Handmade book cover made of suede and fabric. the decor and

Books are a great gift for lovers of reading. Now the most popular e-books. But for them an important detail is the beautiful cover. You can do it yourself.

E-book cover

E-book cover

You will need:

  1. Hardcover file with mechanical pressure lever
  2. Double sided tape
  3. Super Moment Moment Transparent
  4. The cut of the skin or skin substitute 25 by 35 cm.
  5. A piece of suede 20 to 30 cm.
  6. Elastic band for shoes 10 cm.
  7. Sliced ​​suede strips 3 pcs. 1.5 to 11 cm
  8. Polyethylene bottles
  9. Paper clips

Manufacturing instruction:

  • Cut out from the file for archives 3 details by the sizes of the electronic book. 2 of them should be large with a margin of 1 cm. On each side.
  • From the skin we cut out the detail for the outer part of the cover. Do not forget to take into account the allowances for seams and side bends.
  • The parts of the flyleaf from the binder mechanism are glued with the Moment to the wrong side of a piece of skin material.
  • Cut the corners and fold them to the inside of the cover with glue.
  • Take polyethylene foam and cut 2 pieces, adjusting the size of the inner fly-leaf
  • Stick it with scotch tape.
  • Now proceed to the inside of the cover. Cut out a piece of suede on the internal dimensions and add another 3 cm.
  • Prepare 3 strips and shoe gum. They will fix the book. The width of all 4 pieces - 1.5 cm, length 10 cm.
  • Attach the book to the right side and mark the place for sewing strips of leather and shoe elastic.
  • First, we will sew the upper right corner, then the lower one.
  • We sew the rubber at the last moment in the upper left corner.
  • Cut off the extra pieces of skin. Adhesive tape is glued on the outer cover, on polyethylene foam, and we put a part of the cover on it inside. Align the edges.
  • Empty places for bending, we glue, level, we press the places of the bend. The edges of the entire area glue, we clamp the mechanisms for the papers. The cover should dry out and stick together securely. Fasteners will not allow your e-book to fall and break. And holding soft suede in your hands is very nice.

Vintage book cover

Cover for e-book in vintage incarnation

You will need:

  1. Cardboard is thick and thin
  2. Napkins or crepe paper
  3. PVA and Moment Crystal
  4. Acrylic paints - gold, brown, burnt umber
  5. Acrylic primer
  6. Any tone of cord from satin
  7. Metal Jewelry
  8. Magnet clasp
  9. Matt lacquer
  10. Durable non-creased cover fabric
  11. Calico
  12. Elastic
  13. Sandpaper

Manufacturing instruction:

  • We first make the main cover for the cover from the front. Cut out parts from thick cardboard. Round the corners at 2mm., Zatk emery for a round shape.
  • Ground the cardboard and attach a cut piece of material to the wet sheet. After the preform has dried, we will begin to wet the fabric with another layer.
  • We take the PVA, fold the edges of the napkins and glue in the shape of the covering of the cover with a cloth.
  • Let's wait for complete drying and prepare the paint for the final stage. We paint with acrylics, mixing brown tones.
  • We create a composition with the help of metal ornaments, a cord of satin, strips of fabric.
  • All white places are painted. Select the texture of the cover with gold acrylic with a sponge.
  • We varnish and dry for 24 hours.
  • Now make a clasp. Through the decoration we will sell the cord. Take a strip of cardboard. Cover it with a white cotton cloth and leave the tail. At the end of the clasp is attached to the covered cover. Put it on a magnet and paint it with acrylic to match the cover.
  • A strip of thick cardboard is also covered with a white cotton cloth. We fasten the fastener and paint it with acrylics.
  • Close the side of the wrong side lining material, leave the tail. For finishing inside we will take 2 sheets of thin cardboard and cotton fabric. Glue it on the cardboard and smoothed.
  • A strip of fabric for the middle cover sticking to the center of the cover. Glue the inside and sew in elastic to the tone with a fabric for the lining.
  • Attach the fasteners to the tail and connect the two sides in one cover.
  • An e-book with such a cover, you will certainly want to open it again and again!

Variety of options

A cover for a book of a classic or electronic version can be made with cloth, flowers, braid, ribbons, lace. Inside it is possible to knit a mesh pocket with beige tones and place leaves for the bookmarks pages. Under the fabric it is necessary to put cotton or sintepon, level and sew the material on the reverse side of the material. Get a soft cover - a toy.


You can make up of multi-colored pieces of appliqué fabric, glue photos and pictures onto the cover and decorate them with laces in width and height. It should include knitted items and small soft toys for children's publications.

The design of the book cover begins with the sewing of the base part. To do this, you should carefully take all measurements. You can make covers of antiquity, artificially aging them, to draw a stencil. The main thing is to feel what style you want to design for the book.

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