How long does the pregnancy in dogs last - true and false

A dog's pregnancy period requires your friendly participation and increased attention to the health of your pet. We must try to create favorable conditions, surround the pet with care. In order to do everything correctly and, if necessary, provide timely assistance, knowledge of how long a pregnancy lasts in dogs will be useful.

How long to wait for a miracle?

The time of carrying the offspring of dogs is from 56 to 72 days

The time of carrying the offspring of dogs is from 56 to 72 days. The norm is the beginning of the birth process at 60-62 days from the beginning of pregnancy. The easiest way to predict the date of the birth of puppies, if you know exactly the day of mating. Calculate how many days the pregnancy will last in dogs with the repetition of matings is more difficult. In this case, determine the period helps careful monitoring of signs of pregnancy, examination by a veterinarian, ultrasound.

Under favorable conditions, the pregnancy of miniature mothers (lapdogs, Pekingese, griffins, etc.) takes 62 days. You can learn about the planned number of babies in the early gestation period using ultrasound. When the gestation period increases, puppies can be probed.

From the future mummies of large breeds (Giant schnauzers, dogs, Dobermans, etc.) expect a small number of offspring. Children of these dogs are quite large. It is well known how long a pregnancy lasts for dogs of such breeds - an average of 60 days. Pulling puppies is undesirable: it can create difficulties at birth. Periodic veterinary check-ups are recommended from the beginning of pregnancy to the happy birthday of puppies.

Pregnancy is a special period

Changes in the body of future mothers during pregnancy illustrate special charts. They are easy to find in the literature, on specialized sites. With the help of these visual aids, it is possible to control how long the pregnancy lasts in dogs.

It is difficult to know in the early stages whether progeny are expected. The first signals are the changed behavior of the pet. The length of the puppy gestation period depends on many circumstances. This is influenced by such features of the dog:

  • breed;
  • size and weight;
  • health status;
  • first birth or next;
  • number of puppies.

A suitable period for probing future babies in my mother's tummy begins on the 21st day of pregnancy. From 24 to 35 days puppies to the touch are compacted lumps. The process of determining is complicated if there are few offspring (1-2 puppies). It is also not easy to feel the babies of a primiparous dog, since the muscles of its tummy are strong. After 35 days of pregnancy it is difficult to determine the number of puppies by touch.

It will help to find out the expected day of childbirth and the beginning of the movement of babies in the womb. This occurs in the second half of the gestation period. Before birth, the offspring behaves calmer, almost no movement.

4-5 week is notable for rounding the tummy of a pregnant woman. However, in some dog breeds, this change appears almost imperceptibly. A sign of pregnancy in late periods is an increase in nipples, lightening of the skin around them, swelling of the mammary glands.

Sometimes mucus is released from the loop of a pregnant dog - this is a valid phenomenon. Under normal circumstances, the discharge is initially colorless and odorless, and in later periods it may acquire a light yellow or pale green shade, become abundant. However, excessive thickness and intensity of color can signal violations of the health of the dog. In such cases, you need to visit a specialist.

False pregnancy: features and duration

False pregnancy: features and duration

Special studies have determined that 87% of dogs have this condition repeated at least 2 times in their lives, and 64% is characterized by regularity of this phenomenon. False pregnancy in a dog - how long does this interesting period last? It usually begins in 1.5-3 months after estrus. The phenomenon may be a consequence of ineffectual mating or occurs due to the lack of contact with a dog.

When a dog becomes pregnant, the mammary glands swell and milk begins to flow. Changes in the mood and behavior of the cat are observed: she arranges a “nest” for babies, takes maternal care of toys. In a false pregnancy position, the dog usually lasts from 60 to 70 days. After this time, the changes should stop. If the condition does not change longer than the specified period, it is recommended to consult a veterinarian.


Sometimes a dog’s pregnancy is undesirable and requires an interruption. This measure is carried out in 2 ways:

  • sterilization. This is a surgical procedure. The operation is done if the owners do not intend to breed dogs or to attract a pet to the breeding. Specialist cuts fruit, uterus and ovaries. The operation is performed under general anesthesia. It is allowed to terminate a pregnancy in this manner at any time, however, early ones are preferable, because due to such an interruption a dog may lose a lot of blood. Carefulness and professionalism in stitching and care after surgery are vital;
  • abortion in the medication method is chosen if the mating was accidental and with an undesirable partner. This measure is directed to ensure that the pet is not pregnant. It is necessary as soon as possible after mating to introduce the dog the hormone estrogen. If you perform the action in a timely manner, the fixation of fertilized cells in the uterus will become impossible. But keep in mind: this method, like the previous one, can harm the health of the dog.

The waiting period for puppies is an exciting, exciting time. A dog in an interesting position requires attention and care. There are proven signs that determine the duration of pregnancy, the happy birthday of the offspring is predicted. Changes in the body, the behavior of the pet correspond to the different stages of puppies gestation. Feeling the fruits, watching for stirring and other features helps to determine if the pregnancy is proceeding normally. In case of noticeable deviations, you should seek help from a specialist.

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