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How to choose a tile for the bathroom

Despite the fact that the bathroom is the smallest in the house, its renovation is not without difficulties. And often, and vice versa, it may be the most time consuming and expensive relative to all other rooms. The whole thing - in the tile, which requires careful meticulous work. And if the tile has remained since the time of the great-grandmother, then it needs to be broken off, which makes the task much more difficult.

It is worth remembering that the tile should be pleasing to the eye and remain in good condition for a very long time. You will not be every time when you venture to do repairs in the apartment, shear off it and redo the lining of the bathroom. Of course not. It is not economical and not practical..

What should be the tile for the bathroom?

When choosing a tile and buying it, you should immediately note what requirements it must meet:

  • be water resistant
  • the color of the tile should not fade or fade with time,
  • it should tolerate temperature extremes,
  • it must be chemically resistant to household substances.

Floor tiles, To all the above, it should have a good, indelible surface, plus it should not scratch, because visits to outdoor shoes are not excluded in the bathroom. Do not escape the presence of sand, dirt, etc. For the floor is best suited porcelain stoneware - modern finishing material, high quality and resistant to external damage. It is more expensive than conventional tiles, but it justifies its price with high quality and long-term service life.

Now you need to decide on by color. The bathroom is now very relevant sharp contrast between the tile floor and tile walls. But he has to make excuses for something. For example, the addition of bathroom interior items, or the color of the ceiling. Or you can make the floor and walls of the same color, but different shades. Also looks very good! In general, it is better to first determine the color of the tile, and then with the color of plumbing and other bathroom furnishings.

What to say about tile thickness: the tile intended for the floor should not be thinner than 1 cm, the wall is better for thinner - 6-9 mm. And of course, when choosing, always use the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Types of ceramic tiles

Ordinary ceramic tiles differ mainly in their manufacturing method..

there is biotour, This tile is characterized by double firing. This tile is used for wall cladding in the bathroom. The enamel of this tile has protective properties and copes with external influences. Its disadvantage is that it is porous and less durable than other species. Therefore, it is mainly used for interior decoration. This tile is not suitable for the floor.

Monokottura - single fired tile. It has a higher strength and will come down both for walls and for the floor. Monoporosis - single-fired tile, with glaze coating. It is less durable. At its laying glue of white color is used. The seams need to be wiped carefully so as not to damage the enamel.

The most practical and high quality of these three is tile clinker. Moisture resistance, ease of care, resistance to aggressive environments - its features. This type of tile is made from non-uniform types of clay. Flux, chamotte and oxides of dyes are added to the clay. Roasting is performed once, which makes it low-porous and high-strength.

Calculate the size of the bathroom and the number of tiles

How to calculate the number of tiles needed for work? First we need to know bathroom area, i.e. floor area and total wall area. With floor space you can handle. To find the area of ​​the walls, we multiply the perimeter of the floor by the height of the walls. And we take away the area of ​​the door, unless, of course, you decide to tile it, which is not very practical.

Now calculate the number of required tiles. You need to know what format you chose tiles, say 0.27 * 0.35 m - the format of your chosen tile. Then the area of ​​one tile will be 0.0945 sq.m. Next, we calculate the number of pieces in one square meter 1 / 0.0945 = 10.6 pcs. Now simply multiply the number of pieces in one square by the area of ​​your bath. For example, its area is 34 square meters, then 10.6 * 34 = 360.4. We need tiles in the amount of 361 pcs.

From a practical point of view, this is not all. You will need pieces, trimming, just as you are not immune from accidents and possible battle tiles. Therefore, the resulting amount is increased by 8 - 10% for wall tiles, and by 12 - 15% for floor tiles.

To calculate border already easier. Just take the perimeter of the bathroom with all the elements, door niches, etc. For example, your bathroom with walls 2m by 1.8m. Then its perimeter is 2 + 2 + 1.8 + 1.8 = 7.6 m. If the border has a size of 0.2 * 0.1, then we simply divide the perimeter by the length of one border: 7.6: 0.2 = 38 pcs. Add 8% get 41 - 42 pieces.

It is better to buy the tile immediately in full., because if suddenly there is not enough, you will return to the store, and this tile may not be.

Here are the main points that you will certainly meet when finishing the bathroom. It is important not to forget that better not to save on tile and treat it with great care. The tile must remain immaculate for many years. After all, if you start repairing again, the bathroom will most likely be left out. Therefore, the bathroom should be finished with high-quality, reliable material and for a long time.

Especially - Andrey Smirnykh

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