Handicrafts made from wine corks

Cork is a good closure that can come up with unconventional use. Which one It depends on your imagination and aesthetic taste. We offer you exclusive ideas: crafts from wine corks with their own hands.

What can be made of corks from wine?

What can be made of corks from wine?

It would seem that cork - what can be made from it? But for creative personalities, this is invaluable material, and what else. When you find out what masterpieces you can create from this material, radically change your worldview. For example, you are going to the birthday of your best friend and, naturally, are tormented by thoughts about a gift. It's very simple: just a couple of hours of free time and you can say you create an exclusive souvenir from nothing. What could be more expensive than a gift made by yourself?

So, today, start collecting corks from wine bottles, and we’ll give you some interesting ideas for using them:

  • We will not waste our time on trifles and begin immediately with monumental handicrafts. Due to the pleasant texture of the wine cork, it can be used to decorate home furnishings, such as your favorite chair.
  • As you know, today cork is widely used for interior decoration. For example, cork wallpapers or floors are considered very fashionable. Bottle caps greatly diversify the interior of your kitchen.
  • There are ideas for fans of modern installations. If you look closely, you can see that traffic jams have individuality. This property can be used in the manufacture of sculptures.
  • Corks can be an original decoration of the wedding, if you use them to create a bridal bouquet.
  • There is an idea for connoisseurs of fine art. For example, you can create a self-portrait.
  • And the curtain - the curtain. Sorry for the pun, but such a curtain can diversify the interior of any country house.

We make an original rug

We suggest replacing the rug in your bathroom with a handmade product using a completely unique technology. Consider how to make a rug of corks from wine.

Wine cork rug

Necessary materials:

  • 175 wine corks;
  • glue gun;
  • anti-adhesive teflon tape for the base of the rug.

Process description:

  1. Cut each cork in half with a sharp penknife. Be patient and careful not to hurt your finger. It is best to use natural wine corks of the same length and width.Wine cork rug
  2. Place the plugs with the rectangle flat side down. Use the scale grid on the cutting mat to ensure that your configuration is as close to rectangular as possible. The size of our rug will be 47x76 cm.Wine cork rug
  3. Measure and cut the ribbon for the base to the required size.Wine cork rug
  4. Transfer the corks from the layout to the base, pasting them. Start with the outer row so that the frame is along the edge of the base.Wine cork rug
  5. Then move the traffic jams through the rows, filling all the average space. Apply glue along the contour of the flat part of the cork, departing from the edge of 2-3 mm. Then press the cork firmly against the base.
  6. Wipe off any excess glue before it hardens, but only after the material has cooled, so as not to burn yourself.

For those who continue to stay with us and have taken a great interest in this kind of art, we suggest not to stop at what has been achieved and to make some more handicrafts from champagne and wine corks with your own hands.

Cork panel

Necessary materials:

  • dark wood frame for a photograph or A2 picture;
  • thick paper or cardboard for the background;
  • glue gun;
  • 450-500 traffic jams.

Process description:

  1. Remove the glass from the frame, because we do not need it.
  2. At the bottom of the frame inside we glue the cardboard for the background, which will be seen in the places where the traffic jams do not fit tightly against each other.Cork panel
  3. Glue the cork to the base. You can give any shape to your cork collage. This can be symmetry, asymmetry, lines or pattern.Cork panel

Souvenir "Fir-tree"

Several wine corks, a little paint, glue - and the original Christmas tree decorates your festive Christmas table.

Herringbone from traffic jams

Necessary materials:

  • 19 corks from wine bottles and one in the form of a cap;
  • Super glue;
  • red and green paint brush;
  • sequins are red, green, golden;
  • pins for attaching sequins;
  • color adhesive tape;
  • star for the top.

Process description:

  1. We paint the ends on both sides of half of all the traffic jams.Herringbone from traffic jams
  2. Fasten sequins with pins to unpainted traffic jams.Herringbone from traffic jams
  3. We glue the corks together in rows: first (counting from the bottom) - 4 pcs., Second - 5 pcs., Third - 4 pcs., Fourth - 3 pcs., Fifth - 2 pcs., Sixth - 1 pc.Herringbone from traffic jams
  4. We glue the rows together in the prescribed manner. Attach a star to the top.Herringbone from traffic jams
  5. Go to the base. If you do not have a cap, you can cut off the champagne cork. Decorate it with a color tape and glue in the center of the bottom row of the Christmas tree. Herringbone from traffic jamsHerringbone from traffic jams
  6. If the structure is not stable enough, increase the footprint by sticking cardboard to the base.

Miniature "Giraffe"

This craft is a great way to decorate a bar in your living room.

Cork giraffe

Necessary materials:

  • copper or aluminum wire for the frame;
  • old newspapers;
  • adhesive packaging tape;
  • construction adhesive tape;
  • glue gun;
  • wood glue;
  • wine corks - a lot.

Process description:

  1. From the wire we bend the forms necessary for the trunk, legs and neck.
  2. Using a newspaper and packing tape, give the frame volume.Cork giraffe
  3. To improve the adhesion of the frame covered with building tape.Cork giraffe
  4. Glue the frame wine corks in random order to give the required volume figure of a giraffe.Cork giraffe
  5. After most of the material is attached, with wood glue we fill the space between the traffic jams and wait for it to dry.

You can include your children into making crafts out of traffic jams, thereby developing their creative potential and sense of beauty. I wish you success!

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