How to choose bedding for the marital bed

Bed linen is one of the most important items in a modern apartment or house. No family can do without it. There are varieties of bed linen for quality, material, colors and sizes. What is better, more practical, more beautiful and more durable?

Bedding material

Linen. This is 100% natural material. He is one of the highest quality and expensive. The linen from such material will serve long enough. Its only drawback is that it is very difficult to iron and quickly crushed during use. In addition, it is quite tough, and people with delicate skin, it will deliver a lot of inconvenience.

Calico. To begin with, coarse linen is very different from each other, depending on the manufacturer. The linen from quality coarse calico - dense, durable. A low quality - thin and wears out quickly. Therefore, choosing linen from calico, be extremely careful. Study the label.

Cotton. Also, 100% natural material. Durable, durable, but incredibly soft and comfortable. Spending the night on this lingerie, you will be pleasantly surprised. At the same time, cotton is no less durable than flax, and even surpasses it in some of its qualities.

Satin. High quality material and already more expensive than the above. But at the same time it has an excellent appearance. Its outer surface is incredibly smooth and shiny. But this laundry is not as practical as the previous ones. It is suitable for special, special occasions. For example, for the first wedding night. Or another holiday.

Silk. Incredibly beautiful, brilliant underwear! But also very expensive! Such clothes are taken out in solemn occasions, or donated to a wedding and anniversary. Its disadvantage, the only one, flows smoothly from its merits. It is incredibly slippery. Having bedded such linen, at night you risk just “floating away” from under the blanket. In addition, it will slide off the sheets. Yes, and sheet in the morning just slip out from under you. But this can be avoided! Just purchase a set of silk bedding, which includes sheets with elastic. You can put it on the bed, and it will be securely fastened!

The material that you choose depends largely on your preferences. But for spouses with experience the best fit bedding made of cotton and calico. But for newlyweds who have just begun their married life, for the first time, it is quite possible to purchase bed linen made from satin or silk.

Bedding color

Again, it depends on your tastes and preferences.

Delicate colors, such as white, pink - very romantic. They will suit those spouses who have been together for quite some time. These colors will set you up for a romantic mood.

Red shades of bed linen. Traditionally, red is the color of passion. This coloring can be advised, as the spouses with experience (in order to awaken the passion), and the newlyweds (the first wedding night will be filled with incredible passion). But to sleep on such clothes all the time is quite difficult. After all, in fact, the red color irritates the nervous system. And when there is no strength left for stormy nights, irritability from red can do a disservice.

Green color and its shades traditionally calm. On bed linen of this color it will be very cozy and calm!

Blue and violet shades are cold. In most cases, spouses do not experience much comfort and warmth, falling asleep on such clothes. In addition, this color of bed linen can, over time, cool your senses.

Yellow, orange shades - very bright, warm, sunny. Having such underwear in your bed, you will provide yourself with a good mood and pleasant dreams.

However, choosing a brightly colored bedding, pay special attention to its quality. Otherwise, you risk waking up with avatars one fine morning.

Bed linen drawings

Flowers Lingerie with a variety of colors can look completely different. If these are large, clearly traced flowers, in a contrasting color, in relation to the background, then it looks very good. And not bad only when the flowers are natural, natural flowers. For example, if these are blue roses, and even on a brown background, then such underwear will not cause any emotions, except irritation. Small flowers will also not look very nice - in an orphanage.

Abstraction. In most cases, such drawings are beautiful. But it is extremely important color combination. But the big ones are features or smaller ones - you choose.

Cage and strip. Coloring on the fan. Yet again. It is important to mix colors, size and design as a whole. For example, the strip in the Soviet style does not inspire a romantic mood. A larger, beautifully decorated cell or strip looks much more impressive.

Image of something. It can be nature, the sea, a fragment from cartoons. In most cases, this beautiful linen, and is perfect for those who like to see such pictures in reality.

Spouses, who have been together for more than one year, are going to turn their attention to pictures of large flowers, abstraction, and a large cell.

Newlyweds are most suited to either monochrome colors, white, pink (monophonic and delicate), red roses on a white background. Or drawings with imitation of lace.

If you choose a gift for a wedding - the most suitable classic. Since you can not know one hundred percent, that like his young wife and her husband. And it is impossible to miscalculate with the classics!

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Important points when choosing bedding for spouses

When purchasing bed linen, much attention should be paid to the moment where and at what price you buy it. Quality linen a priori can not be cheap. And if you get it as a gift, then you should definitely not save. Otherwise an uncomfortable situation may arise.

And, of course, the place where you get bed linen is important. Of course, this is not a market or a cheap clothing store. In such places, no one guarantees the quality of the item you purchase.

Good luck with your choice and shopping!

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