How to care for hyacinth

Hyacinth - bulbous plant of the Asparagus family. The flower is known for its pleasant aroma and beauty. The flower bulbs are quite large in diameter and can reach 7 cm. Hyacinth can be given to friends or relatives for a holiday.

Gardeners love to grow hyacinths in their summer cottages. But you can grow them at home. The plant is grown at home, intended for forcing.

How to care for hyacinth?

Hyacinth: home care

  • Before planting hyacinth need to buy a pot. The pot must be medium in size (not large and not small) so that two hyacinths can be planted at once. For growing a flower at home need a special land consisting of sod, sand, sheet soil, peat and composter. The sand is the top layer of the earth on which the plant bulbs are planted.
  • When planting, do not press on the bulbs so as not to damage them. Sprinkle the bulbs with earth, but their tops should show a little out of the ground. Choosing the soil, pay attention to its acidity. The flower does not like the soil in which it is high. Prefer neutral or low acidity soil.
  • When you plant a hyacinth, be prepared that it gets used to the pot for about 2 months. To make the adaptation process go faster, put the flower pot in a dark place, not forgetting about watering the plant. Sometimes he needs fresh air, so take it out on the balcony to "breathe."
  • When the flower sprouts reach 2 cm in height, move the plant to a bright place.. Note that the air temperature of a new flower location should not exceed 15 degrees. This temperature must be maintained until the first buds appear, after which hyacinth can be grown at any temperature and in any place. The plant does not tolerate drafts and direct sunlight, therefore, the place where the flower will grow is better to choose based on these features. If you do it right, hyacinth will grow well at home.
  • If you provide the plant with long-lasting and proper lighting, it will delight you with long flowering. It doesn't matter what exactly your flower will provide with light: fluorescent lamps or real sunlight - the main thing so that the plant does not lack this resource.
  • An important place in the care of a plant is fertilizing. This procedure should be performed immediately after you put the flower pot in the light. The first time the hyacinth is fed with phosphate mixed with saltpeter. When flower buds are formed, potassium with superphosphate must be used. At the end of flowering hyacinth need to feed a double dose of a mixture of potassium and phosphate. After each feeding, loosen the soil so that the fertilizer penetrates as far as possible to the roots of the plant.I. Loosen the soil gently, so as not to damage the roots of the hyacinth, otherwise, the plant will die.
  • Even when the hyacinth has faded, you need to care for it.. Continue to water the plant and prune dried leaves. As a result, the plant will respond with gratitude and will subsequently grow better after transplantation.
  • Hyacinth rarely gets sick. The only thing that can harm the plant is an overabundance of water and direct sunlight. Sometimes the plant may still be subject to disease. This happens only if the bulb has been infected with a virus. To prevent diseases before planting, be sure to treat the tuber with a preparation based on phosphorus. Processing takes place within 20 minutes.

How to care for hyacinth?How to care for indoor hyacinth?

  • Determine what hurts a hyacinth, you can by its appearance. If the leaves were covered with black stripes or dots, and mucus appeared on the bulbs, then the flower struck rot. Sick flower is not treated - it must be immediately destroyed. The land where the diseased flower grew should be treated with formalin. This procedure will kill the infection. In the formalin-treated land can not be planted plants for about 2 years. It is better not to engage in such a procedure and throw the ground with the flower. With a hyacinth and the earth the pot in which the flower grew is thrown out. Other pests do not visit the plant, so the risk of the disease is reduced to a minimum.

Garden hyacinth: care

The flower can be grown not only at home, but also in the garden. It will perfectly decorate your personal plot.

  • The soil where you want to grow hyacinth, you need to cook at least 10 days before planting. Such a method is necessary for the soil to settle. River sand is poured at the bottom of the excavated pit (3 cm). Before planting the land must be treated organic fertilizer. Depending on the size of the plant bulb, it is recommended to plant a hyacinth in the area of ​​up to 12 cm. Thus, the soil layer above the bulb should be 3 times higher than it.
  • Planting a flower depends on the quality of the soil. If the soil is light, the depth should be 2 cm more, if the soil is heavy - 2 cm less.
  • Before planting bulbs they must be inspected. Poor-quality and diseased bulbs are not recommended to plant, as they still will not give flowering. Do not forget to process the bulbs with a foundation or potassium permanganate solution..
  • Before planting a hyacinth, soil is mulched with humus or peat. Landing sites can be filled with leaves - this will help protect the plant from frost.
  • During the period of active growth flower needs good lighting, and in the period of peace - he needs a shadow. Watering should be carried out regularly at any time of the year.. It is not necessary to spray hyacinths, but during the flowering period they need to be fed with mineral fertilizers.

How to care for garden hyacinth?

The most important thing for a garden hyacinth is fertile soil., treated with clay compost and sand. If you follow all the rules, the flower will grow beautiful and healthy.

Hyacinth is a beautiful garden plant. But it can be grown at home, then it usually blooms in winter. Bright and beautiful flowering made it widespread throughout the world. Flowers of the plant are striking in their beauty, brightness and wide range of colors. Care for hyacinth is not difficult. Grow it in the garden and at home, then even long winter evenings will no longer be boring and long for you.

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