Home is a source of strength and inspiration

Did you know that the house is also alive?

Did you know that even furniture can nourish and empower?

Did you know that any quarrel settles on the walls of the house?

Do you want from the simple presence in your apartment you have the strength, and the relationship strengthened?

Tale or reality?

Have you ever noticed that you go into a house, and it's so cozy there? I want to be there more often. Even if the situation in the house is the easiest?

And there are apartments are very decorated, but without energy? It seems that they seem cold and uncomfortable.

Each space has its own soul. There is energy that it carries.A house, apartment, office or any other place can either give us strength, or select, suck.

According to Vedic knowledge a woman eats power in her apartment. Then the information on how to make a home a space of love, joy, prosperity, a space where you want to return all the time (to husband, children and herself) becomes especially important and relevant for a woman.

Making the house a little paradise is the task of the Woman!

And it's not about furniture or expensive tiles and wallpaper. Paradise is a place where it is easy to breathe, where it is comfortable for the body, where every corner encourages you and relaxes you. Or vice versa - inspires action.

They say that the woman is the Soul of the apartment.One can judge about what a woman is filled with by the way everyone else breathes in her apartment.

Therefore, the most important, of course, in the energy sector is the very nature of the family and especially the woman, the relationship between husband and wife, and relations with children.

It so happens that the owners themselves are just very comfortable, but guests want to quickly leave. This may indicate that they are alienated from the world and live only for themselves.

There may be many such observations.

We offer to answer the question: What is my house (apartment)? What can he say about me? Is it cozy in it? Do you want to come back again and again? Hurry in the evenings after work in a cozy family nest? What does my husband feel? What do children feel? Relatives? Neighbors?

What is the soul of my space? Does my house fill me? Gives strength? Inspiring? Or is it a source of troubles and problems? Sucks the last strength?

There are simple and simple knowledge and rules that will help you avoid losing strength and vice versa - will help fill the house with a happy energy!

EVERY thing in the house should like you!

Each! When looking at this picture, you rejoice and thank, or think, how I do not like it? When you look at the statuette, you think that it is a symbol of good luck or you constantly scroll: “Why did I give it at all?” Even if it’s someone’s gift, but if you don’t like it, take it and give it to someone else. Or give to those who really need it.

Or vice versa, if there is something that really pleases you - let (hang) it into your home. This is your strength. This is your life and the apartment is part of it. There can not be little things. There is no place for feeling guilty before those who gave it, etc. It happens that our life values ​​just change and what was previously expensive and relevant is not so important now. Hang, decorate, make so that in every corner of the house feel comfortable.

It is often heard that the apartment is rented and do not want to invest in it. But it is a matter of dignity. Even if you will live here for only a few months, but still you live here and therefore it will be clean and comfortable here. If you live in a rented apartment for several years, then all the more. You can buy something inexpensive. Plain cover on the sofa, but clean, new and beautiful. It pays off a good mood, which means success in business and in relationships.

Need to understand - the thing EITHER nourishes you, OR takes away your strength. Yes, there is neutral. But can pick up something that really pleases, and not be content with what is? Take a look at your apartment. What exactly creates comfort in your apartment, and what causes irritation and negative emotions?

We know that the female mind is 6 times stronger than the male. A man may not notice that the curtain is torn. A woman will always think about it and suffer. Therefore, a woman is important. Sew! Glue on top the flower appliqué. But make this blind become your source of inspiration!

Every corner of the house should be clean!

If you have some kind of "lame" sphere in your life, for example, problems at work or quarreled with a friend, trouble with your husband, children or lack of finances. Find a corner in the apartment that you have not touched for several years. This can be a mezzanine, or a shelf in the bathroom, a balcony, or just the area behind the closet. This is where you have the so-called energy hole. A place that is not ventilated, does not wash, becomes a source of trouble. If you have such stagnant corners in your apartment, then most likely somewhere in your life you can also expect stagnation. Do not allow this!

Natalia Pravdina even has such an exercise. If the husband has some kind of stagnation in business. There are deals, but all the time something is missing. Either the deal fails at the last moment, or it is not so profitable. THAT PURE WOMAN'S WAY to help - find the most cluttered corner in the apartment and wash everything there! For example, the vent hole (extractor) in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Take it straight and clean it well.

If you have bad relations with your neighbors and people in general, wash the floors in the stairwell.

If you have a bad relationship, for example, with a friend, start washing the floors and say, “As I clean the dust, I also wash the misunderstanding between us. As the floors become clean, so let our relations shine.”

Agree, with such a motivation, you want to flush every corner, so that the relationship with a friend and every situation does not remain “cluttered up” and “withered”.

With the house you need to communicate consciously

It is necessary to understand that space is alive. And this means respecting him (the house), doing things consciously, dedicating them to God.

To wash and clean everything - because in this way we purify our consciousness, remove bad karma.Cook and iron in order to convey certain qualities. Clothes provide protection. Food - love.

That's where main female power! That's where the WOMAN! Her power and skills. It is here, in the most invisible deeds. No one will ever know that you were stroking and at the same time sentencing a mantra.

But when the husband gets a promotion at work in this shirt, you will just smile and admire how good he is!

When a child in this clothes does not get bruises when falling on a football field, you will again just smile and take pride on them.

But if you will prove your intelligence and professionalism at work, it’s not a fact that it will help your loved ones.

Everything in the house should be used

Life is motion. For space to be alive, everything in it must always be in use.. That is, the house should be only what you use. All than you have not used for more than a year, it immediately becomes what sucks your strength and creativity.

If there are shelves with books, then at least once every six months remove them, wipe them and at least switch places. With this you will revive the energy. Or change the lighting. There are many options))))) There is a woman who can develop creativity and ingenuity))

By the way about books - all that is described in them - contains vibrations. If there are a lot of newspapers in the house with information about the fact that the utilities industry is deceiving, people get into accidents, epidemics and torrential rages, think whether you need vibrations with such news? ..

Cleaning the apartment and the elements

Naturally, when cleaning the apartment we use the elements.

  • Water is a female and very soft element. Wet cleaning is always favorable.
  • Fire (walk around the perimeter of the apartment with a candle) is useful when we need to clear the karmic elements in the apartment. It is known that after every quarrel - bad energy settles on the walls and wallpaper. And you can't take it away with plain water. It is very good if there were quarrels in the house, to light candles more often and, if possible, to walk with a candle and light the corners, because this is where the most stagnant phenomena are.
  • Air is constant airing.
  • Sound is listening to mantras, or even easier - children's laughter and kind words of support and love between spouses.
  • The earth, as a matter of fact, is not needed as a separate element, because the house stands on Earth and is already fed from there. But apartments that stand above the 5th floor are already deprived of such water. And you can ask Mother Earth to raise energy to your floor. Or have more pots of flowers (as they are known to be connected with the Earth).

In this way, the best thing a woman can do is remember where her real strength is!

Not at meetings, but at home. Creating coziness, she creates not coziness, but fills life with meaning, clears karma and vice versa - with her own cleaning, with her attitude to home, she can significantly improve not only her destiny, but also the destiny of family members and family.

Finally, to avoid claims to her husband with a mandative tone "buy me that, and that, and that for an apartment, because this is so important to me!"and the more tears "why doesn't he understand me, I try for him", we want to remind that “I want everything at once and without fail now” - this is a state of passion. Moreover, a man always needs time to make a decision. And he is not against repair, but it needs to be inspired gradually.

A woman is the one that can make comfort out of nothing.. Start with what you can really do.

Buying curtains and closing dirty windows with them is not a "solution" to the problem. And in order to improve relations or return luck, it is enough to remain pure in thoughts and just do at least something. Start with what is. Cleansing karma is not expensive dishes, but clean and washed with love in the heart ...

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