How to choose a mattress for a double bed correctly

How often do we dream of falling asleep and waking up in the morning in the arms of a loved one. This gives people only positive emotions, but, alas, not always. The quality of sleep is primarily affected by the surface on which you sleep. And if the mattress is too soft or, on the contrary, hard, then in the morning you can wake up not only in a bad mood, but also with pain.

To prevent this, and your immersion in the arms of Morpheus brought only benefit, let's consider how to choose a mattress for a double bed.

How to choose the right mattress: general recommendations

the mattress also has its own characteristics

It is not surprising that with such an abundance of assortment series of mattresses for double beds, we are faced with the difficulties of their choice. It turns out that the mattress also has its own characteristics, which are extremely important to consider when purchasing it.

So, when choosing a mattress for a double bed, be sure to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • the size;
  • type of filler;
  • coating;
  • hardness level;
  • type of mattress (normal or orthopedic effect).

If you have just purchased a bed and you are faced with the task of choosing a new mattress, then it is best to consult with a specialist. As a rule, professional consultants work in specialized stores who will provide you with comprehensive information about each mattress. You only need to tell the consultant the size of the bed, and everything else, as they say, is a matter of technology.

If you want to change the old mattress, you can look at its characteristics and choose a similar one. Although progress does not stand still, but with rapid steps it goes forward, and today manufacturers offer a wide assortment of mattresses. You can choose a sleeping surface not only in accordance with your preferences, but also according to financial possibilities.

How to choose a mattress to sleep? Every adult knows that mood and state of health depend on a good night’s rest. If you constantly sleep on an uncomfortable mattress, then over time you can get a number of other diseases related to the functioning of the musculoskeletal system in addition to chronic lack of sleep.

Sleep should bring you maximum comfort and a feeling of complete relaxation. Let's look at each criterion for choosing a mattress for a double bed in detail.

What are the types of mattresses for double beds?

Every adult knows that mood and health condition depend on a good night’s rest.

Before you go to the store, take a look at the directory or on the e-encyclopedia page and get information about what types of mattresses exist. So you can not only quickly make the choice, but also in the eyes of consultants you will not look like a newcomer. There are several types of mattresses for double beds:

  • without springs;
  • spring;
  • frame mattresses with springs.

The most common and affordable price category are mattresses on springs. The classic version is a mattress, inside which are installed conical springs. Sleeping on such a mattress will be comfortable, and you can periodically turn it over to the other side. However, over time, the springs can sag or creak, which will give you discomfort.

According to customer reviews, spring mattresses with a frame basis have become the cheapest and most affordable. As a rule, in them the top layer before the upholstery is made of plywood or wood. Such mattresses are short-lived and extremely uncomfortable. You will not be able to fully relax, as they are characterized by excessive rigidity. In addition, their lifespan depends solely on the quality of the frame. If the frame breaks due to strong pressure (under the weight of the human body), then it must be replaced, since this mattress is not subject to restoration.

And, finally, mattresses of the new generation, which belong to the medical sleeping surfaces with orthopedic effect, have become springless products. These mattresses differ only in the type of filler. In the domestic market, you can find mattresses with such fillers:

  • foam rubber;
  • coir;
  • latex;
  • batting;
  • horsehair.

When choosing a mattress, be sure to pay attention to the quality of its upholstery. It is best to give preference to models whose surface is made of natural fabrics, which allows you to convert the air.

How not to be mistaken with the size of the mattress?

The size of the sleeping surface should clearly correspond to the dimensions of the bed. Measure the basic parameters (length and width) of the bed, excluding the base. As a rule, all mattresses have standard sizes:

  • length - 190 or 200 cm;
  • width varies from 160 to 200 cm.

Pick the length of the mattress in accordance with growth. In stock should remain 15-20 cm, so that you do not rest your feet on the base of the bed. Choosing a mattress in size, do not forget to pay attention to the weight that he is able to withstand. If the difference in the weight of two people exceeds 40 kg, then it is better to give preference to mattresses, divided into two blocks.

How to determine the degree of rigidity of the mattress?

The most difficult criterion for choosing a mattress for a double bed

Perhaps this is the most difficult criterion for choosing a mattress for a double bed. Some of us love a soft surface, and some of them, due to their physical characteristics, are comfortable sleeping only on a hard mattress. What to do in this case so that two people feel comfortable on the same mattress? There is a way out of this situation, and not one, but as many as five, in particular:

  • Get two different mattresses on the degree of hardness and put them on a double bed.
  • Buy a mattress filled with half-dense material, such as coir, and latex. Periodically, you can flip the mattress or change beds with your soulmate.
  • Choose mattresses with versatile double spring systems. Depending on the weight of the person, the degree of stiffness of the sleeping surface will be determined.
  • Get a mattress with springs that are asymmetrically arranged. Depending on the pressure force, the degree of stiffness will be determined.
  • Choose a mattress consisting of variable blocks (springs consist of two parts, each of which works according to the weight of the person).

How to choose a case?

Choose mattresses for a double bed exclusively with natural upholstery. As already mentioned, the surface layer of the mattress should convert the air well and protect the sleeping surface from rotting and moisture accumulation. It is best to buy a mattress, the upholstery of which is made of natural fabrics at least 70%.

To make the mattress serve you as long as possible, take care of purchasing a special cover in accordance with the dimensions of the sleeping surface. It is advisable to give preference to covers, made of dense sheeting. Such a cover can be easily removed, washed, dried and ironed.

Consumer reviews

read reviews from other consumers

If you doubt the correctness of the choice of mattress or can not decide exactly what kind of sleeping surface will suit you, read reviews from other consumers. You can learn a lot of useful information, for example, about the degree of rigidity, the quality of the coating of the product, etc.

Some consumers leave comments on various forums or websites of online stores that the best are mattresses with spring blocks with a standard latex and polyurethane layer. But lovers of sleeping on hard surfaces leave comments that the most comfortable and affordable are mattresses with coir filler and on a frame basis. Almost all users believe that the life of the product does not extend its quality, but care for it.

As you can see, how many people have so many different opinions, so when choosing a mattress, be guided solely by personal preferences, and, of course, financial possibilities.

In a dream, a person spends more than half of his life. The state of our health and mood directly depend on the quality of sleep. If you want to wake up to a happy person, see vivid dreams and not feel discomfort and pain in the lower back or neck, then choose the right double mattress taking into account the above criteria.

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