Haircut cats

Many of us have pets. Most often these are cats and dogs. But few people think about how to properly care for them. The most important thing in the care of cats is attentiveness to wool. That is why some breeds need to be cut.

It is necessary to take into account the factor that most cats live in fairly closed spaces and do not go outside. All this leads to a violation of the natural process of dropping wool, because in the apartments, in principle, seasonal climate change is not possible. Due to such conditions, the cats begin to suffer from the so-called sporadic year-round moulting, and the owners from the wool scattered throughout the house. This is especially true of animals with long hair, which brings even more inconvenience.

The conclusion here is one - cats and cats need a haircut! This is absolutely not following fashion trends, but the basic rules of caring for and care for our tamed animals. Haircuts will help preserve the health of your pets and maintain order in the house. The latter, too, you see, is important.

Is it possible to cut cats?

Haircut cats: how to cut the cat yourself?

All pet owners, for sure, are wondering how necessary it is to periodically cut them? The answer is simple - haircut is very important, because animals hate combing. And if a pet is not combed for a long time, it forms tangles, which it can later swallow and thus harm the digestive system. In addition, parasites can settle in them and develop inflammatory processes on the skin. Another argument in favor of a haircut is that it serves as a stimulation of blood circulation. In addition, your cat will be less choking hair. With a haircut, he will always look tidy and will no longer suffer from the heat in the hot summer.

How to cut a cat?

There are 2 ways to cut your pet. Special beauty salons for animals will help, where you can rely on professionals and haircut at home on your own. Which way is more suitable for you, decide for yourself.

Currently, beauty salons for animals are extremely popular. They have a wide range of services and specialize in caring for your pets. As a rule, in such salons wizards are engaged in cutting hair and claws, brushing teeth from tartar and many others. They will also help you with the choice of a haircut for a cat that will suit his breed. Do not abuse such services too often, as this may adversely affect the pet's health. 2 times a year will be quite enough.

Cat haircuts: photo

Haircut cats: how to cut the cat yourself?

The second method is a haircut at home. It is best to cut the cat together. For a haircut, you can use a special machine, scissors and, of course, after the procedure, use a comb. Wear comfortable clothes that you feel comfortable in and that the animal cannot scratch you. Let the assistant firmly holds the cat in his hands. If the animal is too aggressive, call a veterinarian who can give a soothing injection.

Be sure to take small breaks! Carefully pet the animal. This will help him to calm down and easier to transfer not so pleasant procedure.

Before you cut the machine, get rid of tangles with scissors. The nozzle should be 2-3 millimeters.

Most often, the owners choose a haircut "under the lion." In this embodiment, the wool is completely shaved, except for the head, the lower part of the paws and the tip of the tail. But you can try other techniques - just show a little imagination! The most important thing is not to hurt the cat, because the animal can get scared and will no longer agree to this procedure. After the haircut, be sure to wash your pet, feed and pet it.

How to cut a cat's nails?

Haircut cats: how to cut the cat yourself?

Wild cats living in the wild, get rid of their claws, grinding them off on trees and stones. Pets do not have such an opportunity, so they need to periodically trim their claws. This is especially important if you have a small child.

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The sooner you start trimming your claws, the better. Try to do this procedure for the first time when your cat is still quite small. You will need a claw cutter. Ordinary scissors do not fit, because they do not correspond to the shape of the cat's claws. Cut off a little, about 2 mm. If you mow more, you can hurt the animal. Further in the claws are contained nerve endings and blood vessels. If you still managed to hurt the cat and cut off too much, do not panic! You just need to immediately treat the wound with hydrogen peroxide. This will help to quickly stop the bleeding. And, of course, do not forget about affection and comfort!

When trimming distract the cat, gently and calmly talk to him. By the way, it is best to do this procedure when he is sleepy. In this state, they are easier and easier to endure all unpleasant actions for them. If the pet breaks free, release it and continue through time. A little kitten can be trimmed with claws 1 time per week, an adult will need only 1 time in 2 weeks. If, however, the cat does not tolerate this procedure, buy him a scratching post. Otherwise, he will sharpen claws on your upholstered furniture, carpet, and everything that gets in his way.

Guided by these easy rules, you can keep your pet in good order, and most importantly, it will be healthy and beautiful to the joy of you and your whole family!

It is only at first glance it seems that in the care of cats everything is easy and simple. In fact, in this case there are difficulties! So, for example, cats need to periodically cut their hair and claws. This can be done both in a special salon and at home.

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