Growing strawberries from seeds

Sometimes it seems that the real summer begins when strawberries appear on the beds. Garden strawberries, as it is called, unusually fragrant. Sweet berries and melt in your mouth! A good harvest of strawberries can be obtained at any dacha. To do this, you need to purchase the bushes of the plant in the nursery or plant seeds yourself. The latter method of cultivation is not only effective, but also simple.

Growing strawberries from seeds

Most gardeners are accustomed to buy bushes with a mustache and transplant them to the beds. This method has long been considered the most reliable. Growing strawberry seeds for some reason seems complicated and time consuming. Some people think that nothing will grow out of them at all. In fact, strawberries are photosensitive. For this reason, its seeds germinate quickly enough. The main thing is to create the right conditions.

The advantages of this method of growing very much. Strawberry seedlings are healthier. In addition, you will know exactly what varieties grow in your garden beds. Very often unscrupulous sellers fool buyers by putting other kinds of strawberries.

Growing strawberries from seeds

Most seeds are germinated at home. From them it turns out seedlings, which are then transplanted to the beds.

Planting strawberry seeds can be done in different ways. Most gardeners prefer to pre-germinate them and drive out seedlings from them. However, there is an experimental method of planting in open ground. To do this, you need a healthy berry of strawberries of the desired variety. You can use the fruits of the last harvest. They are cut into 2 parts and put on a sheet of paper in a sunny place. Thus, after complete drying, the seeds in the pulp are ready for planting. Halves of berries just make a small depth in the ground in August. After some time, green shoots will appear on the landing site. Late autumn they are warmed.

Planting strawberries in seedlings

In order to get a small crop in the year of planting strawberries, you can use the seedling method. Training should begin in February. To begin with, we determine the variety of strawberries. You can use remontant culture. After transplantation, it will begin to bear fruit in August, and in the next season it will produce a bountiful harvest. Planting strawberries in seedlings produced by a specific algorithm.

  1. Prepare the seeds. They can be both purchased and own. If you decide to get seedlings from the seeds of past harvest, then choose the best berries. Then cut them into 2 pieces, put on paper and let dry. With purchased seeds, everything is a little easier. Just purchase the desired variety, paying attention to the information on the package. Often, manufacturers write there about the characteristics of the variety and how to look after strawberries of this species.
  2. Soak strawberry seeds in room temperature water. Let them stand for 2-3 days. During this time, they should swell.
  3. Swollen sunflower seeds put on a wet gauze or cloth. Transfer them to a saucer. Put everything in a bag and put it in a warm place. It should not be too sunny. Otherwise, the water from the gauze will quickly evaporate, and the seeds will dry.
  4. Wait until germs appear. After the seeds have slipped, you need to transplant them into the ground. Prepare the soil: mix biohumus, coarse sand and peat. The ratio should be 1: 1. If you have not found biohumus, then replace it with 2 quantities of humus. Pour the mixture into long boxes and proceed to planting the seeds.
  5. Each sprouted seed with a toothpick, make a soil to a depth of 5 mm. Between landings there should be a distance of 2-3 cm.
  6. After you have planted strawberries, you must wait until it grows up. When sprouts appeared on 2 leaves, it is necessary to make a pick. The best specimens are transferred to individual pots with the help of a small spatula. The rest is left in the drawers. During this period, it is especially important to properly care for strawberries. Water the seedlings should be moderate. With excessive moisture, the cuttings can turn black and wither.
  7. Seedlings are grown to the estimated time of landing in the ground. 1 week before it begins to harden. Strawberry bushes leave a little longer in the sun and carried to the air. Strawberry seedlings are planted approximately 1.5-2 months after the first shoots appear.
  8. After the first berries are gone, you need to take care of the next harvest. Fruits are formed by sugar. It enters the rosette of leaves. Therefore, it is important to make the strawberries start blooming with greens after flowering. Many gardeners transplant bushes in greenhouses to increase foliage. Such a transplant begins to do after the berries have moved. If there is no greenhouse, foliage growth can be accelerated by fertilizing and other nutrients.

If you want to facilitate the cultivation of seedlings, you can use several tricks:

Growing strawberries from seeds

  1. Use peat washers. Strawberries grow remarkably on such ground. In addition, it is then easier to replant in the beds. At such seedling roots are not damaged. For planting in peat, seeds are germinated and transferred with a toothpick to the center of washers soaked in water.
  2. Transplanted bushes in the first weeks slightly shade. Sometimes the sun can burn the leaves. Also around them is better to loosen the soil.
  3. Start preparing seeds, starting from the date of planting in open ground. You need to take into account the peculiarities of your climate. So, if at the beginning of May you no longer have frosts, then you can start growing strawberry seedlings at the end of February.
  4. Carefully loosen the soil for seedlings. Use a spray instead of the usual watering. Strawberry seeds are not washed to the surface.
  5. To accelerate germination, use a sheet of glass or film. Cover them with seedlings. Greenhouse conditions are forming inside.
  6. If your seedlings are too small, and the landing time is tight, dig in boxes in the open ground. So she will start to grow rapidly and, at the same time, will be well protected.
  7. Depending on the variety, the method of forming beds may differ. If strawberries give small fruits, then it is better to plant in 2 rows. Beds for such varieties should be made narrow, pouring 50 cm from other crops. Row spacings are about 35 cm.

Garden strawberries: the best varieties

What only strawberries do not sell in stores! You can even find exotic varieties, yielding a harvest of yellow berries. With such a diversity, the most pressing issue is choosing the type of strawberry.

Mostly on sale you can find remontant and hybrid seeds. The first allows you to harvest throughout the summer. As soon as the berries ripen, flowering begins and the formation of new fruits. It is worth considering that most of the remontant varieties of strawberries are sensitive to frost. A good cold resistance is different variety "Autumn fun".

Before you go for the seeds, it is necessary to determine what you want from the harvest of strawberries. Someone important storage duration, someone - the size of the fruit, and other indicators. An important factor is the regional climatic conditions. When choosing, consider the duration of summer, humidity. Cold resistant and frost resistant varieties "Ruby Pendant", "Holiday", "Makovka". Crop of sweet berries with high humidity give "Fairy", "Chamomile", "Grenada".

There are zoned varieties. Breeders deduce strawberry species that are adapted to specific conditions. There are also universal plants. So "Festival" strawberry showed high yields in almost all regions.

Growing strawberries from seeds will allow you to grow healthy seedlings and experiment with varieties. To do this, at the end of February, it is necessary to germinate the seeds, swoop down them when 2-3 leaves appear and land in the ground. To seedlings grew healthy, try not to pour and overdry the soil. This simple rule will subsequently help you get a good harvest.

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