Growing seedlings on toilet paper

Many gardeners in the cultivation of seedlings are faced with such an unpleasant phenomenon as the "black leg" - a fungal disease, which affects stem cuttings. And this is a "childish" disease, more mature plants are practically not susceptible to it. The affected seedlings have to be pulled out, and this can be very offensive, especially if the seeds are expensive. However, there is a great way to avoid such a nuisance, and it is suitable for almost all types of horticultural crops - sowing seeds not on the soil, but on toilet paper.

Growing seeds on toilet paper: step by step description

What else is good this way - it is ideal for those who constantly live in an apartment, and with the advent of heat, "move" to the country or plant a small garden on the balcony. The fact is that when you use for the germination of toilet paper you do not have to clutter up the house with pots and drawers, saving space is evident. In addition, most seeds need moist air for germination, and since they usually have to be sown at the height of the heating season, ensuring the required moisture regime can be a problem. But if you germinate seeds on toilet paper in plastic containers, the issue of the microclimate is solved by itself.

Growing seeds on toilet paper: step by step description

Growing seeds on toilet paper

And now more.

In addition to toilet paper, you will need polyethylene (you can film, packages can be), plastic cups or containers (for example, from under the cake) and a spray bottle.

  1. Prepare the base - cut the polyethylene into strips about 10 cm wide.
  2. We put a layer of toilet paper on a polyethylene base.
  3. Liberally wet the paper.
  4. At a distance of about 1-1.5 cm from the edge of the toilet paper, we spread the seeds, leaving gaps between them of 3-4 cm.
  5. Above the seed we place another layer of toilet paper and thoroughly moisten it with a spray bottle.
  6. On top of the layer of toilet paper lay another plastic strip.
  7. We roll up into a roll (make sure that the layers do not move relative to each other, if possible) and fasten it with a thread or an elastic band.
  8. Thus we sow all the seeds, which are needed, in several rolls. Do not forget to attach to each roll a label with the name of the culture.
  9. Rolls are placed in a plastic container (seeds up), pour a little water into it (about 2-3 cm), close the lid and leave in a lit place, for example, on a windowsill.
  10. Do not forget as necessary to add water to the container.

After seedlings appear, it is advisable to feed them. The time of the first picking comes with the advent of the 2nd-3rd real leaflet. You do not need to separate the roots from toilet paper - just turn the roll and cut the seedlings right along with the paper, and then move it into the prepared container. So you do not damage yet fragile plant.

Seedlings of plastic bottles

Growing seedlings in plastic bottles on toilet paper

A plastic bottle can be used as a container, if it is cut half-and-half (left bottom), that is, put a roll of polyethylene and toilet paper with seeds in it. At the same time it is necessary to ensure that the roll does not unwind, that is, it must "sit" in a plastic bottle tightly enough.

However, there is a simpler way of sowing seeds on toilet paper using a plastic bottle. It should be cut in half lengthwise, lined with several layers of toilet paper, it is good to moisten them, put the seeds on the paper and wrap half of the bottle with polyethylene. Such mini-greenhouse is placed on the sunny side.

What good is this way - no need to water the seedlings, as inside the bottle creates its own microclimate, with a fairly high humidity.

We grow petunia

Petunia is a very capricious plant. Without sufficient experience, rarely can anyone grow viable seedlings from seed, and most of our compatriots buy grown plants for their balconies and flower beds. However, there is a method by which it is possible to grow petunia seedlings with success even in an apartment.

You need to take a plastic container with a lid, lay on the bottom of toilet paper or paper napkin, plenty of moisten it and put the seeds directly on the paper. Sprinkle the seeds with water from a spray bottle on top, cover the container with a lid and put it in a well-lit, warm place.

Make sure that the napkin does not dry out, and seedlings will not keep you waiting. 3-4 days after sprouting sprouts need to be carefully, using a toothpick, transplanted into peat tablets, in which they continue to grow.

Growing seedlings on toilet paper is a very simple, economical and efficient way. However, remember that the plants need your care after you transplant the seedlings to a permanent place. Treat them with love, and they will not be able to not respond to this by active growth, beautiful flowering or high yield.

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