How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner

A few years ago, a robot vacuum cleaner in the house was considered a sign of luxury. Now anyone can afford this useful household equipment. Despite the fact that the price of a robot vacuum cleaner of many firms has become more affordable, the problems with buyers have not diminished. With a huge variety of models it is difficult to choose the right technique. You can make a choice if you know the features of her work.

In fact, the robot vacuum cleaner is an electric broom. He is able to remove dust, wool, hair and small debris. The process is carried out by special brushes. This feature allows not everyone to use the robot in their apartments. The device maintains cleanliness rather than cleans the room to shine. It will suit you, if a lot of dust is collected in the house, you live animals with long hair. Also, the robot vacuum cleaner works well in open spaces with a smooth floor. If the apartment has a lot of long pile carpets, then the cleaning will be problematic.

Which robot cleaner is better?

How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner?

All robots vacuum cleaners are divided by manufacturers and price range. It is now accepted to compare the equipment of the American company iRobot with Asian counterparts. They are mainly produced by Korean and Chinese firms. Many buyers consider the American version more reliable. The reason is simple - this technique appeared earlier. Initially, these robots produced for industry.

  1. Choose a robot vacuum cleaner from the floor space and the necessary functions. Of course, a lot depends on the purchase budget. Devices that cost up to $ 300 will have a minimum set of options. In addition, in such robots there are often no cleaning brushes. Before buying it is worth considering what you want from the equipment. It is important to pay attention to the functionality:
  2. IR sensors - allow the vacuum cleaner to bypass obstacles. They can be located on the body and side parts. There are also improved versions of sensors that know in advance where the furniture is located. They usually work with ultrasound. The more sensors, the more trouble-free the operation of the equipment will be. You do not have to move the vacuum cleaner away when it encounters obstacles.
  3. The capacity of the container for dust - the larger it is, the higher the quality of cleaning the vacuum cleaner robot. The average size is about 1 l. Do not think that the capacity of this type of technology is the same as that of standard vacuum cleaners. They are much smaller. Which again reminds that the robot is designed to maintain order, and not to induce it.
  4. Battery capacity - its indicators affect the cleaning time. If charging is enough for 1 hour, then the area of ​​the cleaned room will be small. For 2h You can clean a few rooms. Charging of the robot vacuum cleaner can occur both from the network and from the built-in station. Of course, the second option is more convenient. He does not require your presence.
  5. Additional features - these can be built-in cameras, a special beacon for orientation in space and scanning the room. An interesting option and avtouborki. You set the timer due to which the robot starts working on a specific day of the week or hour.
  6. When buying, pay attention to service warranties. Most robots are not cheap. Therefore, it is better to choose a model to which the warranty card is attached for at least 3 g. Even the highest-quality copies require the replacement of garbage bags or batteries over time. Make sure that all this is in the free market. According to reviews, it can be concluded that it is better to beware of inexpensive Chinese devices. They quickly break down and consumables for them are less common than for American vacuum cleaners.

Comparison of different models

How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner?

Most buyers opt for the American robot Roomba. If you analyze all the lines of the company, then you should pay attention to the middle segment. The latest models vary considerably in price. In addition, they have functions, without which it is quite possible to do.

Roomba 780 deserves attention. At one time, this robot can remove up to 3 rooms. In addition, it is equipped with sensors that coordinate cleaning and movement. The advantage of this model is that additional brushes and filters go to it. So, you can save on consumables. In the opinion of buyers it is clear that they will have to buy more very soon. Another significant plus is the noise being made and the overcoming of obstacles. Roomba 780 fairly quiet robot vacuum cleaner. In addition, according to reviews, it is well oriented in space.

Worthy competition to the American robots vacuum cleaners are Korean. So iClebo Arte is considered one of the universal devices for a standard apartment. It will serve you for a very long time. He will not have to often change brushes and other details. This model is able to map the room. It seems to be stored in the memory of the robot. If you do not rearrange the furniture and do not change the location of its storage, then the cleaning takes place on this virtual map. The advantages include the function of wet cleaning. If you set the desired mode, then a wet microfiber cloth will be pulled out at the same time as the dust is swallowed. She perfectly rubs the floors.

iClebo Arte is able to overcome obstacles in 2 cm. It will easily pass through the thresholds between the rooms. Experimentally it was found that the cleaning of 1 square. m. the device takes 1 min. It turns out that in 3 hours it can put in order an entire house of 180 square meters. m! This indicator is considered one of the best among models of robots of various firms. The disadvantages include the inability to automatically adjust the cleaning. You can only set the start time, but not the day. Therefore, to plan it in advance, for example, twice a week, will not work. This flaw negates the remote control.

If we consider the low price segment, it is worth buying Clever&Clean. This Chinese robot vacuum cleaner is of high quality assembly and low price. Its advantages are the possibility of programming by time and day of the week, good service. The model is suitable for small rooms and studio apartments. An important advantage is the price. Buy robot vacuum cleaner Clever&Clean can be for 300 dollars.

It is worth remembering that the older the robot, the greater the likelihood that the cleaning will need your presence. Initial rulers have few functions. This applies to almost all models of different companies. So, if you want a fully automatic cleaning, you will have to choose something newer. At the same time, such models will cost significantly more.

Robot vacuum cleaner: reviews

How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner?

There are devices that do not just clean the room from dust and debris. Some models may carry out wet cleaning. One only slightly wipe the floor, and others, on the contrary, do it like a washing vacuum cleaner. The most popular is the American iRobot Scooba 390. It performs washing with almost no stains. The only drawback of the device is that it gets stuck even on small obstacles. Also in some reviews you can find dissatisfaction with the published noise. It should be understood that for large rooms any type of cleaning robot vacuum cleaners is not suitable. The reason is simple - you have to constantly fill them with water.

Robot vacuum cleaner should be selected in accordance with the size of the room. The larger the area, the more powerful the battery should be. It is also worth paying attention not to the function of the device. The most mobile equipment equipped with IR sensors or special beacons. Another advantage of the robot is the possibility of programming cleaning. All this should be considered when choosing a model.

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