How to choose the best pan with a marble coating

Marble pans are a kind of modification of popular Teflon pans that have received the addition of certain particles. Their base remains unchanged - non-stick layers are applied to aluminum, after which everything is sealed with marble chips. What has this contributed to? Is it worth urgent to buy a frying pan with a marble coating to replace the rest, or has the innovation completely failed itself?

Main characteristics of marble coating

Reviews of a pan with a marble coating

The main advantage of marble in comparison with teflon is that it is more resistant to external damage. If a simple frying pan with a non-stick layer needed to be washed with soft sponges and rags, and the products turned over only with wooden spatulas and spoons, the marble allows you to touch it with metal surfaces, even making a certain pressure. In addition, there are other positive aspects that lead to the fact that such a pan will win over Teflon or ceramic.

  • Increased wear resistance. Marble retains its non-stick properties for much longer: this applies to both cooking cycles on it and the frequency of exposure to alkaline conditions (detergents).
  • High thermal conductivity. Granite coating is heated evenly and strongly, retains heat for a long time, as a result of which the dishes in it turn out to be almost the same as if cooked in an oven.
  • Easy to clean. Often, it is not necessary to resort even to brushes, since nothing really burns to such a surface, and in order to eliminate the remnants of products, it is enough just to rub with a soft sponge.

It should also be noted that manufacturers produce a large number of frying pans with granite coating, which can be used on induction stoves. In addition, it is the best choice for those who want to get a golden crust from products without a drop of fat.

But it was not without flaws, although some of them are controversial, since they depend on what material to compare with.

  • First, the marble-coated pan doesn’t like to fall and strike, but ceramic is considered even more fragile.
  • Secondly, the high cost does not make such dishes available to everyone. The price depends on the number of layers, but at the same time, their quality as well as durability is directly proportional. Therefore, the level of the budget pan (with 2 layers) and expensive (with 5th) - incomparable.
  • Thirdly, it is not always possible to purchase a frying pan with a lid, as a result of which it has to be long and painfully selected in diameter.

How to choose a good frying pan with a marble coating?

How to choose a good frying pan with a marble coating?

As for the direct agony of choice, which overtake everyone who first encounters granite pans, the same rules apply as for any aluminum cookware.

  • Pay attention to the thickness of the walls. Very thin - short-lived, even if they are inexpensive: such savings will only lead to large wastes. The minimum thickness recommended by professionals is 5 mm.
  • Take a closer look at the outer bottom. This is important in terms of matching it to your plate. Only ideally flat capacity can be placed on glass ceramics, only a steel bottom with a diameter of 12 cm can be placed on an induction panel. Pressed aluminum is not recommended for a conventional electric hotplate, and gas allows you to use any option.
  • Cast aluminum is preferable to pressed because of its greater durability.

We should also say that such dishes need special care: in particular, it is forbidden to put other containers in it in order not to damage the coating, and also not to pour cold liquids into a hot frying pan. It is possible to wash in the dishwasher, however experts advise nevertheless to carry out this procedure manually.

Consumer reviews on the best brands

Selecting a marble pan

However, the main tool in the decision of the question "how to choose a good frying pan with a marble coating" is consumer reviews, which are recommended to study carefully before going to the store. Even if a particular model cannot be selected for them, it will be possible to determine the approximate price range and characteristics of the dishes.

  • Yuliya: Before buying a frying pan, I reread a lot of articles in which I actively praised the Bergner brand. In the end, it was for her that the hunt began, especially since the manufacturer is not a premium class, and the quality, judging by the reviews, is excellent. As a result, I was somewhat disappointed - the external coating began to peel off after half a year, although I washed it by hand, quite carefully. But she cooks beautifully: the products are really baked, but do not burn, even when you fry without a lid. The only serious drawback is that the induction panel (from the sister) pulls it badly, so it’s better not to risk it.
  • Natalia: Kaiserhoff bought a frying pan of the brand almost by accident, but for 4 years we have been living with her in perfect harmony. She went through both the gas and glass ceramic hob, washed in the dishwasher, and manually. I fry in it without oil, but never has there been a burning, even though during such a period of operation minor damage has already appeared on the surface.

If you analyze consumer reviews, choose a good frying pan with a granite coating will not be difficult. Hostess emit such brands as Bergner, Kaiserhoff, MarTiNa, and speak negatively about Fissman. If you follow the rules for selecting the pan to the hob, there are no problems in its operation, so you can safely trust the majority choice.

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