How beautiful to crochet the edge of the product

The skill of crocheting a few decades ago for a woman was considered as necessary as the ability to read or write. And this is not accidental, because knowledge of the interlacing rules of the eyelets allows not only to create beautiful products, but also to add special charm and elegance to ready-made outfits or decorations. Therefore, even nowadays, information on how to crochet the edge of a product will help bring originality to many things.

The nuances of the knitting process

How to crochet the edge of the product?

One of the last stages of creating products from yarn is tying the edge. It would seem that this is such an insignificant moment compared to knitting a whole web! However, a sloppy edge can ruin the whole impression even from the most beautiful pattern. In addition, if we neglect the binding of the finished product, it can simply dissolve during operation. Also several crocheted rows can:

  • help avoid twisting the edges of knitwear;
  • to refresh your tired outfits;
  • hide flaws, such as an ugly stitch or blemishes;
  • make the edge tough so that the product keeps its shape.

All these problems are easily solved with the help of the right yarn and hook - a real magic wand.

How to tie a crochet edge: tips for beginners

One of the easiest strapping patterns is "Rachy step". To perform it, you need to enter the head of the hook in the first right loop, but for the knitting direction - from the left side to the right. The hook is inserted into all edge loops. In them the single column is knitted, in the corner - triple. Especially beautiful this pattern looks on the threads of a contrasting shade. This type of strapping is convenient for functional things (mittens, for example), which are actively exploited.

How to tie the edge of the crochet product: pitch

Knitting arches of air loops

For products that are tied for decorative purposes, an arch of air loops is suitable.


  1. In the hem loop do 1 column without nakida.
  2. On request, we knit from 4 to 12 air loops.
  3. Enter the hook into the base through 3-4 loops from the first.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3.

Such a picture must be made free, otherwise the product will twist and contract.

Another type of decorative trim - pattern "Pico".

How to tie a crochet edge: picot


  1. We carry out the hook in the loop of the base, make 2 columns without crochet.
  2. Throw 5-7 loops (air).
  3. Set the hook in the first loop and close it together with the worker.

To give a pattern of originality, you can weave beads or buttons into it. You can also vary the frequency of openwork chains.

More difficult option - strapping "Shell", giving the edge a rounded shape. In order to knit it, you need to knit several wrap-up columns in one loop of the base. It is important to consider one thing: before and after each shell you need to skip as many loops as there are in each column. Then the pattern will be smooth.

How to tie a crochet edge: shell

Lovers of intricate designs will love it. pattern "Lush columns". Only for him need thicker threads.

How to tie the edge of the crochet product: lush columns


  1. Enter the hook into the loop of the base and knit from 6 to 10 loops with one crochet.
  2. We return to the loop of the base and stretch the loop, equal in length to the post.
  3. This is followed by a nakid and a long loop.
  4. Having made 1 more nakid, we deduce all 1 long loops.

All the above schemes can be made multi-tiered by repeating the same patterns or combining them.

We tie things beautifully: the recommendations of masters

In order to be aesthetic and functional, you must take into account some recommendations:

  • Before starting to process the edge, a small sample should be tied to estimate the suitable size of the rim and correctly calculate the pattern around the perimeter of the product;
  • for tying the edges of the thread used a little thinner than in the product - then the edge will not look weighted;
  • beads, sequins or buttons on the leg are used to add to things of elegance;
  • if knitwear is tied up, the fabric is rolled up once, and only then the hook is inserted, the row without knit is knitted and the pattern itself begins - so the loops of the item will not “run”.

To select the appropriate method, telling how to crochet the edge of the product, you do not need to pay attention to the experience with the yarn. The fact is that all the strapping patterns are quite capable even for beginners. The main thing - to approach the matter without haste and carefully consider the loop.

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