How to care for aquarium fish

Aquarium fish - very beautiful creatures. How nice to have a goldfish at home. Contemplation of these pets leads to peace and tranquility. But, like any living creature, fish require a certain care and conditions of their detention. What is the care of aquarium fish?

Care of the habitat of fish

For starters, you, of course, get an aquarium. What form it will be is up to you. There are rectangular aquariums, cylindrical and spherical. There are even those who replace the whole wall in the room!

  • The most convenient of all existing aquariums - rectangular. It is best if it is made of solid glass.
  • When choosing the size of an aquarium, pay attention that an aquarium with a volume of about twenty liters, about 5 cm long for one fish, should have from 1.5 to 3 liters of water.
  • Putting the aquarium should be in a well-lit place. If there is no such place in your house, then create fish, at least, artificial lighting. Artificial backlight should be included from 8 am to 9 pm.
  • You should not put the fish tank aquarium sill. This is because there is too frequent a change in lighting and temperature, which is extremely harmful for them.
  • Inventory that you should buy if you decide to contain fish: a feeding trough, nets, a compressor, a hose for removing various deposits, a lamp with a reflector, a thermometer, an electric heater and a magnifying glass in order to view live food.
  • Coarse sand or gravel should be poured at the bottom of the aquarium. The size of gravel, on average, should be 2-4 mm. Before you fill the ground in the aquarium, it should be very well washed, and then boiled!
  • If you decide to plant various plants in an aquarium, then remember that plants should be planted in small pots in small aquariums.

It is noticed that without vegetation in the aquarium, the fish feel bad, and quite often they die.

Do not need too often to change the water in the aquarium. It should be only once a week to refresh it. To do this, you need to clean the bottom of the aquarium with a hose, then drain 1/3 of the water, and also 1/3 to fill up with clean settled water.

Feeding aquarium fish

Some types of plants that can be planted in an aquarium are food for fish. Therefore, be sure to plant some of them. There are plants that are mounted in the soil of the aquarium, and there are free-floating. Those who swim freely need fairly good lighting.

Fish need a variety of food. But at the same time, they need a very small amount of it. Do not be afraid that the fish will be hungry. They calmly tolerate her absence for 25 days.

  • The most useful food for fish is live natural food. These include the bloodworm, mosquito larvae, cortex, crustaceans and earthworms.
  • Of course, you will purchase live food with a margin. Therefore, remember that it should be stored at low temperatures, and just before giving it to the fish, the food should be washed well.
  • As a substitute for live food, you can give lean fish to beef. Before giving it should be finely chopped. Beef heart, sea fish fillet, squid, sea fish roe, shrimp - all this will satisfy your pets.
  • Fish can be given not only live food, they will not give up the dry. This may be daphnia, bloodworm, boiled semolina, bread crumbs and oatmeal.

  • You can treat your favorite vegetable food. To do this, lettuce leaves, dandelion, young nettle, cabbage and very finely grated carrots are suitable.

General rules for the care of aquarium fish

  1. Small fish should live in flocks, in no case alone.
  2. Do not buy in one aquarium those fish for the existence of which requires different conditions. In the end, one of the species will die.
  3. Sit down some fish to the other, taking into account their nature and species compatibility.
  4. It is noticed that before spawning, the fish cease to eat at all!

Fish - really beautiful creatures, for them is very interesting to watch. If you follow all the rules of care for aquarium fish, they will delight you with their presence for a long time!

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