Growing lettuce in the greenhouse and on the windowsill

Salad - one of the most popular types of greenery, which is grown by many gardeners. It consists of many useful trace elements and vitamins. This plant can be grown not only in the open field. It develops well in greenhouses and even on the windowsill in a city apartment. The rules for caring for him in all growing conditions are almost the same.

Rules for growing lettuce

There are many types of salad. It can be sheet and head. Most varieties can be attributed to the early green. Planting lettuce in early spring and pruning greens for food in the first half of summer. There are cold-resistant varieties that can be planted before winter. Many gardeners prefer a salad that can be added to the ground in September-November. Early Matches - Lue Leaf, Robin, Rossa. They are formed in 30-35 days.

Growing lettuce

  • Best of all lettuce grows on chernozem soils. Also, the soil should be loose. Cooking land for planting should begin in the fall. On the selected site form the beds and apply fertilizer. The place should not be too sunny. Greens grow well in a small shade. At the same time the cabbage lettuce is rather light-requiring and does not form an ovary in a shady place.
  • Seeds begin to plant in the ground in early April. Landing may continue throughout the summer until August. It is optimal to split the beds into strips 25 cm long. Between them there should also be a distance of about 20-25 cm.
  • Salad grains are covered with earth to a depth of 1.5 cm. At 5 sq.m. usually takes about 2 grams. seeds. After you have planted the lettuce and formed the beds, it is necessary to water it. After 30 days, the sprouts are thinned out so that they have enough space. Especially a lot of space is needed for a lettuce. Otherwise, it may not form an ovary of heads.
  • Growing lettuce involves periodic soil loosening and abundant watering. This is done so that the greens do not hurt and are not attacked by pests. Near better plant radishes. This is a siderat culture that promotes better growth of lettuce.
  • Sheets of greenery begin to cut after they reach a length of 8 -10 cm. It is best to cut in the early morning. Such greens will remain fresh longer.
  • Salad can not be cut after watering - wet leaves quickly deteriorate. When harvesting, you need to carefully inspect the bush and remove rotten greens.

In the warm

For a quick distillation of the salad, you can try growing it in greenhouses and greenhouses. Seeds are planted in early March, and if the room is heated, the harvest of greenery can be harvested year-round.

Many first grow lettuce seedlings, and then planted it in the greenhouse. With this method of forcing greens, it is better to grow sprouts in separate peat pots. After the seedlings grow, it is planted in the ground greenhouses right in these tanks, so as not to damage the root system.

After transplantation, it is important to maintain soil moisture. If you start to overfill the ground, the salad will start to rot. The lower leaves, in contact with the soil, will fall off. Watering the salad is recommended as the soil dries.

Very often a few weeks after planting, gray rot may appear on the plants. For the prevention of diseases salad is recommended spud. It is also important to maintain the humidity of the air. In the greenhouse should not be too dry or too wet.

On the windowsill

Growing lettuce on the windowsill

Early ripe types of lettuce can be grown not only in the soil and the greenhouse, but also on the windowsill. It can grow this way in pots or boxes all year round.

Cultivation of lettuce on the windowsill is best to start with the choice of the desired variety.

  1. Carefully study the packaging with seeds. Sometimes breeders deduce species intended for cultivation in pots. It is better to opt for such seeds. If you have not found a similar variety, then you can buy the usual early-growing salad. This will help you quickly grow greens.
  2. After the seeds are chosen, we prepare a container for cultivation and soil. It is better to plant the salad in wide pots of 1-2 liters. and a depth of about 10 cm. This culture tolerates transplant very poorly, so there should be enough space.
  3. As a soil it is better to use a mixture of ready-made soil and garden soil. It is better to warm it in the oven for disinfection before planting.
  4. In order for the salad to grow healthy, before sowing the seeds must be held in a solution of potassium permanganate for 10-15 minutes. Then 3-4 cm of drainage (gravel or small pebbles), a mixture of garden soil and store soil are poured into the pot at the bottom. Lettuce seeds are planted to a depth of 1-2 cm. Between them it is better to retreat 2-3 cm.
  5. Planted salad is watered, the pot is covered with foil and left in a warm place. The temperature in the apartment should be no more than 20 grams. Otherwise, the greens will grow too fast and release the arrows.

Growing lettuce on the windowsill provides the same care as when grown in the ground. The soil should not dry out. Therefore, greens plentifully watered and sprayed. Until late autumn the salad is kept on the balcony, and then transferred to the apartment.

For accelerated growth, daylight hours should be at least 12-13 hours. Therefore, in order for the salad to grow well in winter, it can be additionally illuminated with lamps.

Salad is an annual plant. On the windowsill it is grown until the arrow appears. Then overgrown bush removed.

Iceberg lettuce

Iceberg lettuce looks like cabbage. This variety is grown in the same way as other types of lettuce. In this case, it must be carefully thinned seedlings 30-40 to 40 days after the seeds are introduced into the soil. It is recommended to use mineral fertilizers 2 weeks after the first shoots appear.

Iceberg does not tolerate too high temperatures. Therefore, after landing you should not use many layers of covering material. In order for iceberg salad greens to appear on your table regularly, you can try planting new beds every 2 weeks. Cut heads for storage can be put in boxes and put in a cool place. An iceberg is used in the same way as other varieties: for preparing salads and serving dishes.

Cress Salad

Growing lettuce on the windowsill

Cress salad is an excellent vitamin remedy. It has a spicy bitter taste that perfectly complements vegetables and meat dishes.

This variety of lettuce is best suited for cultivation on the windowsill. There are many types of watercress salad. Most of them are low greens with small leaves.

Cress salad can be grown both in the soil and in water tanks. It is unpretentious and matures in 10-15 days. Usually the plant requires the same care as other varieties of salads.

Due to the fact that this green is very good germination, its seeds can not be further treated with a solution of potassium permanganate, and immediately put in a pot. Best of all, watercress lettuce grows in wide, low pots 5–7 cm high. When growing, do not let the soil dry out - the greens will immediately wilt and begin to dry out. However, if this happened, then water the shoots well enough.

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Cress salad begin to cut on the greens, when there are 4-5 leaves. Prune it until a long arrow appears with inflorescences.

Growing lettuce begins with the selection of the desired variety. For a quick harvest, it is better to choose a precocious appearance A few weeks after the appearance of the first shoots should be thinned sprouts. Also, to obtain a good harvest you need to monitor the soil moisture - it should not dry out.

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