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Hairpins for hair do it yourself

Hair is the pride and beauty of any woman. They come in different lengths and colors, but despite this, all women sometimes want to decorate them or simply to lay them comfortably and beautifully. In this we come to the aid of a variety of hairpins. Their choice is huge and rich, ranging from species to price. To make the hairpin your highlight and emphasize only your originality and beauty, it is best to do it yourself. Making a hairpin with your own hands, you are free to choose any color, fabric, jewelry and clasp.

Hairpin flower with their own hands

For this hairpin, you can make a flower out of fabric. Chiffon, satin, rayon, guipure, organza, satin or any other synthetic material will suit your fabric. Choose a fabric according to its texture and color, cut out any shape of it or a circle from it. The choice of shape depends on the shape of the flower you want to make. To make the future flower lush, cut out the forms as much as possible. After this, take a container with water and light a candle by placing it nearby. Water will help you put out the cloth if it burns. Taking a piece of cloth with a clothespin, begin to quickly rotate it over the flame.

Observe carefully what effect this has. The fabric can become curled, fold, change color and make a face. Experiment until the form you start to like. Then gather the cups together and attach them neatly to the center. Decorate with the center of the flower. After that, glue the resulting flower to the clip, invisible or hairpin.

Hairpins for hair do it yourself

How to make a flower hairpin from clay?

You can make a hairpin in the shape of a flower using polymer clay. To do this, take a white strip of clay and put on an automatic hairpin. After cutting off excess material, leave 5 mm to fasten. From the pieces of clay make leaves and 3 roses. Connect them and attach to the finished base and bake for 30 minutes at 110 C. After the barrette has cooled, you can varnish the flowers. You can experiment with the look of flowers, instead of roses, there may be daisies, and chrysanthemums, and lilies, and violets. To obtain a relief surface of the petals, press them to the textured surface or, making the grooves with a toothpick.

How to make hair clips from the skin?

Flowers for hairpins you can make and from the skin. Use for this the skin from any old things you do not need.To make it shiny, lubricate it with petroleum jelly or cream. Remove the wrong side of the skin, and stain the edges with a stain. To make the skin texture, you need to squeeze it a little. Then cut the circles with a scissors or a knife with a zigzag. Make cuts radial, so as not to break the circles. Connect the resulting parts with glue or thread. Do not forget to decorate them with rhinestones or beads.

Hairpins for hair do it yourself

You can cut the petals of flowers of various shapes or lengths. You can paint them in different colors using colored hairspray or special dyes. If the skin is tough enough and thick, it needs to give the shape of a hemisphere, bending a little up, for this, roasting it in a pan.

Hairpins always attract attention to themselves, forcing to pay attention to the hair and their beautiful owner. You can get yourself such an accessory of any color and type, but if you make your own hairpins, no one can match your beauty and elegance. Hairpieces made with your own hands will be your exclusive jewelry with any hairstyle and outfit.

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