificent appearance. Plus of such means - they are equally effective against various pollution. Can be used for manual or mechanized cleaning (vacuuming). The effect of shampoos is the formation of a large amount of foam, which helps to eliminate dirt and stains. These funds are produced only in a liquid consistency. The most famous representative of this series is Vanish for carpet cleaning.
  • Carpet cleaning foam picks up dust and dirt on the surface. It remains only to remove them by any means at hand.
  • Stain removers. Their purpose is to remove local contamination, including old and difficult stains. The tool is spent more economically, since it is applied not to the entire area of ​​the carpet, but only to the problem area. Stain remover may be liquid. There are funds released in the form of aerosols. An example is the Vanich OXI Action spray.

All of these tools can improve the appearance of the carpet. But they, of course, do not make it absolutely clean, as when buying from a store. The main disadvantage of this carpet cosmetics is the high cost.

A useful note: do not trust universal stain removers! To date, not yet found such a tool that could cope with all the spots.

Traditional methods of carpet cleaning: cheap but not fast

it makes sense to try to clean the carpet at home from stains and dirt tested

If the question of price matters, then it makes sense to try to clean the carpet at home from stains and dirt using tried and tested folk methods. They can be divided into 2 groups:

Liquid formulations using chemical components:

  • A mixture composed of hydrogen peroxide (0.5 tbsp.) and soda (2 tbsp. l.) is considered very effective;
  • ammonia and water. 2 tbsp. l alcohol dissolved in 1 liter of water;
  • salt, citric acid and water. The cleaning composition is prepared in such proportions: 1 tbsp. l salt, 2 tsp. citric acid in 1 liter of water.

Dry sorbents:

  • The most famous ingredient is baking soda. It is spread over the entire surface of the carpet, then rubbed with a stiff brush. Soda has the ability to absorb pollution. But it does not act too fast - you have to wait 1.5-2 hours, then you can collect it with a vacuum cleaner;
  • in winter, snow can fulfill the functions of a sorbent;
  • salt or sawdust. They, too, poured on the carpet, and then swept with a broom dipped in soapy composition;
  • tea brewing It is pre-firmly brewed, wring out and poured onto the coating;
  • dry method is suitable for removing gum or wax. To do this, put on the spot ice. It will freeze the chewing gum or wax, after which it will not be difficult to remove them.

Cleaning the carpet at home from stains can also be performed with inexpensive means that will always be in the kitchen cupboard or first-aid kit.

Iodine stain can be cleaned with vinegar and soda. First, it is sprinkled with soda, and then poured with vinegar, leave for 12 hours. You can use another method: cut raw potatoes into 2 parts (or grate on a grater). Put the gruel on the stain, leave for 5-7 minutes, remove with a sponge dipped in cold water.

Very often the carpet suffers from red wine stains. They can be removed using white wine, mineral water or a 3 percent solution of hydrogen peroxide. The scheme of application is standard: lubricate the stain, wait, wipe with a cloth moistened with soapy water.

If coffee is spilled on the carpet, then glycerin will help clean this stain.

If coffee is spilled on the carpet, then glycerin (1 tablespoon) diluted in 1 liter of water will help clean the stain.

Blood stains should be washed only with cold water. The younger it is, the easier it is to cope with such a task. For fresh pollution, a simple soap solution is enough. If the stain is old, you will have to add ammonia or detergent to the water.

It happens that street dirt spots appear on the carpet. Removing them is quite simple, the main thing is not to do it right away while they are raw. It is necessary to wait until the stain dries, and then clean it off with a stiff brush.

A difficult case - a stain on a woolen or light carpet: what to do?

Wool carpet requires special handling. Shopkeepers like Vanisha are not suitable for him, as they are intended for synthetic products.

Among the folk ways you can find the option of how to clean a woolen carpet at home, to return it to its former beauty, but not to spoil it. And this tool is sauerkraut. But for such purposes, you can use only the cabbage, which fermented without spices and vinegar.

Vegetable should be removed from the pickle, wring out and spread out on the carpet. If you do not like cabbage smell, then it can be pre-rinsed with water. Then brush the cabbage off the carpet with dirt. To get a good result you have to repeat the cleaning procedure several times.

To bring

To bring in the "feeling" of natural carpet, snow and table salt will do.

The white carpet looks stylish and presentable until it turns gray from dirt. How to clean the light carpet at home? One of the most effective methods is based on the action of starch: 500 grams of the substance should be mixed with grated household soap (2-3 tsp of soap will suffice). This mixture is spread over the carpet. An hour later, the composition is removed with a vacuum cleaner.

Clean as a professional - the main rules for carpets care

In order for improper cleaning not to shorten the life of an expensive carpet, you should remember these universal rules for its implementation:

  • Do not use too hot water.
  • before applying any means, it is better to check how it works, on a small inconspicuous area (on the edge of the carpet);
  • it is better to abandon too hard brushes, as they can ruin the pile;
  • do not brush "against wool";
  • Wet carpet cleaning should be carried out no more than 1 time in 3 months and always thoroughly dry the coating (this will prevent the appearance of mold and mildew);
  • stains should be removed immediately - so they will be better cleaned.

Carpet for many is a mandatory attribute of the interior, which gives luxury, warmth and comfort. But it can also become a breeding ground for bacteria or a source of allergies. To avoid this, it is necessary to do a general cleaning of coatings at least 2 times a year (in winter and summer). The best remedy for stains is their prevention. If you do not eat or drink on the carpet, and do not walk on it in shoes, you will have to rarely expose it to testing with aggressive chemical agents.

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