How to care for cactus

Various types of cacti are considered one of the most popular indoor plants. They can grow even novice growers, because they do not need special care.

Superstitious people think that cacti bring misfortune to the house, and, meanwhile, in modern conditions these plants are necessary. Scientists believe that cacti can absorb and reduce the content of electromagnetic waves that come from computer equipment. One way or another, if a cactus appears in your house, keep in mind that if a plant is reputed to be undemanding in its care, this does not mean that you don’t need to look after it.

How to choose a place for a cactus?

How to care for cactus?

In apartments it is often difficult to find a suitable place for cacti. As a rule, these plants lack light in the rooms. In addition, the heating season is a real challenge for flowers. Plants in this period enter the phase of winter dormancy. It is not difficult to guess that the temperature in rooms with hot batteries does not correspond to the norm for them, and the air becomes too dry. Your cacti will surely feel better when you are at the window that lets in the most sunlight. You need to put the plant on the window sill, as close as possible to the glass.

How to care for cacti: the choice of dishes for planting

  • The first thing a novice grower should pay attention to is the size of the dishes. This parameter is closely related to the root system of the plant. That is, the pot should not be much larger than the volume of the roots in the expanded form.
  • For the cultivation of cacti most often choose plastic or earthenware.
  • In pottery, the earth dries faster, and when watering it accelerates its cooling process. This property of clay containers plays an important role in watering the plant in winter. In addition, clay pots suitable for cacti with sensitive roots.
  • In plastic pots, the earth dries out more slowly, so it is better to place young, newly rooted plants in them.
  • The shape of the tank into which the cactus will be planted also matters. Previously, many thought it was better to use square pots. However, over time, it became known that a much better air exchange and a more favorable moisture regime are provided when the plant is planted in round pots.

How to water cacti?

  • Earthen mixtures are used as a substrate. Most often mixed in equal proportions are leafy ground and washed river sand with the addition of peat and charcoal. The soil used for planting cacti must necessarily be loose, have air - and water resistance. You should also consider the acidity of the soil - these colors need a weak acid reaction.

How to water cacti?

  1. Watering is one of the most important components of plant care. For the implementation of watering cacti need to choose the most pure and soft water. If you do not have the opportunity to water the flowers with snow or rainwater, tap water is quite suitable, which you must first boil or defend.
  2. It is important to remember that cacti need watering only during their growing season, i.e. from late spring to early autumn. If you do not water this plant in winter, it can contribute to its flowering.
  3. Important criteria for proper growth of cacti are temperature and light. Light - one of the main conditions for the existence of these colors. Among them there are only a few species that can be attributed to shade-tolerant plants.
  4. In order for their vegetation to take place normally, in addition to light, it is necessary to provide heat. However, cacti are not afraid of temperature drops and even light frosts, especially in the dormant period.
  5. Most common breeding method of cacti is reproduction by cuttings. In many species, lateral children are found, which are easily separated from the main plant. As a rule, the children already have roots, so for the development of the root system, it is enough to place the cutting on a wet substrate.
  6. Cacti, which babies do not have, multiply much harder. In order to get a new plant from such a plant, you need to look after a healthy shoot or part of the stem and separate it from the main one with a sterile instrument. The place of escape must be slightly dried in the sun (within 3-4 days). Ready cuttings need to be rooted in a wet substrate, and then, with the development of the root system, placed in the ground.

Cactus mix: how to care?

Cactus mix: how to care?

Now in the flower shops you can often see the so-called cactus mixes, which means Dutch kits. In these sets are usually combined the most famous types of cacti. Starting to grow flowers, combined in such a mix, first determine which species are present there. This knowledge will help you draw up a program of care for each species separately, since each of them has its own characteristics.

Compared with many indoor plants, cacti are really unpretentious and cause a minimum of hassle to their owners. Even children can care for these plants. To grow a cactus, you need to spend a little time caring for the flower. If you have chosen the right capacity for planting and the place where the pot with the plant will stand, the cactus will quickly grow and, perhaps, will please you with elegant flowering.

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