How many cats carry kittens in time

Surely each of us heard the phrase: "The cat walks by itself." But the essence of this popular expression you understand only when suddenly kittens appear on the light. So that such a miracle of nature does not take you by surprise, let's see how to recognize the pregnancy of a pet home and how much does the cat bear kittens?

Every cat's pregnancy is different

Pregnancy of ordinary cats

Pregnancy of ordinary cats that live in most homes in Russia lasts from 63 to 65 days. However, these figures are influenced by many different factors, postponing or approaching the term of labor. For example, if the kittens are small, the cat may take an extra week.

How many months the cat will bear the kittens, also depends on the breed of animal:

  • The pregnancy of a Bengal breed cat lasts on average from 63 to 67 days. An experienced veterinarian will be able to confirm your assumptions in a week by palpation or in 14 days thanks to ultrasound. A characteristic feature of the Bengal cat breed is that it remains mobile and active even during pregnancy, so the owners must carefully watch their pet so that it does not accidentally fall and hurt itself.
  • The now popular Maine-kun cats, as opposed to the Bengal breed, become very sluggish and drowsy during pregnancy. In all other respects, the scratch behaves quite naturally. The term of gestation of kittens varies from 63 to 69 days.
  • How many British cats carry kittens? These fluffy beauties can be pregnant for 70 days. And the fewer the kittens await the birth, the longer the birth will not come. The British during the entire period of pregnancy are very affectionate and gentle, like society. But before the upcoming birth prefer to hide from prying eyes.
  • A noticeable tummy of the mother of the Scottish breed appears already in the fifth week of pregnancy, and it can easily pass with him for about 9 weeks. Throughout the life of the kittens, the expectant mother behaves quite balanced and calm, although there is an increased appetite.

And if you can’t determine the breed of a cat, what can you do then? How to understand how much time the cat will carry kittens? Use the simple principle of separation of pets by amount of hair:

  • long-haired cats go pregnant 58-68 days;
  • short-haired Murka bear children 53-72 days;
  • Bald cat breeds remain pregnant for about two and a half months.

However, we recall that much depends on external factors. So, cats who have undergone stress, try to give birth as late as possible. Also, if the home favorite bears at once from 5 kittens and pulls on the role of the heroine mother, then the birth process will begin much earlier than the specified period.

How to detect pregnancy in cats?

How to detect pregnancy in cats

If the breed determines how many days the cat will bear the kittens, it was not possible, you can try to assess the pregnancy by external signs. Of course, in the first three weeks it is practically impossible to do this, then in the later periods the following symptoms will be visible:

  • As a rule, the earliest sign that a cat will give birth in 6 weeks are rosy and swollen nipples. It is also worth noting that the breasts will be extremely painful, so you should not try to pin or somehow feel the nipples.
  • The next characteristic symptom is increased appetite. The future mother does not eat for two, and sometimes it seems that she is trying to feed all the kittens that are being carried. However, to indulge in gluttony is not worth it, because an overweight cat will be much more difficult to give birth.
  • After the fifth week of pregnancy, the cat's abdomen will increase significantly in size. It is at this time that veterinarians recommend making an ultrasound for a pet.
  • Another extremely obvious sign is the absence of heat, and the cat's body itself begins to acquire completely different features and forms.

Some cats may exhibit other distinctive signs of pregnancy, which include:

  • nausea and vomiting;
  • initial loss of appetite;
  • increased need for love and attention from the person;
  • irritability towards other animals;
  • increased anxiety and discomfort in late pregnancy;
  • sometimes urinary incontinence due to increased pressure on the bladder and intestines;
  • search for a secluded place for childbirth.

A veterinarian can determine pregnancy more accurately and determine its duration using an ultrasound scan, x-ray or a general examination of a cat. Be sure to contact the veterinary clinic, because the doctor will not only determine the term of carrying the kittens, but also select the right diet, vitamins, and also tell about the care of pregnant animals.

Sometimes the owners are very focused on the question of how long the cat will bear the kittens, and lose sight of the fact that the miracle happens throughout the entire gestational age. And the long wait will be remembered only as a vague memory that will be erased when charming fluffy lumps appear.

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