How many years do decorative rats live at home?

Few people perceive rats as pets. However, these little animals can really become attached to the owner. Unfortunately, their lifespan is short and completely depends on the conditions in which the rats live. To get these babies in you, you have to be mentally prepared for the fact that they will not last long. How many domestic rats live?

How many rats live at home?

How many rats live at home?

The word "rat" causes many unpleasant associations. How can this animal become a pet? Do not confuse pets and basement dwellers. There are some differences between them.

  • Decorative animals are devoid of aggressiveness, since they were bred in the laboratory and from the first days of life get used to the person.
  • Wild animals can bring in their lives several hundred cubs, while at home 1-2 pregnancies are possible.
  • Domestic animals sleep at night, while wild ones go hunting.
  • In domestic rats, the voice resembles a squeak - wild and wild individuals are capable of an eerie growl.

But the most important difference is in life expectancy. Tamed pets are able to please the host for 2-3 years, while wild rats due to the lack of good conditions do not live alone.

Genetic factor

Decorative rat sphinx

How many decorative rats live at home depends largely on the breed and genetics. If you want your pet to live as long as possible, be attentive to its acquisition. It is best to buy a rat from a trusted breeder. In this case, a plan to get the offspring is well built and good care of animals is provided.

Rat pet stores often come from nurseries, where their content is far from ideal. The responsibility of the owners for obtaining a genetically strong litter is also not up to par. A large role in this matter is played by the age of the female and the number of pregnancies she has suffered. In one lifetime, one individual should not have more than 2 broods. Frequent pregnancies deplete the female and affect the quality of the offspring. The age of the rat mother is also undesirable.

Much depends on the breed.

  • Sphinxes. This species was bred during mutations. It is completely devoid of wool, has a soft, pleasant to the touch skin. Due to the lack of wool, these individuals need additional heating and love to be in the hands of the owner. For rats to live longer, their skin needs careful care. Otherwise, allergies, rashes, and tumor diseases may begin. This kind of life does not last long - only 1.5-2 years.
  • White. This type of animal is most attached. They have curly hair and small red eyes. Unfortunately, because of the vulnerability of the immune system, white rats rarely live to even 1.5 years.
  • Rex, Satin, Dumbo. More resistant to external conditions of the breed. Possess light gray or dark fluffy coat. On average, with good care can live to 3 years.

How many years live domestic rats, depends largely on the owner. With careful care and proper nutrition, their lifespan can be extended by 1-2 years. In the Guinness Book of Records appears rat, whose age was 7 years old!

Conditions of detention

Conditions of detention

If you really decide to have domestic rats and take care of them, you should carefully consider the creation of suitable conditions for their life.

  • Home and neighbors. The rodent dwelling should be mesh, spacious, with several floors and a ladder. In the cage must be a house for sleeping. Since rats like to move, it will not be superfluous to take care of the presence in the dwelling of ropes, hammocks, wheels, snags and other "obstacles". If the pet lives alone, you will have to spend more time with it, otherwise it will start to get bored. To prevent this, you can purchase two females. In the cage, there must be a bedding with a filler (preferably corn or paper), a drinking bowl, a feeding trough, a tray and a bath. Wood fillers are not recommended because they contain essential oils that have a negative effect on the respiratory organs of pets.
  • Care. The habitat needs to be cleaned daily: change sawdust, wash the water bowl, clean up uneaten food. Once a week in the home of the animal is to carry out a "general cleaning". If possible, sometimes let the rats walk around the room: they need movement. However, this should be done in a safe place, where there are no valuables or electrical wires.
  • Nutrition. Special rat food needs to be bought at pet stores. They calculated the perfect combination of components. 80% of the food of animals should consist of dry grain, and 20% of fresh vegetables. When pets grow, it is advisable to indulge them with boiled dietary meat, nuts and dried fruits. Sprouted wheat grains have a positive effect on their health and well-being.

Watch out for hazards!

Beware of dangers

How many domestic rats live depends on the owner’s attempts to protect them from the accidental dangers that lurk in every home:

  • contact with other, larger, animals;
  • overheating electrical wires;
  • eating poisonous plants (nightshade, ivy, bay leaf, cyclamen, narcissus, lily of the valley, kalanchoe and others).

If you release pets to walk around the house, make sure that on the way they will not meet the dangers threatening their lives. Thanks to caution and attentive attitude, you extend the life of your pets.

Rats are rare but amazing pets. With a relatively short lifespan, they are quite whimsical and require cleanliness and quality nutrition. Only with the observance of all veterinary and sanitary standards can you create a harmonious world for a pet, allowing you to live the maximum of the years allotted by nature.

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