How to bring bindweed from the garden

Convolvulus is a plant that is often found in meadows and fields of the middle belt. The graceful beauty of these bell flowers is deceptive! In fact, the bindweed is a dangerous garden weed. It not only interferes with the growth of domestic crops, but also harms the soil.

Bindweed belongs to the root-weeding. This means that the plant has a strong root system. Due to this structure, it has great stamina. The roots can go deep into the ground, which allows the plant to survive in drought conditions. From the depths of the earth, moisture is drawn out. The result is a draining of the soil. Many researchers and agronomists believe that bindweed are among those garden pests that are almost impossible to defeat with the help of weeding. Shoots grow again and again.

How to get rid of the convolvulus?

How to withdraw bindweed from the garden?

Bindweed on the site significantly reduces yields and complicates the harvesting of crops. For this, 5 stalks per 1 sq.m. land. Weeding does not give visible results. It's all about its structure. The plant has a main root, which goes deep into the ground (up to 6 m.). Side rhizomes about 30 cm long depart from it in horizontal directions. Precisely because of such a powerful root system, pruning of the shoots does not lead to a weakening of the plant, and most often even contributes to even greater growth and spread. You can get rid of the pest by digging the ground. From lumps need to pull out the remnants of rhizomes, and then destroy them outside the site. It is best to burn.

How to deal with convolvulus: proven methods

  1. If it is almost impossible to mechanically get rid of the convolvulus, then with chemical preparations you will achieve the desired result. You can use Rwandap. At 10 liters. water usually goes from 40 to 120 ml. herbicide. The dosage depends on the crop to be treated from the weed. The resulting solution is sprayed all shoots of convolvulus. If the crop has time to harvest, it is better to isolate the fruit using cans or trimming plastic bottles. The drug is so strong that contact with any plant leads to its death.
  2. After that, you need to wait some time. The leaves and flowers of the bindweed will begin to turn pale, then wither. Do not immediately pull them out. It is necessary that the drug killed the root system completely. The first signs of dying off occur in 3-5 days. After 10-14 days, you can safely shoot shoots. It is better to work with the preparation in gloves, the remaining solution should be drained away from the site.
  3. Other herbicides may be used. You will need to act similarly. In order for the drugs to work with maximum results, you need to choose the right time for treating the convolvulus. Understanding how to deal with a weed is easier knowing the stages of its development. A plant has phases where nutrients do not go from the root to the shoots, but vice versa. It was then that guaranteed a good result from the use of herbicides. Once on the leaves, stalks and flowers, they, along with food, will reach the root and destroy both him and the whole bindweed. For processing, choose the time before flowering and after seed ripening - spring and end of summer. After that, you can dig up the earth and loosen only after 2-3 weeks.
  4. For such treatment suitable preparations "Tornado", "Hurricane". You need to carefully read the instructions and strictly adhere to the dosage. When the dose is exceeded, shoots and flowers may burn, and without delivering the poison to the roots. Pulling bindweed, as in the case of "Rundapom" need not immediately. Drugs take time to destroy the activity of the root system.
  5. There are folk ways to bring bindweed from the garden. It is believed that this contributes to the feeding of ashes, treatment with saline. In the latter case, 10 liters. water leaves 1, 2 kg of salt.

How to withdraw bindweed from the garden?

In order that the bindweed does not grow on your site should adhere to the following rules.

  • Try to dig deep in the ground. All cut roots must be carefully selected. Do the weeding on time. Cut and mow crop-free areas.
  • Convolvulus under the trees can be derived using perennial grasses suitable for mowing. For the second summer, the weed usually does not break through them.

Bindweed difficult to withdraw from the garden. The plant has such a powerful root system that it is able to start new shoots and spread along the beds even faster when weed it. Most often the damage from weed is connected with the fact that it entangles the crops, breaks them and bends them to the ground. The fight with the bindweed is better to start in the spring during the laying of buds or in August.

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