How to care for wavy parrots

Among the most beloved pets can be identified budgie. The small size, beautiful plumage, graceful appearance, unpretentiousness and easy adaptation to captivity rightfully made him a favorite among the feathered creatures.

Like any other animal, a parrot needs proper care and conditions. Knowing how to care for wavy parrots will help them live a long and happy life for the joy of their owner.

How to care for wavy parrots?

Care for a wavy parrot in the early days

  • Before you bring the budgie home, purchase for him cage. Its size should depend on your plans. If you want it to fly around the room, the cage may be small, but if not, then stop at the spacious option. Also immediately decide on where the cell will be located. Together with the parrot in the first days of his stay in the house, it can no longer be carried. Choose a spot for the cell that is well lit, but not on the window. If you want to hang a cage, it should be at eye level so that the wavy parrot will get used to you faster.
  • After the most important thing is done, the house for the future pet is bought and the place is chosen, you can safely bring it home. In order for a new tenant to improve your relationship immediately, it is necessary to observe the rules of caring for wavy parrots from the very first day, since in the future all actions will affect the character of the parrot, and especially its attitude towards you.
  • As soon as you brought the wavy parrot home, put him in a purchased cage. After that, try the first 7 days not to touch it. In spite of the fact that right now it is most desirable to hold him in your arms, to treat him with something tasty, to stroke, it is not worth doing. Give him the opportunity to get comfortable in new conditions for him. It is also important that he understand that his food is only in a cage.
  • On the 2nd week of the parrot, you can begin to let go of the cage, so that he becomes acquainted with the surrounding territory. Do this in the evening for 1.5 hours before bedtime. Do not reach him yourself, just open the cage door for him, let him come out by himself. If after 1.5 hours he does not return to the cage on his own, catch him with a net and plant him back.

How to care for wavy parrots?

  • Before you let him out of the cage, close all doors and windows with vents, and also remove other animals. Do not treat wavy parrot with it in the first 4 months. Also choose a name for it in advance so that it gets used to it from the first days. The name should be short with hissing letters.

Wavy parrot: maintenance and care

  • Place the cage with the parrot in a place where there is no direct sunlight and drafts, heaters and batteries. It is better to put it and as far as possible from the computer. It is desirable to provide an opportunity for the parrot to hide from the bright rays of the sun, if you can not completely rid it of their direct hit.
  • In the cage of a wavy parrot must be at least 2 perches, a place for swimming, feeding trough and drinking bowl. It is very good to hang inside the special rings on which parrots love to swing. The bottom of the cage should be retractable for your convenience during cleaning. At the bottom you can pour sand. It is necessary to wash a cage not less than 1 r. per week, and cleaned every day.
  • Food wavy parrots best done balanced. Therefore, it is better to put the bowls in a cage separately for fruits, grains and fresh vegetables. Parrots eat a little bit. An adult individual needs 2 tsp. grains per day. They can be given fresh greens, sunflower seeds, germinated cereals, lettuce, cottage cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables. The bird's organism also needs a protein, so it needs to give 1 tsp per day. chopped eggs. Clean river sand without impurities is also necessary wavy parrot for normal digestion.

How to care for wavy parrots?

  • By the nature of wavy parrots are very smart and friendly, they live an average of 20 years. They are amenable to training and eventually learn to recognize their masters. But they need to be protected from frustration and stress so that they do not get sick. And also closely monitor that they do not fly around the room where there are open windows.

How to care for wavy parrots?

Showing care and attention to your pet, you can enjoy the budgerigary company for many years. The main thing is to find a suitable cage for it, place it in the right place, provide everything you need and carefully monitor that the parrot's nutrition is balanced and includes fresh vegetables and fruit.

By following the basic rules, you can provide proper care and become a true friend to the wavy parrot..

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