How to call a gray cat-boy - british

If a gray fluffy miracle appears in your home, you can open a new chapter in your biography, which will be called "Living with a Cat." After all, this is not just a pet, but a real person. But how do you call a gray boy's cat so that the name will be pleasant to both of you? The choice is big - we offer the most interesting, funny and sonorous nicknames.

5 shades of gray, or What is the nature of gray cats?

What is the nature of gray cats?

German scientists have conducted a serious study and found that after all yes - the color affects the cat's temper! They found that such "meows" are restless and unsociable. They love freedom and independence. Smoky cat will never live by your rules, because it will invent its own. He is quite satisfied with loneliness, he is not looking for company. It is rather a cat philosopher.

If the animal is striped gray, then from time to time it will throw you surprises. After all, this is a fan of fooling around! If the pet is half gray (for example, he has smoky ears, tail or legs), then his character will be changeable. But in this case, he prefers to "walk by himself." Do not expect that the animal will follow you, sit on your hands or constantly demand attention.

The gray cat is the best choice for busy people who appear at home only in the evening, giving their furry household absolute peace and freedom. If you don’t bother each other too much, then true harmony will reign between you.

Whiskas, Sir! What is the name of the British gray boy cat (with a pedigree)?

What is the name of the British gray boy cat (with a pedigree)?

If you have a purebred English cat, then pick him a name that will match his status and hint at a noble origin. After all, you may want to bring it into the light (to participate in exhibitions). Consider one of these options:

  • William (Willie);
  • Lord;
  • Sherlock;
  • Winston;
  • Hamlet;
  • Mister;
  • King;
  • Rich (Richie);
  • Duke;
  • Lancelot (Lance);
  • Amadeus;
  • Shakespeare;
  • Clark;
  • Zeus.

Such a name is quite suitable for an adult imposing cat, which your fluffy funny kitten will soon turn into. Although the British look very nice, as they resemble plush toys, they look very intelligent and personable (what do you say - the breed, the traditions of the old woman of England). So feel free to give such a pet an aristocratic name.

Plush pets: how to call a cat Scottish Fold?

What is the name of a Scottish Fold cat?

Wonderful Fold cats can not be evaluated! That is why they conquered the hearts of all kotomans. They are very good-natured inside, charming outside and militantly majestic in their essence. Therefore, before the owners of such nontrivial kotekek there is a difficult goal - to choose a nickname that displays a “high” origin, but will not be too pretentious. Well, really, you would not call such a cat Murchik, but Archibald is not very convenient (try again to articulate him!).

Then we recommend to note this list:

  • Alex;
  • Velvet;
  • Barton;
  • Billy;
  • Henry;
  • Louis (Louis);
  • Murphy;
  • Oscar;
  • Stich;
  • Elvis;
  • Harley.

The cat is simple, but what a name!

Gray kitten

If you have an ordinary kitten with gray fur and you do not want to give him a pompous name, then you can go two ways. Choose a nickname according to color. There will actually be quite a few options - at least such:

  • Smoke;
  • Ash;
  • Gray;
  • Velveteen;
  • Carbon;
  • Gizzy;
  • Gray;
  • Wulf

You can not hurry and observe the behavior and characteristics of the nature of the pet. Then he will tell you what name will suit him most. Your Purring can acquire such a nickname:

  • Ataman;
  • Barin;
  • Diesel;
  • Prince;
  • Boss;
  • Thunder;
  • Tikhon;
  • Major;
  • Buyan;
  • Phil (Philosopher);
  • Tigran.

For the mongrel cat, you can choose the traditional name - Vaska, Kotya, Murzik, Fluff, he will not be offended.

Funny names for ash cats

Funny names for cats

Among gray cats there are very extraordinary people. If you are a lover of everything original, have a healthy sense of humor and are wondering how to call the boy's cat cool, then use these ideas:

  • Sponsor;
  • Casanova;
  • Tarzan;
  • Sheriff;
  • Fruit;
  • The Hobbit;
  • Senator;
  • Space;
  • Monitor;
  • Goblin;
  • Xerox (Xerox);
  • Bubble;
  • Rebus;
  • Broom;
  • Pate.

Turn on the fantasy - and your cat will get a completely different and cool name. For fans of computer games, this is unlikely to become a big problem. Their furry friend can become Sven, Lissandro, Bard, Caldrom, Zerat. And those who adore TV shows may come up with such variants of feline nicknames: Daken, Cooper, Barry, Flash, Harrison, Joe, Eobard, Altaoda. Many people call gray pets the names of their favorite actors: Chuck, Arnie, Brad, Bruce, Dustin, Richard, Eddie.

The perfect nickname for a smoky cat: some more tips

The perfect nickname for a smoky cat

No one will argue that cats are full members of the family (and sometimes even the owners). But still, deciding how to call the cat-boy gray, do not forget that this is an animal, and a predatory one. It is better to give such a nickname with which it will be easy for it to coexist, and for this it should correspond to such wishes:

  • for the name to be sonorous, it is not bad that the phonemes C, B, K, G, H, D are present;
  • so that the kitten quickly remembers the nickname and reacts to it, it must contain sizzling ones. This will awaken the hunting instinct in him;
  • Before choosing a long name, think about whether it will be convenient to use it every day and whether you want to shorten it (for example, which is better - Maximilian or Max);
  • The official name of the cat (recorded in the passport) and his home name do not have to be completely the same. If it is recorded as Edward, then Eday may simply become home.

The gray cat is a mystical creature. Twilight color leaves an imprint on his character. This is a mystery cat, so think carefully before giving it a name. After all, it can also affect the behavior of the mustache pet. However, no matter how sounded his nickname, he will not show less love in relation to his master.

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