How to choose the best varieties of tomatoes for the open

Tomatoes (tomatoes) - useful and tasty garden crop: vitamin (A, B2, B6, PP, E, K, etc.), mineral containing (salt, I, Fe, Zn, Mn, Na, Mg), with "sourness" (apple, lemon, wine), as well as a source of glucose, fructose, and much more. You will know for sure that the vegetable is fresh, safe and healthy if tomatoes are grown in your garden. What varieties are considered the best for open ground middle band?

Growth conditions

Tomatoes: the best varieties for open ground

Open ground is called because it is an unprotected area of ​​the garden where the planted plants grow in natural conditions. Of course, the soil can be fertilized, regularly irrigated, loosened and weeded. But you can not influence the naturalness of environmental conditions.

Growing tomatoes is somewhat problematic, since not all varieties are able to withstand the natural climatic conditions of the environment. Pests and diseases can also cause poor yields. Every gardener knows: to get a good crop of tomatoes, you need to choose the right variety:

  • on the basis of growing conditions (in our case we are talking about tomato varieties for open ground in the middle zone);
  • the required amount of the crop;
  • the size of the bushes and the size of the fruit;
  • when the harvest is needed;
  • care requirements.

Variety variety

To select the best variety of tomato seeds in your case, answer the above questions. To make it easier for you to decide, we present a list of varieties of tomatoes best in bush / fruit size, fruitfulness and ripening.


By the way, stunted tomatoes generally do not require stading, have good fertility due to sparse foliage. Do not require garters and supports, which makes them very popular among novice gardeners. These include varieties:

  • Rio Grande - has a high yield, the type of fruit - cream;
  • Bobkat F1-hybrid variety, popular due to good yield, atmospheric resistance to stress;
  • Sanka - hasty tomatoes;
  • Volgograd 323 - mid-season;
  • Tarpan-pink tomatoes of average maturity are very tasty, disease-resistant garden crop;

choose the best tomato seeds

  • Bagheera is a high-yielding hybrid;
  • Linda - salad hybrid variety, large-fruited, resistant to adverse environmental conditions;
  • without staining, unpretentious, very productive low-growing varieties of tomatoes for open ground: Watercolor; Red Fang; Miracle of Siberia; Utya, Krakowiak;
  • large-fruited: Vityaz; Lord; Gina TST; Crimson Viscount;
  • Riddle is a super-early variety, unfortunately, requiring staving.


  • Volgograd 5/95 srednepniy, productive.


  • Tarasenko group of varieties - hybrid, late, multiple;
  • yellow and pink De Barao - hybrids, valued for taste, storage duration.

High Yield:

  • Anastasia;
  • Roma is a type of cream;
  • Raspberry giant.

Large fruits:

  • Giant 5 - one fruit can reach 1000 g and more;
  • Pink Elephant.
  • 6. Small fruits:
  • Gardener;
  • Matroskin;
  • Orange cream.

Tomato varieties can be listed and listed. Breeders regularly offer amateur growers new seeds of more prolific, more unpretentious, more disease-resistant, quickly ripening hybrid varieties of tomatoes. In such a variety, you can always choose what suits you best. When buying seeds, pay attention to the description of the variety. Tomatoes are usually planted in the ground in the form of seedlings, which can also be bought ready for planting.

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