How to choose a gas stove

We continue to talk about how to choose a gas stove. Consider the possible functions of gas stoves, their quality characteristics and prices for gas stoves.

Automatic ignition of the gas stove

For those models of gas stoves that were released several years ago, self-ignition function represents the following. Press the auto ignition button and at the same time turn the gas lever. Thus, the burner lights up, while you do not use no matches, no lighter.

Have those models of gas stoves, recently released new generation gas stoves, auto-ignition function does not involve pressing a button. Just turn the gas lever and the gas will light up.

Raz control

Gas control - very necessary and useful function. It makes the use of a gas stove practically safe. That is why the vast majority of modern models of gas stoves are equipped with a gas control function.

The essence of this function comes down to the fact that, if, for some reason, the burner flame went out, then gas supply to it is automatically shut off.Even if this function seems to you not so important, you should not refuse it. Firstly,gas control is your family's safety.

In more modern models of gas stoves, the gas control function has been improved. It consists in the following. If attenuation of the gas burner occurs, the system automatically turns it on again. The maximum number of times the system will ignite the gas again is five. If the burner goes out for the sixth time, the system shuts off completely, the gas stops flowing to the burners. This useful feature is called - automatic repogg.

Sizes and appearance of gas stoves

  • Standard sizemost produced now gas stoves - 85 * 60. If you have standard furniture in the kitchen, then such a stove can easily fit there.
  • There are gas stoves in which it is possible to adjust the height with the help of legs. If you want the stove to become higher, you just have to unscrew the legs more.
  • In a huge assortment, which now offers home appliances stores, you can choose one of the types of stoves: freestanding or recessed. If your kitchen already has furniture, it will be quite difficult to choose a built-in gas stove that would fit her perfectly in size. But if you are going to make kitchen furniture to order, then you can absolutely easily purchase a built-in model of a gas stove, and then order kitchen furniture, based on the size of the stove.

Prices for gas stoves

The range of prices for gas stoves is varied. Both the manufacturer and the country of assembly of this model are taken into account. Of course, the main price will be for the set of functions that this or that model has. Of course, the more functions in the model, the more expensive it will be. Weigh the pros and cons. Think about what features you need and which ones you will most likely never need.

  • Gas stove models, located in lower price category - models of manufacturers such as Gazmash, Lysva, DELUXE, More, Hephaestus. In these models, the smallest set of functions, those without which can not do.
  • In the next price category are models of gas stoves of such manufacturers, like BEKO, ARDO, INDESIT. The price will be a bit more expensive than the gas stoves of the above manufacturers, but the range of functions will be wider. For example, gas control, auto ignition and some others.
  • And finally highest price category - premium gas stoves. In these plates will be present absolutely all of the above functions and, possibly, any more. Besides, these gas stoves have a beautiful design (for example, art painting). The cost of these plates is quite high. Other models are priced at $ 4000.

Using the above recommendations and descriptions, you can easily figure out what kind of gas stove you need. How it should look and what features to have. Make an approximate plan for yourself: the price category of the gas stove, color, size, functions. If you decide all this beforehand, then in the home appliance store decide on a purchase much faster.

Good luck with your purchase!

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