How and when to plant tomatoes

Tomato - this culture is not the last place on our beds, table and in the stomachs. In Russia, it is considered one of the most popular. And for good reason! And all thanks to valuable nutritional and dietary properties. In addition, its types of consumption are different. You can eat the fruit fresh, pickle, preserve, provide long-term storage, or soak.

How and when to plant tomatoes?

Tomato has a rich variety of varieties. With proper care, it is tomato seedlings that are characterized by high responsiveness. To grow this plant is not necessarily in the open field. You can wait on the balcony of the fruit.

To grow tomatoes at home, use tubs with light soil mixtures. They are made from turf land and humus. As well as add in equal quantities of sand and rotted sawdust. Seedlings in pots require more frequent watering than the one that grows in the ground. Feed once a week during the period of fruit ripening with a solution of complex mineral fertilizers, which will be present in equal parts: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

At home, things are better with protection from low temperatures and wind. However, the place is small at home. Therefore, gardeners are not rare - lovers build greenhouses and hotbeds on their plots.

Ways to get tomato seedlings

  1. purchase of seedlings in the nursery;
  2. sowing seeds in open ground;
  3. sowing seeds in special pots for seedlings in a warm room;How and when to plant tomatoes?
  4. sowing seeds in special pots for seedlings in the garden;
  5. growing seedlings indoors under a fluorescent lamp.

When and how to plant tomatoes?

  • Seeds and seedlings of tomatoes sown in late March - early April. Seedlings have a good growth. Somewhere in the middle of May, it is already possible to plant seedlings under film, and in open ground - in June.
  • However, everything will depend on the climatic features of a particular area. Rassad is planted when the flowers are dispersed in the first hand.
  • Before planting, water the plants abundantly. If you did not grow seedlings, and decided to buy ready-made, then choose such plants that are about 20 centimeters high and with dark green leaves.
  • It is better to acquire the tomatoes grown in special peat pots. Tomatoes, which are so habitually ironed on us from the stores, as well as cucumbers, are very fond of heat and fertilizer. So, land on the south side of the site, preferably also protected from the wind. You can fertilize the soil with peat or compost.

Tomato beds

Tomato beds

The beds on your site need to first prepare for planting seedlings. Dig holes up to 30 centimeters deep. Then fill these pits with fertilizer. It is very convenient to use rotted manure. Pit filled them to half.So the beds are ready for planting !!!

Pots with seedlings are placed in the prepared pits and covered with earth so that the first leaf is above the ground.

You can cover the ground with a dark mulch cloth before planting. Then for planting seedlings are made in the fabric of the slot in the form of a cross.

Tomato garter

As the tomato grows, its stem should be tied to a peg 1 - 1.5 meters high. To do this, before planting in the ground, on the north side of the plants, expose the stakes. The distance to the plant is 10-15 centimeters. Stalk tie to the stake with a rope. Usually made a node in the form of eight. Depending on how the plant grows, repeat the garter on the top of the stem. Do not forget to check that the threads do not damage the stem of the plant.

During the growth of tomato, it is necessary to control the presence of processes between the main stem and the grown branch. They are called stepchildren. They sprout from the place of contact with the stem. The butchers must be removed when their height reaches two to three centimeters.

Watch the plants all season. Yellow leaves under the brush should also be removed, but do not overdo it and do not expose the plant too much.

Tomato loves moisture and consumes a lot of it. Therefore, on hot days, watering should be daily. However, how often you need to water the seedlings, tell the ground. If it is over-dried gray, you didn’t see and water in time. If you do not provide the tomato with enough moisture, then the flowers will rot, and the fruits that they managed to grow will begin to crack.

In the course of watering, you can kill two birds with one stone, feeding the plants with water enriched with useful substances. Such water is suitable for the tomato "and drank and ate." The stores sell special fertilizers for tomatoes.

Tomato garter

When the fruits are formed at you for the fourth time, forming the fourth brush, it is necessary to pinch the stems. This procedure is done at the level of the second pair of leaves above the fourth brush. As a result of such a small trick - the fruit quickly poured and sown.

If you use seedlings, harvesting should be taken care of far ahead of time, namely in the seedling period. Unless of course, you do not intend to purchase seedlings from a gardener - amateur in the markets of the city or in stores. The process of transplanting seedlings into open ground is not a necessity, but a forced measure. They resort to it so that the plants develop faster, and the fruits are more likely to ripen.

When transplanting, be extremely careful and carefully treat the stem and, especially, the root system. After all, it is already sufficiently developed, and damage to it will lead to a deterioration in growth and slowdown in the overall development of the plant. Like cucumbers, a tomato in the garden requires a lot of space and light. Do not look at the small growth of seedlings, remember that in two weeks it will grow well. And if the tomato becomes uncomfortable, it will affect the fruits. They will be small, and their number will leave much to be desired.

Remember that the seedlings are good, which is more widespread, and not in height !!!

How to sow tomato seeds?

Tomato seedsSew four to four in a box. Provide soil for them with humus.

Will you put the boxes on the window? Very well. Only the window choose the southernmost. There should be a lot of light. It is very important for growth and development. If there is no “southern” window in the house, then it doesn't matter. You will be helped by fluorescent lamps.

After twenty days, take care of transplanting your sprouted seedlings into more spacious boxes. One plant should have a place of 12 by 12 centimeters. However, this territory is not enough for your tomatoes for a long time, another twenty days.

And now, when the titanic work with a length of 40 -45 days is done, you can plant seedlings in the ground. In this case, the plant is taken from the soil in which it grew so that the roots are not damaged.

Tomato care

Plant care consists of weeding, watering, regular feeding and garter. And, of course, in the fight against pests and diseases. The soil should always be wet !!! The plant remains dry. Accordingly, it is necessary to water it at the root very carefully. Do not pour water over the leaves.

Watering is rarely carried out, but aptly, that is, thoroughly. Feed the tomato should be solutions of complex mineral fertilizers. Do not forget that most of all plants need nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. Feed with these nutrients start one week after transplanting into open ground and continue at an interval of two to three weeks before the end of the fruiting period.

Weeding is obligatory. It will save you and your crops from weeds and contribute to the enrichment of the soil with oxygen. What is no less important than regular watering.

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