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Hand knitting. a scarf in 30 minutes without knitting is

Knitting with hands is today the trend of the season, especially for women who never knew how to use knitting and crochet. This simple weaving technique allows you to create whole works of art: hats, scarves, rugs and rugs. Do you want to get a scarf in 30 minutes using knitting techniques? This will help you our article.

Features free technology

Weaving products with the help of hands and traditional methods of knitting can be compared to painting with fingers and real visual arts. There is no doubt that both options are able to create unique masterpieces, especially if a real lover of his business takes on the job.

Hand knitting

Both knitting options use the same principles - creating loops and stitches. But the technique of working with one hand is inherently more free and unpretentious in observing any principles and schemes. It simply cannot be as accurate as the traditional method, because the “instrument” of work is different for each person depending on the individual characteristics. Nevertheless, all the hinges are so malleable that you can adjust your work as a finished product.

In addition, the entire knitting process on the hands is more like moving the loops from side to side than to winding yarn according to certain patterns in order to create perfect seams. Having tried once to create any detail of a wardrobe without needles, you will love this method sincerely and wholeheartedly.

Stylish do it yourself

Stylish do it yourself

How to quickly tie the original and warm scarf-LIC? Wash your hands, stock up with a skein of thread and go ahead - master our photo guide.

Necessary materials:

  • a skein of thick wool;
  • scissors.

Process description:

  1. For a scarf of medium length you will need only half a skein. And if you want LOD to be wrapped around your neck twice, take 2 balls of yarn.only half a skein is needed
  2. We start with a set of loops the easiest way, as shown in the picture.Starting with a set of loops
  3. The resulting loop we put on the wrist of the right hand. The stronger the knot is tightened, the tighter the scarf will turn out, but knitting it is much more difficult.The resulting loop we put on the wrist of the right hand
  4. Then grab the thread from the skein and wrap the ring around the thumb. Turn the hand so that the rest of the yarn from the first loop is under the index finger, and fix the tips of the threads.grab the thread from the skein and wrap the ring around the thumb
  5. Now twist your right hand up through the loop wrapped around your thumb.move your right hand up through the loop
  6. And take the tail of the thread, which is under the index finger, to form the second stitch.form a second stitch
  7. Move the resulting cycle to the wrist where the first stitch is located.new cycle move on wrist
  8. Repeat these steps until you have 10 loops or more on your right hand if you want to get a wide scarf.Repeat these steps.
  9. When the required number of loops has been gathered, it is time to move on to knitting the second row. Now you must hold the working thread in the same hand as the first row.

    it's time to move on to knitting second row
  10. We pass a long piece of the working thread through the loop, which we remove from the left hand.we give birth to a long piece of working thread through the loop
  11. As a result, we get a new stitch, which needs to be thrown on the left hand.get a new stitch
  12. Flip the working thread again on the right hand and repeat all the steps, first, until the entire row of eyelets is complete.repeat
  13. A word of advice: when you flip the loop onto your free hand, it’s best to pull the thread slightly, so the stitch will be narrower.when you flip the loop to your free hand, it’s best to pull a little bit on the thread
  14. With a certain skill in less than 10 minutes you will reach the desired length of the scarf.in less than 10 minutes, you’ll reach your desired scarf’s length
  15. Now it's time to start closing the loops. Tie two stitches in the same way as you did for the length of the scarf in each row.closing loops
  16. Then stretch the first knit loop from your hand over the second stitch, lower the thread down and tighten it not too tight.pull the first knit loop from your hand over the second stitch
  17. Repeat this step with the remaining loops, and at the end lock the thread in a knot.
  18. Go to the connection of the two edges of the product. To do this, fold the scarf in half.connection of two edges of the product
  19. Insert the thread into a large hole, forming a loop.form a loop
  20. Then move the working thread to the next hole and pull it through the loop obtained before. In this way, connect the edge to the end.connect the edge to the end
  21. When you reach the end of the row, carefully cut the working thread and secure it from the wrong side with a knot or sew it with threads to match the color of the yarn.
  22. A hand-knitted scarf is ready.Scarf-LIC

Knit a triangular scarf without knitting needles

Summer loincloth, scarf-cocked hat and stylish cape. Think these are three different things? Not at all. This master class will tell you how to make an unusual and stylish thing in just a few simple steps.

Necessary materials:

  • 5 skeins of worsted yarn of different colors;
  • scissors.

Process description:

  1. As in the previous photo lesson, we type 28 stitches on the right hand, using all 5 threads simultaneously, as if they are a single whole.
  2. We knit the first row, throwing loops from one hand to another.
  3. The second row of knit with the reduction of stitches. We knit the first two loops together, then we throw the stitches in the usual way and, before reaching the end of 2 loops, we repeat the first action.
  4. We knit on the principle of second-row all subsequent cycles until only 4 loops remain on the arm.
  5. We close these 4 stitches on both sides, and fix the received two loops with the help of a working thread.
  6. The original scarf-cocked hat, knitted by hands without knitting needles, is ready.

Want to have in your wardrobe stylish and unique knitted things? With the knitting technique without knitting needles, now this desire has become feasible even for those who are not particularly friendly with this kind of needlework.

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