How to choose parquet

In a modern apartment or in a private house, parquet does not play a secondary role. Parquet gives the house elegance, makes it more sophisticated and stylish. Parquet does not require special care and, when properly laid, serves up to 35 years, it has good sound and thermal insulation.

Parquet does not collect dust like carpets and if something spills on it, it is enough to simply wipe it and not to carry it in a dry-cleaner. One can speak about its advantages for a very long time. You can choose it in the modern market just as long. Below are main points to pay attention to when choosing a parquet.

Parquet: color and design

The color and design of the parquet floor, first of all, should be knit with the doors in the apartment, and if it is a two-story house, then it is also desirable with stairs. This does not mean that you need to choose the color exactly the same as the doors and stairs, otherwise they just merge. Do not be afraid to experiment. For example, different tones. For a more convenient assessment, we advise you to use drawing paper. Having painted it in the color you need, you can estimate how your floor will look.

There are such options when doors and parquet have contrast, eg "Wenge" and "Bleached Oak", but at the same time they look very impressive!

When choosing a color, you should stick to the following rules, who will not let you go astray.

  • First: always choose the parquet "live". The photographs in the catalogs, you can not 100% accurately fix its real color.
  • Secondly, remember that the parquet darkens with time and gains color saturation. In such cases, you are likely to be offered for familiarization with a sample of already darkened parquet. Your parquet, which will be still new, will be correspondingly lighter. Do not worry, after a while it will turn into the same as you have shown.
  • Third, pay attention to the lighting. At different angles of light parquet has the ability to change its shade.

Parquet floor price

The price of the parquet depends on the wood from which it is produced, on the thickness and length of the parquet plates and on the method of their processing.. Also from the manufacturer, i.e. firms. Not always one or another flooring, if more means better. Two types of parquet can be the same material, both types are from Germany, but one is more expensive than the other is cheaper.

It all depends on the brand, as is the case with cars. The same Mercedes will cost more than Ford, although you cannot say that Ford is a bad car. Of course, price must match the quality. It is better to overpay, but with guarantees of reliability and long-term service. So, specify what the price markup for a particular product is - in its brand or high-quality material. As you know, these are different things.

What parquet to choose?

When choosing a parquet it is worth knowing that the thicker the parquet plate, the better and more reliable the parquet, and, naturally, more expensive. Mostly under the concept "real parquet" two types are meant: block parquet and mosaic. On the markets are presented all kinds of parquet made of pressed bamboo and from other Latin American trees. Parquet floor - these are strips 150-500 mm long, 30-90 mm wide, 15-20 mm thick. As a rule, it is made from high quality dry processed wood. But it is worth noting that the high cost and complexity in its installation does not dispose it to mass demand.

In great demand in Russia enjoys oak parquet. It is moisture resistant, durable, has a beautiful appearance and reasonable price.

Parquet boards consist of two layers: upper and lower. Upper layer It consists of high quality wood, polished and coated with a durable varnish, and the bottom one is of softer and lower quality wood, mostly pine. Mosaic parquet laid out patterns. His parquet plates have a different shape.

And due to the selection of wood texture stacks artistic ornament. Stacked parquet consists of a set of plates pasted on the paper sheet. The paper sheet holds the parquet as a mosaic, so as not to have to collect it. After installing the parquet paper sheet, of course, is removed. The size of the set can be 400x400, 480x480, 520x520, 600x600, 650x650 - all in mm. You can also make such a set to order, with the size you need.

Parquet laying

Parquet "does not love" high humidity "does not love" and increased dryness. Therefore, it is not recommended to lay parquet bathroom, toilet, kitchen and hallway. For reliable installation of parquet, the temperature in the room should not be lower than 15 C, and the humidity of the air below 60%.

Before laying you need to give bedding material for at least 2 days in the room in which he is destined to be sex. Parquet can be laid on a wooden base or on a concrete one. But it should be perfectly smooth. Otherwise the plates will creak unbearably under your feet.

Also laying base must be dry and clean. Parquet is fixed with mastic or nails. If the parquet is laid on a concrete surface, the parquet boards are mounted on wooden logs. A ruberoid should be placed between the lags and the concrete floor. After you have installed the parquet, it is desirable, again for some time not to walk on it and let it settle down. At least a couple of days.

Good luck with your repair!

Especially - Andrey Smirnykh

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