Handmade pasta

At times in the grocery store attention falls on fancy pasta. Pasta of various shapes and sizes lie elegantly on the shelves. Sometimes you can find a real work of art, which is even a pity. I want to make something interesting out of them, make a composition.

Many designers have long noticed the aesthetics of pasta and actively apply them in their work. They are decorated with mirrors, photo frames, pasta laid out openwork vases and caskets, murals and many other things. You yourself can feel yourself as a designer if you try make from this product crafts with their own hands.

Handmade pasta

To embody your creative idea, you will need several packs of different pasta. You can glue them together using ordinary PVA glue. Moreover, they can glue up ready-made things, such as a vase or box, or glue the details of the dough to each other, this is how fragile openwork structures are obtained. You can also paint pasta or cereals with watercolor, gouache or acrylic before starting work, in order to finally get colored volumetric things. By the way, all these crafts can be performed together with the baby, informing him that now you will play an exciting game.

Clover from stained pasta

To create such crafts with your own hands, you will need macaroni, food green dye, glue, plastic bag (it is best to take it with a ziplock fastener), paper and a paper towel.

  1. First you need to prepare pasta for crafts: since we are going to make clover, they should be painted green. To do this, put the right amount of pasta in a bag with a ziplock fastener, pour in alcohol to such an extent that the dough is completely covered. Add food coloring to a rich green color. Do not rush, let the paint properly soak the pasta, to do this, leave them in a closed bag for several hours. If you want to get an even brighter color, then leave the product in a closed package all night. Then pour the liquid out of the bag, and spread the pasta for the product on a paper towel to dry. They need a few hours to dry completely.
  2. Now you can start creating a template for clover. Draw a sheet of clover and stick it on the cardboard. Wait until the glue is completely dry. Then start gluing the painted pasta to the craft. When the glue is completely dry, your craft will be ready. So you can create not only the application of clover, but also make other drawings, varying colors and patterns.

Macaroni Pencil Holder

Such a simple thing as a pencil holder can turn into room decoration if you show a little imagination and ingenuity. This is especially true in a family where there are children who constantly use pens and pencils.

Macaroni Pencil Holder

To make such a pencil case with your own hands, you will need pasta, hot glue based on silicone, a cardboard box, as well as acrylic silver paint and a decoupage card.

  1. So, first prepare the box. She can be any. Now cook the pasta, it is best to take them of different shapes, such as shells, curls, rings, wheels, small letters, so it will be more interesting. Using hot silicone glue glue all the pasta to the box. When the pencil is completely glued, you will need to paint it. To do this, choose the gold paint in sprays. This paint is usually very odorous, so it is better to paint in a well-ventilated room on the balcony.
  2. Then you should proceed to the decoupage, for this you need to decide on the motive. You can stay on the cars. On the pictures with the right motif, apply a primer. When the primer is dry, stick the cars on the pencil holder. Leave the structure to dry. Now prepare the silver paint, she needs to slightly toned box.
  3. Then take the sponge or dry sponge. Apply a small amount of silver paint to it and lightly paint all the pasta. Wait until everything is completely dry, and cover the pencil with the usual clear varnish. Your craft is ready, you can put accessories in it and give it to the kid.

Crafts made from pasta and cereals - cat snout

  • Doing handicrafts with the kids is very fun and interesting. They always show an active interest, especially if the details are small, such as various cereals, peas or small pasta.
  • Crafts of pasta and cereals a huge set. For a start it is better to do something not very difficult. Perfectly fit the face of a cunning cat, which the child can present as a gift to dad.
  • For the manufacture of such crafts you will need a cat's face, cut out of paper, peas, rice and spaghetti pasta, it is better to take Italian-made bows, if there are none, do not worry. But nevertheless with a bow the hand-made article looks much more effective.
  • Now all this needs to be stuck on the cat's attractive face. Apply glue to the contours of the head and ears. Then sprinkle it all with rice and glue a bow.

Crafts made from pasta and cereals - cat snout

  • That is such a wonderful cat you get. Thus, it will be possible to kill two birds with one stone, you will have a great time with the baby and prepare a gift for your father!

It is worth noting that cereals and pasta are great for various crafts. They easily stick to almost all surfaces and are amenable to staining. It is also important that they can be coated with glitter or varnish, used on different surfaces, ranging from ordinary cardboard to glass and plastic.

If you have a little bit of creativity, aesthetic taste, then you can make crafts that deserve general attention and admiration. Such works are often found at exhibitions and on the Internet, and the prices of some of them are very high. You can also try to make it a source of financial income and make good profits.

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