Hair ties with their own hands. how to make a hair tie in

Owners of long hair often wonder how to diversify their hairstyle on everyday days and holidays. Various hair ties and bows allow you to create new images and complement daily and solemn outfits. Now the stores have a large selection of hair ornaments, although it is not always possible to find a rubber band or a hairpin that would fit you perfectly. But such an accessory is easy to do with your own hands.

How to make a hair tie with your own hands?

Hair ties with their own hands

Luxury gum with poppy flower can be made of satin ribbons.

You will need:

  1. Red satin ribbon 5 cm wide.
  2. A square measuring 5 by 5 cm of green tape or felt.
  3. Brown and black threads.
  4. Glue PVA or "Moment".
  5. Semolina or small white sparkles for nail design.
  6. Clamp no more than 6 cm.


  • Start by making stamens for a flower. To do this, wrap the thread between the eight fingers, and then remove and tie to the middle. Cut edges and leave straight ends. Now you need a brush and glue. Glue the stamen tips and dip them in the semolina or glitter for manicure. Then dry for 10-15 minutes.
  • The next step will be the implementation of the heart of the poppy. Cut a circle from a green ribbon or felt, burn the edges over a candle or a burning match and sew. Then insert a piece of cotton wool inside, pull off and secure the thread. The result will be a green ball, which will serve as the middle of the flower. If you know how to roll wool, you can make the core in this way.
  • Take the dark brown thread and wrap around the middle of them, securing the thread on the wrong side. Then the ball must be wrapped so that each fourth part is divided into 2 halves. When everything is ready proceed to the consolidation of the stamens. They need to glue the glue "Moment" from the inside out.
  • Very carefully you should refer to the implementation of petals for poppy. First make paper patterns and then transfer them to tape. Patterns must be placed on the oblique thread. Make 10 petals, using the pattern number 1 and 8 on the pattern number 2. Cut the blanks burn from all sides, slightly stretching them at the edges.
  • Start the assembly of the flower. On the front side of the petals No. 1, apply glue and glue them together with a small overlap. The first row should contain 5 petals arranged in a circle. The 2nd row is the same as the 1st and consists of 5 petals No. 1. Glue them to overlap the intersection of the petals of the 1st row. The 3rd row contains 8 petals number 2, which should be glued with a large overlap on each other.
  • If you do not plan to decorate your flower with leaves, cut a circle with a diameter of 4 cm from a green material and lightly stretch the edges and burn it in a candle flame. Apply glue to the circle and close the wrong side of it. It is advisable to apply the glue only to the center of the circle; a skirt should appear, which will serve as a sepal. Clip the tape and glue it to the flower. The poppy will dry for about 2 hours. The flower can be attached to a finished thin elastic band or hairpin.

Simple gum without decoration do it yourself

Hair ties with their own hands

A plain gum without ornaments is sewn very simply and quickly, for its production no experience in sewing will be required. For the manufacture of gum prepare such materials:

  1. A simple rubber band is not larger than 3 mm in diameter.
  2. Any fabric for your taste 10 cm wide, 50 cm long.
  3. Threads in tone fabric.
  4. Sewing scissors.
  • Fold the fabric in half with its face inward and sew, retreating from the edge of 0.5 cm, on the sewing machine. Then turn the fabric to the middle and hold it with your finger. Tie the remaining tissue inward, thus folding the strip of fabric in half.
  • Sew a product from the side of the stitched part throughout the entire edge. Take care not to sew the inner folds. As you sew, extract the inner pieces of fabric, continuing to perform the line. 3 cm before the start of the seam, leave a 2 cm hole for threading the elastic.
  • Remove the fabric on the front side, and then insert the elastic and tie it up. Sew the hole by hand or on a typewriter. Flatten the product and, if necessary, iron it.

Kanzashi technique: hair ties

Hair ties with their own hands

Kanzashiping technique allows you to make beautiful jewelry from various types of ribbons. Complicated multicolored flowers can be used to decorate clothes, rubber bands and pins. Learning this art is easy, the main thing is patience and accuracy. Products using the kanzashi technique look luxurious, and the cost of materials necessary for their implementation is low. To make a gum with a flower using the kanzashi technique, you will need:

  1. 1 cut of white and pink satin ribbons 55 cm long and 5 cm wide
  2. 2 thin rubber bands for hair of pink color.
  3. Tweezers and scissors for fabric.
  4. 12 small pearl beads.
  5. Candle or lighter.
  6. Superglue transparent or silicone glue for the gun.

Step-by-step flower execution using kanzashi technique:

  • First you need to cut from the ribbon blanks for flowers. Cut out 10 small squares from a white ribbon and as much from a pink one. You can use a combination of other colors, as long as they are in harmony with each other. Looks beautiful combination of contrasting shades.
  • The edges of the ribbons need to burn in the flame of a candle. Now we start to collect each petal separately. Fold each square diagonally and connect 2 opposite corners. Put pink and white triangles on top of each other. What has pink to be at the bottom. One angle opposite to the bent one, grab it with tweezers, as shown in the photo.
  • 2 tilt the free corner in the center and hold the tweezers, bend the formed figure in half. Cut and burn edges. The edges of the petals on the wrong side also need to be trimmed and trimmed so that they are not frayed.
  • Connect 5 petals and glue them together with glue. The most convenient is to use silicone glue. It dries quickly and firmly holds the structure.
  • From the seamy side, fasten gum to the flowers, and sew or glue pearl beads in the middle.

Crochet hair tie: manufacturing

Hair ties with their own hands

A crocheted hair ornament will look beautiful and unusual. You can start by doing a simple model of hair tie. First prepare the necessary materials:

  1. Loose thin threads of any shade that fall flat when knitting.
  2. Hook 2.5.
  3. A simple rubber band, preferably to match the thread.
  4. Thin fishing line.
  5. Sew-on stones in rims or beads.

First, make certain calculations to find out how long to bind the blank for the elastic. On average, it should be at least 30 cm, but you can adjust it as you wish. The number of folds on the product depends on the length of the canvas, if you want them to be more knit a long canvas. The length of the gum that is inserted inside should also be calculated in advance. The longer it will be, the greater the amount of hair will be able to hold. Optimal take gum about 8 cm long. When you cut the main elastic stretch it to the maximum and measure centimeters, this size should be knitted fabric. The process of work will be described on the example of manufacturing an elastic band with a web length of 35 cm.

  • On the hook, dial the air loop, the length of the chain should be 35 cm.
  • Crochet the first row with single crochets, the second with single crochets.
  • 3 and 4 rows will be the same as 1 and 2.
  • 5 and 6 row should consist of 1 crochet columns.
  • After finishing 6 row, dial another 1 chain of air loops 35 cm in length.
  • Then, on the side seam, make single crochets and tie a row of such bars on the first row.
  • Fold the canvas along and tie it with a hook.

Hair ties with their own hands

As a result, you will have a series of loops for which you will need to knit lace. It will start with 2 columns without nakida. Then in 1 loop you need to link a double crochet, a few columns with 2 crochets. Three air loops knit between these posts. At what posts with 2 naquids should be at least 6, should be knit in 1 loop. Between the fans formed by the columns, follow 4 columns without single crochets.

When all the badges are connected, you need to think about decorating the gum. You can sew beads, large beads or rhinestones in the frames. It is best to fasten jewelry very thin transparent fishing line.

When finished decorating the product, thread the elastic in it, stitching its edges together, and sew a hole between 2 pieces of knitted fabric.

Crocheted elastic bands, but not decorated look simple and not elegant. Very elegant and beautifully complement such items with bright rhinestones in frames or multi-colored beads. You can use several shades of thread when knitting.

Scrunchy do-it-yourself: video

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Creating your own hair ornaments is a pleasant and exciting experience. The product will be unusual and original and just will not go unnoticed. After all, this is a unique author's work. You can use for the execution of gum and decorating various materials and techniques.

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