How long does the pregnancy last in cats?

Knowledge of howhow and how much is pregnancy in cats, It is very important not only as a simple curiosity, but also in order to provide your family lover with the right care.

In this matter, there is no difference pedigreed cat you have or was found on the street. During this period, it is necessary to feed her hard, to monitor the change in state of health, behavior and size of the abdomen, which will allow you to accurately determine the duration of pregnancy.

How long does pregnancy last in cats?

Signs of pregnancy in cats

During pregnancy, all cats behave differently: some are more irritable, others are very affectionate, and still others are too active. But there is a number of signs, which are common to every cat.

  1. In the first four weeks, activity decreases.
  2. Vomiting occurs. After that, the appetite and desire to sleep as much as possible.
  3. In the sixth week, the belly is noticeably rounded.
  4. In the seventh week, if you put your hand to the stomach, you can feel the movement of the kittens.
  5. The cat becomes restless. Starts to look for a quiet place for future kittens.
  6. Last week, the mammary glands noticeably increase, and the nipples protrude.
  7. Just before the birth, the animal becomes inactive and thoughtful.

How to determine pregnancy cat?

  • The average term of gestation of kittens is 2 calendar months.An error of 4 days in both directions is permissible. If kittens are born prematurely, very often they are not viable. If the pregnancy lasts 70 days, you need to contact a veterinarian for help.
  • Early pregnancy is difficult to notice, the presence of embryos can only be determined by ultrasound. But such a survey is carried out no earlier than 4 hours after fertilization.
  • To determine the gestation of a cat, observe its behavior. At 3-4 weeks of pregnancy, she sharply becomes passive, sleeps more, trying to find quiet places. She begins to drink frequently, but refuses to eat. Sometimes in the initial period, some cats begin to feel sick, which resembles toxemia in women during pregnancy. At this moment, hormonal changes occur in the animal’s body. After 3 days, the urge to nausea stops, and the state of health of the animal is normalized.
  • After 14 days, the appetite increases. During this period, you should change the mode of feeding and hold it 4 p. in a day. It is best to feed the cat during this period with ready-made food for pregnant women or for kittens., which is enriched with protein, calcium and phosphorus. In the third week of pregnancy, the cats become pink and their nipples swell. This is especially evident in those animals that are waiting for the first litter.
  • At the sixth week, pregnancy is visible on the cat's rounded belly. The sides bulge, and the stomach is rounded, especially if the kittens are more than three. Activity is reduced, and the size of the fetus reaches 30 mm.

How to determine pregnancy cat?

  • At week 7, when the palm is placed on the belly, the movement of the kittens is already felt. In the same period, the cat begins to look for a place for the nest, behaves inadequately, rushes through the rooms. She needs to put a box with soft rags. At week 9, she calms down and tries to lie more.
  • In the last week of pregnancy, the cat's anxiety increases, it does not notice the owner and becomes thoughtful. The nipples swell, whitish fluid may be released from them. The stomach gets even bigger, and it prevents her from walking. Childbirth can begin in the very next days, therefore it is necessary to watch the domestic favorite very carefully.

Term pregnancy in cats

Determine the duration of pregnancy in cats is possible only on day 21. It is during this period that characteristic changes occur. Looking closely at the behavior of the animal, you can not only understand that it is pregnant, but also for how long.

Pregnancy in cats lasts an average of 65 days, or 9 weeks. Having noticed all the signs of pregnancy in your cat, try to give it maximum attention, providing proper care and good nutrition for her and future kittens. If you do not know where to distribute the kittens, then think in advance about sterilizing your pet in order not to promote reproduction of unfortunate stray animals, because, as they say: "We are responsible for those who have been tamed."

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