How beautiful and quietly sew a hole on the jeans between

There is hardly a person who underestimates the convenience of jeans. And how sad it is when a beloved couple goes to worn out or spoiled things because of a hole! But in fact, there is another way out of this situation - to attend to the search for useful tips on how to sew up a hole in jeans. You will find several recommendations in this article.

How to sew a hole in jeans between your legs?

Jeans - very durable material, but still because of everyday wear wears and it

Jeans - a very durable material, but still because of the daily wear and wear it. And since such pants have a special cut, they are most often rubbed between the legs. This is a very uncomfortable place in terms of patching and stitching, as any extra stitch can cause discomfort while walking or sitting. Therefore, it is necessary to sew up the holes between the legs very carefully, applying a patch or making an insert. The first option is the easiest.


a piece of denim (preferably the same shade as repaired pants);

thread for denim;

needle of medium thickness.


piece of denim

  1. From the seamy side of jeans we apply the patch face out. A piece of cloth should slightly go beyond the hole.
  2. Pinning the patch with pins.
  3. Carefully stitch around the perimeter of the piece of fabric.
  4. We cut off the excess.
  5. From the outside, the threads tousled in the hole in some places are stuck to the patch. Repair is over.

If the hole is too large, then it is better to use the insert technology.


a denim piece of the same shade as the pants;

thread for sewing and kicks denim;

needle of medium thickness.


denim sewing and sewing threads

  1. Carefully disassemble the seams between the legs.
  2. Cut out the remnants of the thread and slightly cut off the edges of the hole.
  3. We make cutting inserts in the shape of a hole, not forgetting the seam allowances.
  4. Sew the insert into the pants.
  5. We make a decorative seam.

For sewing and trimming insert it is better to use a sewing machine - then it will turn out to "reanimate" your favorite trousers much faster.

And if the hole on the knee?

Scuffing or holes in jeans in the knee area are formed quite often.

Scuffing or holes in jeans in the knee area are formed quite often. And repair of these sites requires special skills to work on a sewing machine. Especially when it comes to men's jeans, because female models can be safely decorated with appliqués or other types of finishes.

So, to hide a hole on the knee, you need to do its ticking - a special kind of darning, in which stitches are made in both directions - back and forth. If we are talking about how to sew a hole on jeans unnoticed, then toning with a thread to match the tone is perfect.


a piece of cloth for the patch;

a small piece of nonwoven (slightly more than a patch);

thread for denim.


small piece of nonwoven

  1. Cut a patch from the fabric, apply it on the hole or scuff from the wrong side.
  2. We impose a piece of nonwoven on top, iron it with an iron.
  3. We set the average stitch length and start making a line that clogs the hole, first we guide the line forward.
  4. We switch to reverse, shift the fabric to the width of one thread and make a line.
  5. After completing the work, the excess non-woven fabric and fabric patches are carefully cut off.

Tips experienced masters

The best way to stitch a hole is to make an original design thing.

The best way to sew a hole is to make an original design thing. To do this, you can use:

  • applications (if the holes on the knees or, for example, on the pope);
  • additional pockets;
  • patches with a finishing seam (after sewing the patch on the outside, a double or triple finishing line is applied);
  • lining with a fringe (patch is applied on the inside, it is sewn along the edges of the damaged section of jeans, and the hole is disassembled on the outside along separate transverse or longitudinal threads);
  • Contrasting thread.

We sew by hand

If the hole in jeans turned out in the form of a straight or angular cut

If the hole in jeans turned out to be in the form of a straight or angular cut, then such flaws can be easily eliminated without the help of a sewing machine. To do this, select the thread, suitable for shade to the fabric of jeans, and superimposed small dense stitches. Make sure that the stitch size is the same, and the thread tension is uniform, otherwise after repair the hole will attract even more attention. If we are talking about women's or children's models, then you can apply an application or an external patch from a fabric of another texture and make the repair part of the author's design.

What to do with a hole in the pope?

Often jeans are torn or rubbed on the pope

Often jeans are torn or rubbed on the pope. Such "holes" are considered the most convenient in terms of repair. Because both patches, and docking are suitable for it. But there is another way to quickly and firmly sew up a hole-cut in such an intimate place - using glue flizelin.


a piece of non-woven (slightly larger than the size of the hole);

durable thread, similar in color to jeans. Instruction:

  1. From the outside, we grab the cut edges with threads, without doing any hauling.
  2. Iron glue interlining on the inside of jeans.
  3. Well iron the repair site from the front.

If the hole is large, with torn threads, then it is better to apply a patch. Only the fabric for the patch needs to be chosen as tight as possible - then the probability that such a nuisance in the same place will repeat is reduced.

Of all types of fabric, denim is the easiest to repair. There are several ways to sew up a hole on jeans so that, on the one hand, to hide the flaw, and on the other, to make the model of trousers more original. It is only necessary to show patience and fantasy. And of course, you can not do without a minimum mastery of the skills of sewing by hand and on a typewriter.

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