Hat helmet for girls knitting

In the cold season it is important that the child does not peremerzal, especially the head and ears. Therefore, models of hats, combining the functions of hats and scarves, have gained incredible popularity. If you know how to knit, then a hat-hat with knitting needles, the scheme of which is quite simple in execution, will be able to solve the problem of keeping the heat in the best possible way.

The main advantage of a hat-helmet is the combination of a headdress and a scarf in one product. Many mummies are familiar with the situation when even the warmest hat shifts and opens such small and vulnerable ears of a baby. But the auricle and the hollow located behind it are the most vulnerable places, which hypothermia is fraught with otitis or meningitis. The cap hat perfectly keeps heat, and also:

  • tightly fixed on the child's head;
  • warms the neck, chest and back;
  • very comfortable to wear, does not cause a negative reaction in the baby, as it does not require tightening and tying under the throat.

Features of creating models of helmets

Scheme knitting hat helmets for girls

In order for a hat in the form of a helmet to be not only practical, but also beautiful, you need to choose the right one:

  • the style (the shirt front can be made a little longer or a little shorter, the cap can be of different shapes - from fitting models to loose ear-flaps);
  • yarn (for caps with a lining, you can take both natural wool and mohair - they will not prick the child’s body and will not cause allergies to natural threads. But for unlined styles, it is better to take acrylic or cotton).

As for the process of knitting the cap, there is nothing complicated about it. Even newcomers will be able to brag in a couple of evenings how well they have made a children's hat-helmet with knitting needles. The scheme for the girl usually requires careful calculation of the loops, the ability to work with circular knitting needles and a creative approach to decorating the finished product.

Knitted hat helmet for a girl with knitting needles: schemes

The convenience of children's helmets was also appreciated by some adults. And the last show of children's winter clothes ready-to-wear showed how original you can beat the style of the helmet. Looks very funny model stocking.

Knitted hat helmet for a girl with knitting needles


  • Knitting needles number 3;
  • 150 g of acrylic yarn;
  • circular needles number 3;
  • crochet hook number 3;
  • scissors.


  1. On straight needles make a set of 8 loops.
  2. We knit 128 rows with a garter pattern (we knit all the rows with facial eyelets) and make an edge.
  3. Crochet knit one row of beznakidnyh columns.
  4. We turn to the spokes and knit 44 rows according to the scheme: hem, 4 faces, 3 "pigtails" - 6 loops are removed from the spokes and swapped triples, crossing them, 10 faces. Finish edge.
  5. We divide knitting into 3 parts, we knit each part according to the pattern.
  6. With 51 rows, we begin in 2 rows to decrease 2 loops in the central part, knitting them together.
  7. When there are 18 loops, close the edge.
  8. Tie the sidewall to the desired level and hook the elements from the seamy side.
  9. Now we collect on the edge of the loop on the circular needles for the shirt-front.
  10. In each second row we make 2 loops of addition and we knit a hosiery knit (all loops are facial).
  11. Try on the product on the girl to determine the length of the collar. Close the loop.
  12. We decorate a hat-helmet. To do this, you can take beads and sew them in random order or make an original fabric patch.

For a very small princess, you can tie a helmet with puffs.

Helmet with puffs


  • Knitting needles number 3;
  • 100 g of acrylic yarn;
  • circular needles number 3;
  • hook number 3.


  1. Knit English gum on the oval face. To do this, we collect 125 loops and knit 1 row of purl loops.
  2. Further, in the front row 1 purl, front we remove, nakid, 1 purl, repeat until the end of the row.
  3. Next row: we remove the facial again, and knot the back with the crochet.
  4. We knit 5 rows, go to the front surface: in the front rows - the front loops, in the purl - purl.
  5. We divide all the loops into 3 parts, we knit right and left.
  6. In the first row of the middle center, we knit the last loop together with the last loop of the left part.
  7. In the next row we combine the edge with a loop of the right side.
  8. We tie the middle part and close the loops.
  9. With a crochet we make 1 row of columns without crochet and remove the loops on the circular needles.
  10. Knit the shirtfront of the desired length, making an increase in odd rows.
  11. Close the loop.
  12. With a crochet we make backstage, we draw it into the gum.

You can decorate such a hat with a pompon or embroidery.

Master class for beginners

Those who takes the first steps in needlework will be interested in a cap model.


  • 150 g of acrylic yarn;
  • Knitting needles number 4;
  • circular needles number 4;
  • hook number 4;
  • scissors.


  1. We collect 150 stitches and knit stocking knitting.Cap hat for a girl with knitting needles
  2. Having knitted 3 cm we make a decrease in 2 loops in each even row.Cap hat for a girl with knitting needles
  3. After 15 cm, we remove 10 loops of the middle on the thread.
  4. We continue to knit two halves of stocking knitting.Cap hat for a girl with knitting needles
  5. Having thus connected 12 cm, we begin to reduce the loops in each row until there are 6 of them left.Cap hat for a girl with knitting needles
  6. We connect 2 halves and we receive a cap with "window" for the person.
  7. The loops of the "window" we type on the circular needles and make 3 cm with an elastic band 2x2 (2 face and 2 purl).Cap hat for a girl with knitting needles

How to decorate a thing?

To make the helmet-hat model unique, it can be fun to decorate. For this we recommend using:

  • embroidery (including ribbons) - if these are the initials of the child, such a hat will not be lost in the kindergarten;
  • beads or beads (a placer will look beautiful);
  • pompons or strings.

Since the models are for children, decorations can be of bright yarn. If you are good at crocheting, you can knit the muzzle of some animal, such as an owl, and decorate it with a hat.

Hat helmet for girls knitting

Hat helmet for girls knitting

Hat helmet for girls knitting

In total for the evening spent for needlework, your daughter may have a hat-helmet for the girl with knitting needles. The scheme and description of each model are available even for inexperienced knitters. The main thing is to correctly calculate the loops and not to lose them in the process of transition from straight to circular needles.

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