How to care for amazonian lily euharis

We plant plants not only because it is beautiful. For example, cacti are said to be powerful bioenergy, capable of absorbing a negative energy load, accumulating it into a positive one. Some types of indoor plants become very beautiful during flowering, exude a pleasant aroma. Practically all of them are able to influence the atmosphere of the room, creating favorable conditions for stay.

Euharis or Amazonian lily is an exotic plant with very beautiful white flowers and contrasting green large leaves. Flowers exude a pleasant scent. Such a plant will decorate your home. And euharis can be planted in the garden. How to care for this tropical flower?

Amazon lily

Colombia is considered the birthplace of this perennial tropical plant. In nature, there are about 20 species of euharis. However, until the flowers appear, the differences between them are almost invisible. The most popular type of Amazonian lily in our country is the large flowered euharis. Inflorescences resemble spiky narcissus flowers. But in contrast to the latter, several flowers, from white to greenish or yellowish, appear on the same stalk at once.

If you plan to plant the Amazon lily on the street, then you should take into account the climatic conditions of the area. The plant is thermophilic and not winter-hardy. But in the form of a indoor flower, euharis can be started peacefully. At the same time, a rich green bush will become an ornament even in the absence of flowering.

The leaves of the plant are large, "shovel". The outer surface is glossy dark green hue, on the back side the shade of green is lighter. Bulb house plants can throw at least 3-4 leaves from one bulb. In order to have a lush bush in a pot, several bulbs are planted at a short distance, since euharises do not like constrained conditions.

Home care

Amazon lily

Amazon lily euharis not whimsical to care. Of course, the plant will require watering, feeding, transplanting. In favorable conditions, it quickly grows.

It is recommended not to place the pot on the window sills of the sunny side windows. Tropical plant prefers indirect light.

As for the temperature conditions in the premises, then a maximum of 22 degrees Celsius is sufficient. The plant is able to protect itself from drafts and temperature drops. One of the defense mechanisms is to reduce or stop flowering.

Watering involves at least once a week during the rest period and twice a week during a period of rapid growth. Do not pour much soil. But he should not dry up. Optimal dryness of the soil - dried up top layer.

But the air humidity will need to be taken extra. Like any tropical plant, euharis requires regular spraying of the leaves, especially during the heating period, when the air in the rooms is too dry due to the radiators.

Euharis can be wiped with a damp sponge and even bathed (the ground part of the plant) to achieve maximum moisture. However, during the flowering period with the "water procedures" will have to wait, as an excess of moisture can affect the condition of the buds.

Nutrition and transplanting

Amazon lily

As a fertilizer, it is recommended to use universal liquid feed for flowering houseplants. Feeding should be applied every 2 weeks during the period of active growth and flowering. At other times, such activities are not required.

Amazon lily is transplanted no more than once in 3-4 years. You need to be very careful not to damage the rhizome, so when moving, it is desirable to keep the earthen room as close as possible. It is desirable to use the soil combined, well-fertilized. Capacity for planting is better to choose wide than deep. The rhizome plunges by 4-5 cm, at the bottom you need a small layer of drainage material.

If you have noticed that the mother bulb has “babies,” they should not be separated, but transplanted all together. Young onions alone will gain strength for a very long time, which means that such a plant will not start blooming soon.

Lack of color, pests, diseases

Amazon lily

If the Amazon lily is satisfied with everything, then at least twice a year the plant will delight you with lush fragrant flowering. After that comes a period of rest, which lasts about 1.5 months. Euharis himself will mark the beginning of wakefulness - the emergence of new shoots.

But it happens that everything seems to be doing right, and the plant does not bloom. The main reason for the refusal to “please the eye and the scent” is the underdeveloped root system. As mentioned above, single onions do not give color for a long time. Maternal bulb must necessarily acquire a "family". Therefore, when transplanting this moment must be taken into account, including planting several seedlings in one capacity. Until the root system is strengthened, it is not worth waiting for flowers, but it may take 4-5 years.

Improper care can significantly affect the condition of the plant. Excessive soil moisture will lead to rotting of the rhizome and, as a result, yellowing and falling foliage. But high humidity and low temperature in the room can cause ailment, called gray rot.

The euharis is not insured against spider mites, scutes, thrips. Any such manifestation indicates a decrease in plant immunity, most often caused by improper care. All problems with the health of the indoor flower are solved: treatment with special preparations, improvement of "living" conditions, fertilizer, cosmetic removal of defects (removal of the affected areas).

As you can see, caring for the Amazonian lily is a simple matter. It will grow and bloom even at novice florist. Moreover, this beautiful plant, even outside the flowering period, will decorate your home with original greenery.

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