Today, indoor plants are an important component of the interior, they can revive and diversify the space, make the house cozy. Most plants need light for proper growth and development, but there are those that perfectly exist in the shade, which means they can decorate not only the window sill, but also the shaded corners of your room.

Indoor plants that do not require light

Light houseplants

  • Clivia Yes, most shade plants do not bloom, but delight people with lush greenery, but not Clivia, here you have lush greenery and beautiful flowers. However, for normal growth and development, the plant requires fertile soil and abundant watering, especially in summer.

Indoor plants that do not require light

  • Azalea - can also bloom in the shade, but also requires abundant watering.
  • Peperomia is a flowering evergreen plant in the tropics.
  • Dracaena. Thanks to shade tolerance and unpretentiousness dracaena has gained its popularity among fans of indoor plants.
  • Aspidistra, otherwise called "friendly family" - what you need for the dark places of your home. Sometimes this plant even blooms. Make sure that there is no dust on the leaves, just occasionally wash off the dust under a weak shower.

Indoor plants that do not require light

  • White-capped Maranta can grow and fully develop in general with artificial lighting. On the leaves of the plant dust often accumulates, so the leaves should be wiped before watering.
  • Cytromium crescent. This plant can tolerate cold and drought, so it is perfect for those who do not like to burden themselves with caring for indoor plants. Citromium is very similar to a fern, so it fits perfectly into the interior. But this plant needs rain irrigation once a month. Take the pot to the bath and spill it under a weak shower.
  • Sansevierirehpolosnaya. Otherwise, this plant is called "Pike tail", also does not need abundant watering. When watering make sure that the water does not remain on the foliage, it can provoke leaf rot.
  • Grow in the shade, some ivy varieties may. But the variegated ivy varieties still need light.

Indoor plants that do not require light

  • Nephrolepis grows not only in dark, but also cold rooms.

How to care for indoor plants that do not require light?

Care depends on the type of houseplant, the approach to each plant is individual. There are drought-loving shade-tolerant houseplants, but most houseplants that do not require light require high humidity. This is due to the fact that their homeland is the tropics and subtropics. These plants will decorate dark corners and corridors. Drink plenty of water to these plants, do not allow the formation of a layer of dust on the leaves, monitor the soil fertility and temperature.

Shade plants in the interior

Suppose you have chosen the right plant that does not require light, but how to decorate the interior of your house with it. We offer you the original design solutions.

Indoor plants that do not require light

  • Do not make a botanical garden from your home; a few plants can make the right accents.
  • For any indoor plants, it is important to choose beautiful pots. After all, the overall composition depends on the type of pot. Do not keep plants in plastic pots, this can only worsen the appearance of the room. Original solutions will be the subject of admiration for your guests.

  • The larger the shade-loving plant, the better it looks in the interior of a spacious room.
  • Indoor plants that do not require light look great in the bathroom, this is where the ideal conditions are created for them.

Decorate your house with indoor plants, they will not only please the eye, but also purify the air!

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