House for barbie do it yourself

The task of any parent is to provide the child with the right leisure. Boys, as you know, love to tinker with tanks, toy soldiers and cars, and girls, of course, with dolls. But just playing with dolls is not so interesting, much more exciting if they have their own house where you can do various things.

Pamper your daughter by making her house for Barbie do it yourself. If your child is already at a more or less conscious age, then you can ask her what wishes there are for the future house. You’ll have to make a little house for a very small baby, guided by your own tastes and desires. To make a house from which the girl will be delighted, take a moment to childhood, remember your thoughts and fantasies, perhaps this is how you will quickly get an idea for the house.

House for Barbie do it yourself

For a Barbie house with your own hands, you will need cardboard, paper, knitting yarn, scissors, tape, cubes, boxes, various stickers, designer, clippings and journal cards.

Barbie Dollhouse: instructions

  1. Consider yourself very lucky if you find a grandmother's bookcase or a modern shelving unit in your house, as this is almost a ready basis for a high-rise dollhouse. A garage for a doll's car can be equipped on the first floor, on the second floor you can make the entrance hall, kitchen and living room, and on the third floor you can arrange a bedroom and a bathroom.
  2. Room dividers are best made of plywood or cardboard. Neatly cut the windows or draw, make curtains from the remnants of the fabric. Apply bright colors to the walls: as Barbie loves everything pink, you can choose pink. By the way, it is very beautiful if the wallpaper in the toy house is covered with wallpaper of the same color as the room in the child. You can also hang on the wall pictures that the girl painted.
  3. The design of the Barbie dollhouse is ready, but still very much lacking. There is not enough comfort, which is created by furniture and various accessories. Of course, house furniture You can buy in the store, but it's much more interesting to do it yourself. To do this, just look carefully at your apartment, for sure there will be unnecessary things that can be useful in the construction of the house. These can be toy blocks, boxes of various sizes. Christmas lights are ideal for lighting in the house. Various accessories make a very nice house.: decorate the table with a bunch of dried flowers, knit or cut out curtains, rugs, tablecloths, bed linen from non-falling out fabric. Coming up with something for a dollhouse can be infinitely long and this is a very exciting activity.
  4. Dad girls can be charged to make an elevator for the house. To do this, you should make a cabin out of the box, which can be a regular milk or juice box. Cut two walls near the box. From the spool of thread or the wheel from the old machine make a block. Take the screw and, putting the coil on it, screw it into the upper shelf. Tie one rope at the top of the box, throwing it over the coil and tying it, and tie another rope at the bottom of the box. One has only to pull the rope, the elevator will go down and up. There will be no limit to the surprise of your daughter! Now her Barbie can easily move from one floor to another!

House for Barbie do it yourself

How to make a house for Barbie: important points

  • If you have not found in your house anything suitable for a ready-made house, then you will have to work a little over its creation. Select the size, starting from the height of the Barbie doll - 30 cm + 10 cm of space above your head, that is 40 cm. Determine how many floors will be in your house. If you want to make a large and spacious house, it is better to stay on 3 floors and attic under the roof. It is also necessary to determine what material will be made base - plywood, furniture sheet, solid pine. At the same time keep in mind that the material must contain a minimum amount of glue, phenol or varnish.
  • Moms of beautiful girls may wonder: "How to make a Barbie house universal"? After all, their daughter does not necessarily play with Barbie alone, she may have other dolls and toys that will look ridiculous in a pink glamorous room. So you can make a house with various themes. For example, you can not build a house, but a real fairy kingdom. It will have its own rules, laws and its inhabitants. To do this, you can try to create a kind of forest, mountain lake, an abandoned hut, or even make a house in the style of a royal castle, where the princess will live.
  • The drawing of the dollhouse should be calculated exactly as if you were making any stool or chair, perhaps a smaller and more detailed one. When calculating do not forget to make tolerances on the thickness of the plywood.
  • Accurately check and re-check all dimensions several times, after which you can start to cut out. Sawing is done with a jigsaw, but in any case, you still have to grind, and somewhere even putty. Here also do not forget about the tolerances on the width of the cut and the width of the blade, leaving a few millimeters. Of course, this stage of work is quite difficult to do without certain knowledge and experience, so you can turn to a person who understands this issue.

House for Barbie do it yourself

  • You can make a house for Barbie unopened, but closed. To do this, cut the front wall, which can be decorated with leaves and flowers from ribbons. If the size of the house is small it is not necessary to make a ladder in it, since it occupies most of the room. As wallpaper, you can use colored paper, for the plinth, you can take rubber insulation. Do not forget, and the pro-TV for Barbie, for it is possible to take the usual cover from under the powder, put books on the table, made of pieces of cardboard and pasted over with newspaper clippings.

Any girl will undoubtedly be delighted with such a house and will be happy to arrange leisure for herself and for Barbie. And besides, your daughter will be very proud of the house, if it is made by the hands of her mom.

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