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Handicrafts from disks do-it-yourself for children

Most modern children most likely do not even know what a CD is, but they can certainly find several of these ancient treasures in your home. Not so long ago, with the help of old CDs, we listened to music in the player, and now they have lost their value. But do not rush to throw trash out of the house, because you can make funny crafts from disks with their own hands for children.

Toy "Yula Rainbow"

Crafts from CDs with their own hands can be adapted to exciting toys for children. For example, to make a wonderful top from his childhood, but in a modern way. And if the process of making toys to attract their children, it will go much more fun, and Yule will become the most favorite subject. By the way, if you look closely, then such an article very much resembles a mysterious space dish.

A toy

Necessary materials:

  • old CDs;
  • egg from "Kinder surprise";
  • paints;
  • sparkles;
  • white glue;
  • hot glue gun.

Process description:

  1. Give two CDs to your children, also supply them with paints, felt-tip pens, glitters and glue. Let your child paint a little old disks to your taste, glue sparkles or make funny applications on any subject.Crafts from disks do-it-yourself for children, at home
  2. Lay the discs with the shiny side up on a paper towel and allow the patterns to dry for a while. You do not want to spoil such works of art?
  3. Then we need a glue gun. We divide the egg from the "Kinder Surprise" into two halves. We spread the glue on the edge of one half with a thin layer and quickly attach the egg to the middle of the disk. Do the same with the second part.Crafts from disks do-it-yourself for children, at home
  4. We give the glue to dry for several hours, and small spacecraft are ready for the game.

Owl organizer for a child's room

Well, when a hobby can bring in the house not only beauty, but also benefits. For example, how this owl organizer. It is perfect for recording important cases or reminding your child to do their homework. Such a craft from the disc can be modeled for kindergarten.

Owl organizer for a child's room

Necessary materials:

  • several colors of felt;
  • disk;
  • paper;
  • pencil;
  • scissors;
  • PVA glue;
  • tape;
  • metal rings;
  • various decorations.

Process description:

  1. On a sheet of A4 paper, we trace the outlines of the disk and draw the silhouette of an owl from the circle.Owl organizer for a child's room
  2. Cut out with the help of a paper base two absolutely identical owl bodies from felt. One of them is glued to the disk.Owl organizer for a child's room
  3. Then cut out the muzzle and the wings from the felt of a contrasting color. You can draw a drawing yourself, relying on the size of the disk, or adjust this scheme for yourself.Owl organizer for a child's room
  4. We try on the resulting muzzle and wings to the body and cut off the protruding irregularities.Owl organizer for a child's room
  5. Now, cut out the whites and pupils of the white and black felt and glue them together.

    Owl organizer for a child's room
  6. Putting all the parts of the owl together: glue the muzzle from above, place a pair of wings on the sides and decorate the face of the bird with eyes and beak.Owl organizer for a child's room
  7. On the back of the CD we glue a loop of ribbon and two strips of felt for the holder under the pencil.Owl organizer for a child's room
  8. We close the wrong side of the owl with the second copy of the body, having previously made a hole in it at the level of the eyelet.Owl organizer for a child's room
  9. Through the holders for a pencil we push through metal rings on which a notebook will later hang.Owl organizer for a child's room
  10. At the end of the process, we add a pencil and a notepad with spiral-fastening pages to the owl. We hang it on the wall.

Spending time with the smallest is interesting and fun: we make a tiger cub

Who said that working with a child is boring and dull? Diversify leisure for children with hand-made crafts from wadded and CD disks. Let your child do most of the work, and you just adjust his actions a little.

Tiger cubs from disks

Necessary materials:

  • disk;
  • cotton pads;
  • plasticine;
  • color paper;
  • paints;
  • tassel;
  • PVA glue;
  • eyes from an old toy.

Process description:

  1. Apply a thin layer with a brush to glue on cotton pads.Tiger cubs from disks
  2. Glue the circles of wool in the center of the CD as close as possible to each other.Tiger cubs from disks
  3. We form tiger ears out of two other disks, but this time we smear the circle with glue not completely, but only at the very bottom. Also glue eyes to the CD.Tiger cubs from disks
  4. The next step is to cut out of colored paper or sculpt the nose and mouth of an animal from plasticine.Tiger cubs from disks
  5. At the very end we decorate cotton pads with paints in an amusing black and yellow strip. It is best to use liquid gouache for this purpose.Tiger cubs from disks
  6. On the back of the CD, you can glue a magnet and hang a funny little face on the fridge.

You can come up with many more step-by-step recipes of the “dish” called “Handicrafts from homemade discs for yourself”. The main thing in this business is to connect the fantasy and add a little creativity. In addition, such activities allow you to spend time with children with fun and benefit.

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