Honeysuckle tatar

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Thinking about a hedge and picking up shrubs? Pay attention to the Tatar honeysuckle. It is noteworthy that it blooms very early, as the plant is northern. It blooms not for long - up to 20 days, but in the fall the green-gray bush can be covered with bright berries, which, unfortunately, are not edible.

Honeysuckle Tatar or "wolfberry" - features of the plant

Honeysuckle Tatar or

In the folk honeysuckle is called "wolf berry" because of the bright inedible berries. And in the homeland its name is "goat leaf", because of the special love of these animals for the leaves of the shrub.

The homeland of honeysuckle is the valley of the Volga River and the western part of Kazakhstan. Therefore, the plant is quite winter-hardy and undemanding to care and soil. This plant can tolerate drought, shade, polluted air and at the same time live from 60 to 100 years.

The main characteristics of the Tatar honeysuckle:

  • upright shrub 2-4 m
  • preferred soil - not acidic, moderately moist
  • preferred place - sunny, but tolerates partial shade and shade
  • blooms in May - June for the 3rd year of growth
  • propagated by cuttings (preferably) and seeds
  • colors from white to pink and crimson
  • fruits are paired, inedible red amber shades
  • the plant often suffers from pests and infections (aphid, mite, scareum, etc.)

Loosening the soil is not deeper than 7 cm, because the honeysuckle has a superficial root system. Also for the winter they make pristvolny mulching.

Pruning is carried out in early spring before bud break. Cut out the old and weak branches.

It is important to work on pest and disease control, since the only weak point of honeysuckle is instability against pathogens. It may happen that the bush will die. For the care they use both folk remedies and chemical preparations for garden crops.

There are many varieties of honeysuckle, among which stands for honeysuckle honeysuckle. There is a controversial question, edible or not. So, honeysuckle capricole is a specially bred variety with edible fruits. But there is also a honeysuckle honeysuckle - a winding vine. Its fruits are inedible.

If you give this amazing bush a little attention, Tatar honeysuckle will give you a unique aroma and generous flowering, as in the photo.