How to choose the aquarium

In the modern world, an aquarium is not only a habitat for domestic fish with all living conditions, but also part of the interior. For many, the second remains a more important priority, and the emphasis is on ensuring that the aquarium looks as beautiful as possible, fits into the main interior of the house or office. It is not necessary to be a nature lover to want to get an aquarium at home or in the office. For some, it is a peculiar subject of elegance.

When choosing an aquarium, the buyer faces two things at once. First: the aquarium is, after all, primarily a habitat and it is necessary to clearly know who will live in the aquarium, including which algae. The second: an aquarium, as a part of the interior itself, which should fit well into the main interior. These two points will always challenge each other, and the buyer makes a bias towards one or another.

Choosing a glass part

This part of the aquarium can be made to order or buy ready-made. It consists of either silicate glass, which consists of ordinary windows, or acrylic. These two glasses have different qualities. Silicate, for example, is difficult to scratch, but can be easily broken. Acrylic on the contrary is very easy to scratch, but hard to break. Regular, rectangular aquariums are mainly made of silicate glass. And arc-shaped, semicircular and with smooth bends - from acrylic. Acrylic glass is lighter and more plastic. With the right choice of grade and thickness, this glass serves for a very long time, it does not deteriorate and does not become cloudy.

What problems can I expect when choosing a glass piece?For a silicate aquarium, it is the wrong gluing of glass, insufficient, not corresponding to the height of the aquarium, the thickness of the glass. You need to be careful when ordering an aquarium, the higher your aquarium, the thicker the glass should be. This has a greater effect on the price. So do not be stingy and do not look for cheaper manufacturers. The thickness of the glass should be taken very seriously.

For an acrylic aquarium, all this is also appropriate, but it also has one more problem, silver plating. This is also a consequence of the desire to save. As a result of insufficient glass thickness, irregular, poor-quality gluing, small cracks form inside the glass over time. This is the "silvering". It will not lead to the destruction of the aquarium, but the appearance will spoil it. What is the most terrible problem, "silver plating" usually manifests itself not immediately, but after a year, or even two, by this time the guarantee is already over. So be careful when choosing acrylic glass. On the glass can not be saved.


Here attention should be paid to the following points. Firstly, it is nothing but support aquarium, so it must be strong and reliable, and secondly it stores equipment for the aquarium. And thirdly, it, of course, should not spoil the interior with its appearance. When ordering from the manufacturer, you need to warn him about many details: for what purposes the stand will be used, what weight it must withstand, it is important that the stand is moisture resistant, because when servicing the aquarium, moisture cannot get into the stand. At the same time, of course, it should be elegant and fit into the interior. For the manufacture of stands can take any furniture manufacturer. But here is another very important aspect. The cover of the aquarium should somehow fit under the pedestal, and the manufacturer of the furniture is unlikely to handle the lid.


The cover includes a lamp, and a decorative frame, and the top panel. In general, the lid is a very difficult part of the aquarium and often its price may exceed the price of the glass part. It also contains electrical appliances and sockets for connecting them. In general, it is easiest to buy, immediately ready, than to make to order. But if you are not satisfied with the design of the finished covers, then you need to pay a lot of attention to the reliability of the cover, its moisture resistance.


The equipment is probably the easiest to understand. All aquarium equipment in our country is imported. Here, of course, again, the quality depends on the price. If you are going to serve your aquarium yourself and not to entrust this business to a specialist, then of course it is better to take expensive equipment. If the specialist will be engaged in the aquarium, he will cope with more expensive ones. We do not recommend Chinese and Polish products. Choose from them something worthy of the power only professional.

Scenery is already to your taste. Here you can show your creative abilities. Materials can be bought at a regular pet store. In different books, about aquariums, contains a lot of information on how to properly handle the soil, stones and all kinds of snags. To many, this occupation will seem quite interesting and will bring many pleasant emotions. And the most important thing is that there is no risk, and any unpleasant consequences are excluded.

Aquarium population

When choosing fish and plants is best to consult with a specialist. This can be done immediately with the purchase in any pet store. It is worth paying attention to the health of animals. It is important that all living organisms enter the store only after passing through a special quarantine. And this increases the cost of the store, and accordingly the cost of live goods. Here, too, can not save. And last, what was said at the beginning. Most importantly, when buying an aquarium, what you are focusing your attention on. On the inhabitants of the aquarium, or on the aquarium as an element of the interior. If the main thing for you is the first, then all parts of the aquarium should be selected in accordance with the needs of its future inhabitants. If the second, then the inhabitants can think about after its purchase.

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So, the main thing we pay attention to is glass. After choosing the glass part, we with no less care choose the stand for it and the cover. These details have the most significant roles, and you should not neglect their cost. Next, we turn to the equipment of the scenery and inhabitants. Equipment, at least, must meet the needs of the inhabitants. And the scenery - this is your personal taste and fantasy. Do not forget that the inhabitants of the aquarium, like all living creatures, are prone to diseases and all sorts of infections. These are perhaps the main aspects when choosing an aquarium. We hope you will be attentive, and your aquarium will delight the eye, not only you, but everyone around you.

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