How to care for a british kitten

The cat has long been a symbol of home and comfort. Previously, furry creatures were helpers in everyday life, caught mice. Now, many consider the cat a full-fledged family member. The choice is great: you can start not only the usual, but also a pedigree kitten. The most popular are the British.

What to feed British kittens?

How to care for a British kitten?

How to feed British kittens - the choice for the owner. It can be either special food or natural food. Dry food must be of high quality.. As for natural products, they should contain a lot of protein, calcium and phosphorus. Fish British kitten should not be given very often. It should not be raw. It is better to boil and remove the bones. Ideal varieties of marine fish. If you want to give your pet meat, then first you need to freeze it. This will help kill the larvae of parasites. It is then thawed at room temperature. A portion of a kitten is 40 grams of meat, an adult animal - 120 grams. Beef can be given every day. 4 times a week you can feed the kitten with cottage cheese. remember, that excess dairy products in the diet can lead to indigestion. It is useful to teach a pet to vegetables. They can be finely chopped or added to food (for example, in porridge) as mashed potatoes.

Small kittens should be fed 4-6 times a day.

Care for British kittens: basic rules

These animals, resembling teddy bears, are real aristocrats. Perhaps, some habits are affected by the fact that breeding started in the late 19th century in England. British cats have a calm character. They get along well with other animals. At the same time, they do not experience excessive sentimentality towards a person, they do not impose themselves. Sometimes they are called cats for a businessman. This means that they are independent and calmly endure loneliness. For those who can not always be at home, such animals - just a godsend. The independence of the British does not mean that they do not love the owner and do not miss him. These animals can be very dedicated.

British kittens do not require complex care. This is due to the structural features of animals. Initially, the selection of the British laid a good gene pool. Therefore, their kittens have a strong immunity. The fur of these cats is easy to care for. She is very thick, with a thick undercoat and resembles plush. It is necessary to wash it only in cases of special need. Cats look after their fur on their own. Combing it often also should not be.

Care for British kittens: basic rules

Care for British kittens is reduced to proper nutrition, attention, outdoor games and rare combing.

Before buying a baby is worth a few things to think about.

  • Place for toilet.The tray is better to choose without a grid. The British love to dig. The edges should be rounded, not sharp. The little kitten's pads are gentle and can get hurt by sharp edges.
  • Bowls for food.They should be two - for water and food. It is better to choose a material that can be boiled. The dishes need to be processed so for the prevention of 2 times a month.
  • Carrying.She will need to go to the vet. You can choose any plastic basket or fabric bag.
  • For the British, it is better to choose a comb with rotating teeth, the other can damage the undercoat.
  • Toyscan be any. The main thing that they were safe for the kitten and not scared him.
  • It is better to purchase a scraper in advance. It can be in the form of columns. In this case, the device must be stable. Imported kogtetochki impregnated catnip. It attracts cats, and they quickly get used to the device.

How much is a British kitten?

The cost of British kittens may be different. It is influenced by the presence of pedigree, coloring, titles of parents. In nurseries, the price is the status of the producers, the physical parameters of the kitten and the costs of the breeder. There are 3 classes of kittens. The most expensive (up to 30 thousand rubles) have excellent performance. Already from childhood they are predicting an exhibition career. Kittens are usually pets Pet class Their cost varies from 3 to 6 thousand rubles. Blue and purple Britons are cheaper than green-eyed chinchillas or blue-eyed color points.

What do you call a British kitten?

Care for British kittens: basic rules

The pet's name depends entirely on your imagination. It can have the letters "k" and "c". The presence of these sounds will help the Briton to quickly get used to his name. It is well known that cats respond to "kitty, kitty." If you buy a kitten in the cattery, then problems with the name, most likely, will not arise. The first letter of the nickname must match the letter of the litter. Of course, it can be corrected.

It is better to call a kitten sonorous, short names. They say that animals respond better to nicknames ending in "and".

Sometimes, to come up with the name of a kitten, it is enough to watch him. The nature of the animal can help in this difficult choice.

British kittens are different from many breeds. They do not require special care. Independent aristocrats will amaze you with their intelligence. These cats are said to be excellent companions. Independence and calm character coexist in British kittens with affection and love for the owner.

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