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High-waisted bell skirt

The skirt is an important element in the women's wardrobe: no one stood up against this weapon of seduction. It is equally capable of giving both charm and youth, as well as severity and mystery. Entered into the world fashion style "bell" again at the peak of popularity. What to wear with a bell skirt? Is this just a detail of a romantic image, or can it be incorporated into any style? Is it difficult to sew such a thing yourself, and what tricks is important to consider?

Skirt-bell: photos and recommendations for the preparation of the ensemble

Strictly speaking, the appearance of the bell skirt dates back to the 17th century, but thanks to Christian Dior with his new bow style, she occupied the minds of European fashionistas. Deliberately emphasized narrowed high waist, widened hips - all these ideals of the time perfectly embodied the bell skirt, which turned out to be truly universal: it goes for everyone. But, of course, not without some nuances: the wrong fit and length are able to expose even the most attractive figure in a bad light.

Bell skirt

  • A short bell skirt (above the knee on the palm of your hand or more) is a choice of miniature girls, as well as a great option for youth fashion. She is the best demonstrates slender legs, and also focuses on the hips. To wear such a bell skirt is as good as with simple wrestling T-shirts, if it is made of plain fabric and is devoid of decorative elements, and with sleeveless blouses. Especially interesting leather short skirts, bells.

Bell skirt

The easiest way is to pick up the remaining details of the ensemble for girls with an X-shaped figure; otherwise, the remaining parts should be corrected for this form. Due to the fact that the bell skirt always adds volume to the lower zone, it is complemented by tight-fitting turtlenecks or tops, especially in the presence of a fluffy top. Thin girls can wear blouses with ruffles or ruffles to balance the hips and chest. And with a figure without a distinct waist, an additional emphasis should be made at the expense of the belt over the skirt belt.

Bell skirt

  • A mid-length or high-waisted bell skirt is good for girls of any height and is best played up by classics suggested by the stars of old Hollywood and Monsieur Dior himself: low-heeled “boats” with a simple white blouse tucked into a skirt, long gloves and a cropped one jacket

Pattern and Highlights Tailoring

The main nuance in the modeling and tailoring of the bell skirt is the choice of fabric: it must be a dense material that will keep its shape and will not create drapes that are not typical of this style. Flax and wool of various thicknesses, as well as cotton that is not too soft, are recognized as the best options. From flowing tissues should immediately be abandoned.

Skirt-bell: pattern

The pattern of the bell skirt is usually built from the pattern of the sun skirt, in which a little more than half is eliminated. The specific value depends on whether the bell is planned - large, medium or small. In addition, the waist circumference increases, which determines the degree of volume in the hips.

  • For a large bell, the coefficient is 0.8, for a small bell - 1, for an average - 0.9. This value should be multiplied by half the waist circumference to calculate the radius from the center to the edge of the belt.

If desired, the bell skirt can be sewn from several wedges, whose width is calculated by dividing the waist circumference by the selected number (usually from 4 to 7). However, the one-piece bell skirt is no less attractive, the only seam of which is located at the back and at the same time serves as the location for the zipper.

So that the bell skirt does not turn into a simple sun skirt, do not forget to increase the waist girth or simply underestimate this line, based on the initial parameter: the greater the upper circumference, the more luxurious the skirt will be during assembly, thereby creating a rounded bell.

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