How to choose bedding for your bedroom

For the wedding of one of the newlyweds, friends gave a set of chic bed linen, made in a juicy red color. To which the new husband surprisedly remarked: "Red underwear does not really contribute to a peaceful sleep." In response, the young wife clarified: "Are you going to SLEEP at night on the honeymoon ???" Everyone laughed at her hint and the gift was accepted with gratitude.

Previously, everything was somehow simpler: white and gray shades of bed linen made a choice for the hostesses themselves. But recently, many models of a wide variety of colors have been produced on the textile market. And here it is just right to get confused even the most demanding customers. How to choose the best colors? What to pay attention to? It's time to sort out this question a little.

Compatibility with design

Many designers offer to choose bedding in accordance with the style of the bedroom. If the room is made in terracotta color, then the bed can be in a warm shade of spicy spices, earthy and sandy soils, dark blue sky. If the room is draped with light pastel colors, then the bed, on the contrary, can drag the “accent” to itself. In this case, suitable contrasting colors, bright patterns and geometric patterns.

Psychological component of color

It is worth remembering the story of the newlyweds, as it becomes clear the significance of each color in life. Do not neglect the well-known truths:

  • Red is the color of passion and ... irritability. It should carefully choose its shades, because it affects the degree of rest of the sleeper. It is suitable for active people, filled not only with sexual energy. But for couples who prefer a cozy safe haven to the rapid determination of relationships, it is better to abandon the red in the bedroom.
  • Yellow and orange are the colors of cheerfulness and creative energy. People whose work is related to mental activity, do not hurt to buy at least one set of bed linen in warm and bright shades.
  • Blue and light green are the colors of harmony and tranquility. It shades of blue or green can create a natural comfort in the bedroom. Suitable for couples who have lived together for years. Or adolescents who are in search of the meaning of life - this color balances them a little.
  • Pink is the color of love and care. But if the whole bedroom is made in a romantic pink tones, then insert the blue tone in the form of stripes or a picture are perfect for bedding.
  • Neutral tones are the colors of purity and relaxation. White, cream, beige, and even gray are a universal solution for the bedroom.
  • Black is the color of neutrality and aggressiveness at the same time. It should be used very carefully, because it can not only give manliness, but also enter into a depressive state.

It should be remembered that red flowers on a white background will be perceived softer than completely red bedding. You can safely combine colors with each other so that they complement each other or soften. In addition, the same color on different fabrics will sound in a special way.


When making a choice, it is also possible to choose who the bedding is intended for:

  1. Children. Their cheerfulness and irrepressible energy require the same decor. Therefore, the bright colors of the rich colors of the rainbow will suit both individually and in combination.
  2. Newlyweds. Their passion and desire to spend together a lot of time can be complemented by a bright red, orange, dark blue tone.
  3. Married couple. Depending on the character, individual preferences and relationships within the family can be chosen as bright colors, and pastel.
  4. Guests Traditionally, the guest room is trying to keep a couple of sets of bed linen in bright colors. Usually it is associated with energy, accumulating in the fabric. And you don’t always want to take on other people's problems just because a person once shared shelter with their owners. So pick up a neutral color for the linen that you will give to guests who stay for a couple of nights in the house.

Trust your intuition when you go shopping and your choice will delight you for a long time! Enjoy your dreams and good rest, so that the morning always begins with "that leg" ...

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