How to care for rose mix

Rose Mix - one of the most beautiful flowers, which are grown both at home and in the garden. There are different varieties of this plant: Rose Mix, Patio Mix Rose, Mini Mix Rose, Kordana Mix Rose and others. The flower is native to the tropics of Southeast Asia.

Care for different types of rose mix is ​​the same. With the help of a plant you can decorate your apartment and give it a delicate aroma of flowers.

How to care for rose mix?

How to transplant rose mix?

  • If you bought a plant in a pot, do not immediately transplant it. The flower must adapt to the new conditions in its pot for the first 10 days. Put the mix rose pot in a bright place (south or southeast window), but it should not be covered by direct sunlight.
  • Maintain high humidity on adaptation days. The most common mistake of amateur gardeners is the lack of water and moisture in the flower, which causes it to dry out. In order not to fill the rose mix, place a special tray under the pot. Put wet pebbles there and water the pebbles, not the plant itself.
  • To protect the flower from dry air, which provide heating devices, build a screen of foil or cardboard. Put a homemade screen on the heating side, and your flower will no longer feel uncomfortable.
  • If the adaptation period has passed without signs of indisposition, the Mix rose can be safely transplanted into another pot. When transplanting, be careful with the roots. The roots of the plant are very sensitive, so transplant the flower by transfer. At the same time make sure that the earth feed is not damaged.
  • Buy soil for plants in specialized stores. Be sure to put 1 cm of expanded clay (or any other drainage) on the bottom of the pot. If there is no drain in the new pot, the amount of drainage increases to 4 cm.

How to care for rose mix?

  • Do not replant the rose mix in an overly large pot, otherwise it may not give you flowers. A new pot should be no more than “native” 7 cm in height and 5 cm in width. When you transplant the plant, put it on the north window or in a dark place for a few days. Usually the flower lasts 2 days to get used to the new "dwelling".

Rose Mix - a beautiful brightly colored plant with a pleasant aroma. In order for your home to become sophisticated and fragrant with a pleasant aroma, buy a pot with this beautiful flower. Place the plant on a window sill and care for it properly. As a result, not only you, but your guests will not be able to take their eyes off a beautiful flower, no matter what type it belongs to: Patio Mix rose, Mini Mix rose or Kordana Mix rose.

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