How many days the cat walks

The opinion that sexual activity in cats only in March is wrong. In the animal, the instinct of motherhood can wake up, no matter what time it is on the street. Excessive "bouts of love", hectic behavior and heart-rending cries of a domestic pet will not leave indifferent any host. So how to prepare for this period? And how to behave the owners?

When do cats start walking?

When do cats start walking?

It would seem that only recently, a fluffy lump played with a ball of thread, and after 6 - 8 months of life, the cat passed into the period of puberty, ready to become a mother. Around this time, the owners face the first heat of the animal. It is difficult to notice estrus, the symptoms lie solely in the behavior - excessive tenderness, persistent shouts, the cat fawns, takes a characteristic pose for mating (falls on the front paws). The owners should be careful, especially if the animal does not leave the apartment. Not finding a male, the pet will seek to leave the apartment by any means. Experienced breeders know that for the birth of healthy kittens, the cat must be at least 16 - 20 months old.

It is difficult to answer the question of how many cats walk, especially for the first time, in concrete numbers. Each animal will have its own characteristics. You can calculate that only when observing the sexual cycle of your pet. In addition, it is impossible to disregard the environmental conditions, namely the nature of food and content, the breed of a cat. Anyway, all these components determine the duration of estrus. But there are still averages, namely 5 - 7 days, this is precisely the duration of estrus in the cat family.

How many times do cats walk? In animals that live on the street or in pets at the age of estrus associated with the seasons, this is usually spring and autumn. For cats who live permanently in an apartment and do not leave its limits, or make short walks at the cottage, more frequent estrus is characteristic, which can be explained by comfortable living conditions. The average interval between estrus in a healthy animal is 15 - 25 days, but there are exceptions and peculiarities.

Cat walks: solve the problem

Cat walks: solve the problem

There are 3 solutions to the problem: to give the cat to satisfy its instincts of motherhood. The 2nd option is to use drugs to regulate sexual desire, and the 3rd, categorical option is surgery (sterilization).

The main disadvantage of sterilization is an irreversible process. In addition, there are other complications. The operation is performed under general anesthesia, there is always the possibility that the animal will not wake up. Postoperative consequences are a heavy recovery period, suppuration of stitches, a change in hormonal levels, from which an animal may develop obesity, deteriorate its character, etc.

Yet more effectively and safely, use drugs for the regulation of sexual activity. In veterinary pharmacies presented a large assortment. The main selection criteria are the age of the cat, the breed. The most popular is the "sex barrier".

Why does the cat walk after sterilization? The answer to the question is quite simple, the most important thing is to understand the terminology and understand the causes of the "desire in cats".

Under sterilization refers to the removal of reproductive organs - the uterus and ovaries, to become pregnant Koshkane may not have the necessary organs. The whole difficulty lies in when the sterilization took place and how well.

If the cat is already sterilized by an adult who has had repeated estrus, then after the operation "hunting for a male" will also be present, but the animal will not be able to produce offspring. Another thing is when a young cat is qualitatively sterilized, in which the desire has not yet arisen. In this case, the probability of "asking behavior" come to naught.

It is worth remembering that the instinct for reproduction is basic, so laid down by nature. And the main task of the owners is to help their pet in this difficult period, especially if it is not possible to fully realize it. The choice of method falls entirely on the shoulders of breeders, responsibility for the consequences, respectively, too.

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