Hat for boy

Knitting for little children is a pleasure! The work goes quickly due to the small size, and the result in most cases is much better than the store offers. This is especially true of children's hats. Sometimes what is commercially available contains too much synthetics and does not protect the child from wind or drafts at all. Therefore, it is best to try to tie a hat for the baby with their own hands.

Hat for a boy: features knitting

Hat for boy knitting

The knitting hat for the boy knits a little easier than for girls. If the pattern of knitting may be the same, then the girl's headdress requires additional decorations and decor. Before knitting children's knitting needles, just choose the color of the yarn and the desired pattern.

All hats, like many others. other things fit in according to the same principle. Having mastered it, you can link any without descriptions.

Knitting a hat for boys need to start with the removal of measurements. Even if you knit on the finished description, you need to know the girth of the head and the height of the cap. The first measurement is obtained by measuring the circumference in the middle of the forehead with a measuring tape. 2nd - measuring the segment, starting from the crown to the middle of the forehead. We write down measurements. After that, choose a yarn. The thicker the threads, the warmer the cap will be. Another advantage of thicker yarns is that they knit much faster.

We select the desired diameter of the spokes. For this, it is worth looking at the recommendations of the thread manufacturer indicated on the package. Each knitter works with its density, so you can move a little away from these sizes. Knit the sample so that the determinant of the number of loops in the dial. We collect about 20 loops and knit 5-7 cm with the selected basic pattern. If the canvas turns out to be too loose, change the spokes for another, smaller diameter. The received sample needs to be washed or otparit the iron. Using a ruler to determine the number of loops in 1 cm of the sample.

garter knitting

knitting stocking

gum knitting needles

Then you need to calculate the number of loops in the 1st row. To do this, multiply the head circumference measure by the number of loops in 1 cm of the sample. For example, if the 1 cm 3 loop, and the girth of the head 30 cm, then we collect 90 loops on the spokes.

After scoring the required number of loops, go to knitting hats. The first few rows are better to perform with an elastic band - so the headdress will be comfortable to fit around the head, the bottom edge will not be bent. Then knit the main pattern. The number of rows is equal to the height of the cap minus 3-4 cm. Next, we do a decrease, so that the cap has a rounding of the upper part.

Usually reduce the number of loops, equal to half the circumference of the head. To subtract, we knit them together in a pattern. We do subtractions in every 2nd row until 3-5 needles remain on the spoke. We cut the thread, pull it through the loop and tighten it. If you knit a hat with 2 knitting needles, then stitch it with a knit stitch.

Stilnayashapochka braids: master class

Knitting hats braids for boys

Knitting hats braids scheme

You will need 100 g of yarn (200 m per 100 g), knitting needles No. 4 and 4.5. You need to dial 108 loops and close them into the ring on the circular needles No. 4. Carefully ensure that the hinges do not twist. At the beginning of the row, mark the loops with a marker (you can use a regular pin). Knit a 5 cm rubber band - 2 face, 2 purl.

Knit with needles No. 4, 5 in the following row: 1 purl, add 1 face from broaches between loops, 15 faces, 2 purses, 1 face add from broach, 15 faces., Rapport: 2 bags, 16 faces. - repeat 3 times. Finish row 1 purl - it turned out 90 loops. Knit braid according to the scheme. Bates are more convenient to do with the help of not circular, but bilateral sharp spokes. After completion of knitting braids according to the scheme, cut the thread and stretch it through the loops.

To strengthen the caps make a pompon. Prepare thick paper, fold it several times and wind it over the long side of the thread. Tie the middle with a short thread. Trim the sides on each side with scissors. Pompon fluff hands and sew to the crown.

Children's hat for a boy: how to tie properly?

Children's hat knitting needles for a boy

This option fits in the same way as described above. It should be especially careful to choose yarn. Baby's skin is very delicate and coarse yarn can cause irritation. Therefore, it is better to opt for high-quality acrylic or cotton. There are special yarns. Usually that the threads are designed for the smallest, they write on the package.

It is also best to knit on circular needles. With this knitting in the finished cap will not be rough seams that can rub the skin of the child.

It will take 50 g of yarn of medium thickness, 2 needles No. 3-4. We collect the number of loops equal to the girth of the head. We knit 4-5 cm rubber band 2 to 2 - 2 face, 2 purl. Next, go to the front surface. Knit hat with the front satin to the desired height. It turns out a rectangle. Close the last row, knitting 2 loops together and returning the resulting loop to the left knitting needle. We sew the side and the top of the cap with a knitted stitch or a hook.

Cap for a newborn "Elf"

Hat for a newborn boy with knitting needles

Need thread 100 g / 300 m - 150 g, the needles №3. Cap fits on a boy younger than a year. We collect 98 loops on the spokes and we knit with a rubber band 2 by 2 (2 persons, 2 sleeves) 4 cm. We proceed to the base.

  • In the 1st row we knit 6 persons, knit a double rubber band to the last 6 loops, 6 persons.
  • 2nd row - knit by drawing. Facial over facial and purl over purse, respectively.
  • 3 row knit as 1.
  • In the next 4 rows we knit 8 faces., Then follow the pattern to the last 8, which we also knit with facial ones.
  • 5 row knit as 2, and 6 - as 4.
  • 7 row - 10 persons, knit on the pattern to the last 10 loops face.
  • 8 row knit as 2, and 9 as 7 row.
  • In the 10th row we begin and end a row of 12 persons, the rest of the loop is in the figure.
  • At 11, repeat 2, and at 12 - 10 row.
  • 13 - we begin and end with 14 face loops, the rest - according to the drawing.
  • 14 knit as 2, and 15 as the 13th row.
  • 16 row start with and end with 16 facial.
  • 17 row knit as 2, and 18 as 16 row.
  • From 19 to 64 rows: add 2 loops at the beginning and end of each row and knit until 2 loops of elastic are in the middle.

Thread trimmed and secured with a small knot.

Move the first 49 loops to the auxiliary needle. It should be located with the sharp end towards the middle of the job. Connect the middle knit stitch, starting from the middle of the cap.

For the neck and strings we collect 10 loops. Knit with a single elastic band of 31 cm. If you want to make a bar without buttons, stop knitting and sew it to the base of the cap. You can arrange a hole for a button: 4 persons, 2 out. stretch 2 n on the right needle through the last, 1 person, stretch 3 loop on the right through the last 2 loops. Knit facial to end of row.

In the next 2 row 3 persons, 2 together, 2 loops from broach, 2 together. - until the end of the series. Close the loop. Sew on the bar and button.

Hat for boy

Hat for boy

Hat for boy

Hat for boy

Hat for boy

Hat for boy

A knitting hat for a boy is not only a cozy and warm thing, but also a manifestation of maternal care. Usually, knitting leaves a little yarn (from 50 to 100 g, depending on age) and time. Particular attention should be paid to the selection of quality yarn and pattern, which will not be too voluminous. For knitting it is best to buy cotton or acrylic blended yarn.

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