How to choose a microwave

In the modern world, man seeks to save time on everything. And most importantly - do not lose the quality of the process. In this case, it will be a quick and convenient way to prepare food, how to defrost food and how to heat it up without losing taste and nutrients. Of course, these tasks do nothing better. microwave oven, the so-called microwave oven.

On the shelves of shops there are many options, models, very different, from the simplest to the most multifunctional. With such a rich choice it is difficult not to get lost when buying, at first glance, it seems like simple household appliances. The more functions in a microwave oven, the more expensive it naturally becomes. And often not all furnace abilities are used. So why then overpay? In this article we will try to figure out how to choose a suitable microwave oven, without overpaying.

The principle of the microwave

Let's begin to understand how the microwave works in general. The name itself speaks for itself. Microwaves, the so-called microwave radiation, affects water molecules. Due to this, heating occurs. It is important to remember that dishes easily pass microwave radiation. The ware can be any, the main thing not brilliant, as for example a foil or a stainless steel. Microwave does not act on the dishes, it is heated by the product. The amount of heating the product in the microwave radiation does not exceed 100 C, i.e. the boiling point of water. So the most elementary microwave works.

In the ovens "SOLO" You can quickly or conveniently heat up the food or defrost it. To get a gorgeous, crusty crisp crust, you need to heat the product over 100 C. For this, there are microwave ovens "GRILL". They contribute to roasting food as in an electric oven, or on coals. But" GRILLS "are different: there is a spiral, there is a quartz lamp. A quartz lamp is more economical than it is much faster to gain power. But the spiral is better because it can adapt to the shape of the product is changing its location. In the microwave ovens "GRILL" they embed another lotion, special equipment that ensures the forced circulation of hot air - the so-called "convection". In this case, the hot air evenly circulates and contributes In the microwave ovens "GRILL with convection" you can make cakes for cakes, all kinds of pastries, cakes.

Control devices

Microwave oven control devices determine user convenience. Mostly use electronic push-button or sensor systems with a digital display, less often electromechanical. Electromechanical control is cheaper, but more reliable. Ease of use attracts mostly older people, well, or families with small children, preventing all sorts of mischievous pranks.

Electronic control is, as we have already noticed, push-button or touch. Touch sensors are triggered with a light touch of a finger. But they are more sensitive to power surges than push-button systems. The display shows the processes occurring inside the furnace. In some of the more "clever" models, the program is able to work in an interactive mode. The furnace literally communicates with you in Russian and also receives commands from you in a verbal form.

What to choose?

When choosing a microwave on the market in the first place, try to determine for what purpose you need it. Basically, people buy a microwave already to the available cooking stoves and basic kitchen equipment. Therefore, they use only traditional functions - heating and defrosting products. Decide for yourself how you will use the microwave. For a quick warming or thawing of products, or for the preparation of various dishes. Whether you are in it to cook the first dishes, or dishes with a crispy golden crust, bake pieces of meat, or the whole bird. Is cooking a pleasure for you, or is it a necessary necessity. You want to buy a standard inexpensive device, or you need it to be modern and multifunctional.

It is worth paying attention to microwave dimensions. The larger it is, the more food and dishes can be cooked at once. Mostly buy small and medium microwaves with a grill. These ovens satisfy their price to the buyer with a limited budget, and the presence of the grill allows you to cook roast chicken, or juicy kebab. Large families of several people, or families who often like to greet guests, mainly purchase microwave ovens with the function of forced circulation of hot air, i.e., "grill with convection". These ovens are designed for dishes for the preparation of which use the oven. But in the oven it is more convenient and faster. The most expensive ovens have many automation features. They are able to cook dishes according to the recipes of their programs. Such furnaces are in less demand because of their high cost.

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Here are the main notes when choosing a microwave oven. As for the firm, of course, it does not make sense to say anything. Everyone has their own preferences on this. And also one more not less important addition. Purchase equipment only in company stores. In our time on the shelves of many fakes. Successes you in choosing!

Especially - Andrey Smirnykh

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