How to care for hamsters

Hamsters are small, fluffy and unusually cute creatures. I just want to get them out of the cage and cuddle. But think about the fact that this is a living creature, not a toy. Therefore, besides games, a hamster needs proper care and maintenance in a cage. Only in this case, your pet will be healthy and happy. How to properly care for a hamster?

Content of a hamster in a cage

  • For housing a hamster, you can purchase both a cage and an aquarium. It is up to you. But strictly observe the required dimensions. The average cage, which will be convenient for your pet, should be approximately 50 * 40 * 40.
  • The distance between the rods (in case you purchased the cage) should not be large. Pick up the cage so that the animal could not push the face and paws into it. Otherwise, the hamster may get stuck and suffocate.
  • You can not keep a hamster in a glass jar and carton box. The first is too uncomfortable for him. A cardboard box, he easily gnaws and runs away.
  • The bottom of the cage with a hamster can be covered with saws, soft paper, hay. In no case can not be covered with hard paper and newspaper scraps. From typographical paint hamster may poison.
  • For the happy existence of your pet, buy him a house. After all, like any other living creature, your hamster sometimes wants to be alone. You can even make such a house yourself, for example, knock out a small window in a clay pot, and turn it upside down.
  • You need to purchase a feeder and drinker. Drinking trough, it is best to buy one that is mounted on the cell wall. It is desirable to attach the feeder also to the rods. Otherwise, your hamster will constantly turn over bowls of food and water.
  • Take care and toys for your pet. A large range of pet shops now offer. In addition, you can even order these toys for home delivery, ordering them, for example, in the online store.
  • Hamsters, as a rule, secrete several zones in a cage. One of them serves as a bedroom. The second - a closet, the third - a toilet. Just a few days after the animal is purchased, you will notice that it performs daily rituals in certain places.

The most important toy for a hamster will be a ring for running. Do not deprive him of this. After all, for hamster is not only entertainment, but also exercise. This animal is extremely active, for the night it is able to run up to several kilometers in the ring! Only ensure that the distances between the twigs of the ring are small so that the paws are not stuck. If the distance is large, wind the twigs. If you notice that the hamster has stopped running in the wheel, most likely it just became a little to him.

You can not clean the cage very often! Hamster gets used to the smell, which is in it, and very nervous when it ceases to feel. The optimal frequency of cleaning - about once a week and a half.

Homka is a night animal. At night - the peak of his activity. Therefore, do not wake him up during the day.

Food hamster

This animal should not be given anything sour, sweet and salty. It is best to diversify his diet as much as possible. Give him a little bit of everything.

In the cage should always be present water. Do not be afraid to pour a lot of food into the feeder, the hamster will not eat more than what he needs.

Best of all, for the main feeding, buy a hamster ready-made feed at the pet store. It is designed in such a way that your pet gets all the necessary vitamins and trace elements. But do not completely deprive the animal of green food. It can be grass, various vegetables, fruits. Pay special attention to the fact that you can not feed the hamster with cabbage, onions, garlic, citrus and exotic fruits. All this is extremely harmful for him!

As a source of protein, give hamster a low-fat cottage cheese, milk, boiled fish or boiled meat, but unsalted, egg. Sometimes you can make hay.

Do not forget that in the cage of a hamster must be present mineral stone. In addition, it is worth buying special vitamins in pet stores. This will enhance the health of your furry friend.

Walking a hamster around the apartment, taming

Start the first walk you need, for example, from the couch. So that the hamster is not afraid of a sudden change of environment, lay out his usual toys and favorite treats on the sofa.

It is strictly forbidden to let go of a house with one man's homo! First, he might be stuck somewhere and die there. Secondly, he is able to chew furniture and electrical wiring. This can be dangerous not only for him, but for you. In addition, it may not notice and step on, sit on it or squeeze the door. Therefore, it is best to buy a walking ring for the hamster. It is inexpensive. Choose the size you need. Just do not leave the hamster in the ring for more than half an hour. This will be stressful for him, and he is quite capable of tearing through the fastenings of the lock of the pleasure ring.

Protect the hamster from plants and flowers. This must be done for the reason that most of them are deadly poisonous to rodents.

When holding a hamster in your arms, be careful. These animals are extremely nimble, and they do not cost anything to make a sharp flight with your hands. That's just the right to land, they do not know how. It threatens to fracture the spine and death.

Talk to your pet as often as possible. He will quickly get used to the sound of your voice. In addition, over time, he will begin to respond to his name, get used to you and calm down. And how to choose your son a sonorous name, read the article Names for hamsters.

Tame a hamster follows gradually. For this you will need treats. For a hamster, your favorite treat will be nuts, raisins and dried apricots. Open the cage, and stretch your hand there, putting a zest at the very edge, for example. First, the hamster will fearfully sneak up on you, and grabbing the zest, quickly run away. But soon he will begin to get used to that the palm outstretched means a brought delicacy, and his brother will begin a more confident treat. Begin gradually shift the highlight further away from the fingertips, to the wrist. So you tame the hamster pretty quickly.

General recommendations for the content of a hamster

  • You should never bathe a hamster. They are clean enough, so excessive rinsing - even hurts them. If only your hamster got diarrhea or got very dirty, you can wash it slightly, but strictly follow that the water does not fall on the ears and head. In addition, the animal, immediately after swimming, should be protected from drafts until the fur is completely dry.
  • When you play with a hamster, never touch his ears and head - they are extremely disliked. In addition, these animals do not like and when they are turned over.
  • If your hamster managed to escape during a walk around the apartment and hid, try to lure him with a favorite delicacy. Listen - can you hear nowhere rustling and scratching?
  • Well, if you could not catch him right up to the night, then you should do so. Put a three-liter jar on the floor. Put a treat in it, and attach a wooden board to the bank. At night, the hamster will definitely get hungry, and, sensing the smell of a favorite treat, will climb into the jar. But it will not be able to get out. In the morning you can easily transplant it into the cage!

Here are the main points that relate to the content of a hamster at home. If you still have any questions, contact the pet shop or a veterinarian.

Health to you and your pets!

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